New Zealand Operational Ration Pack (ORP) Menu D – Part 4: Dinner

New Zealand Operational Ration Pack (ORP) Menu D - Part 4: Dinner

so here is meal number three from the New Zealand operational or who are P 24-hour ration pack and as I said in number times you can do whatever you want with this you don't have to split it up into three meals like I did I mean you can make formulas out of this you can make two you could heat it all at once or you could just eat it on the go as you get a chance to I was looking at the information guide and actually has a pretty good explanation of just that where it says it consists of two main meals the snack items such as muesli bars biscuits and chocolate suitable for eating on the go is recommended that where possible food items be spread throughout the whole day to optimize physical and mental performance and up here it does mention that it is desirable that all of the food in the pack is eaten so after making a breakfast nut lunch out of it this is what I've chosen to have for the dinner there are still a number of items in the pack including still a couple of coffees and a couple of tea bags most of the rest is um stuff you put on things sugar salt pepper and a couple of moist towelettes in there and of course the star encode this meal is not very heavy on the sweets they ended up had quite a quite a few sweets for the lunch and the only thing really left over was a milk chocolate and you could consider the sweetened condensed milk a sweet too if you really needed to but I didn't eat all of the boil sweets which are are further candies happiest evidence there on the launch triggering I probably need em all and you could spread this out for the rest of the day so these are also still available and because the fact that I'm going to have the cheese spread I didn't eat all the crackers with my yeast extract which wasn't really to my taste I think it's a more of an acquired taste and so the good news is I still do some crackers left over for the cheese spread and I wasn't sure what the cheese spread was it's always kind of fun to have a mystery thing like this what you can't see it but in fact the information guide I never expect but it does have all the contents these items are in all the four menus and of course it does have cheese canned so that does solve that mystery before I even open it be this one here so I decide to go with the vegetable tagine is the main course for the dinner and I could have had one of these soups with the lunch you have an instant noodle chicken flavor and we also have an instant soup beef but I decided to have both of those with one meal because um we also does onion flakes I'm not exactly sure how to use them these are just dehydrated onion flakes so it seems like the reason that you'd have those would be to add them to a soup and since we have the two soups I figured I'd make them both up for the dinner unless I have the sports drink lemon-lime flavor that's the only beverage I'm making up for this one but of course they do have tea and coffee left over like I mentioned all right so I'm going to go ahead and put the vegetable tagine and some boiling water to heat it up and I'm also going to boil some water for the instant noodles chicken flavor and for the beefs instant soup all right while the water is heating up we'll check out what else we have imagine I have the milk chocolate bar as a dessert and one I have for the lunch was pretty tasty nothing will be special just a milk chocolate candy bar I forgot to mention I also still have the chocolate chip biscuits if I cook with these stomach they're pretty smashed up let me show you taste mine let's check out this Kant cheese smells like cheese all right exactly the same if it's a cheddar cheese but it's totally not exactly the same as the the regular MRE cheese spread they don't tell you what kind of cheese it is or anything I'm sure it's going to taste fine enough the lemon-lime sports drink takes 200 milliliters of water which is about 6 and 3/4 ounces I'm going to go ahead and do a 6 ounces because the last one I had tastes a little bit like go a little bit low on it get it all in their step without memory school because the RP didn't come with any tencel's smells of alright we'll go ahead and heat up the vegetable tagine lever it in some boiling water about 10 minutes or so to heat up we have some more water going over here for our two soups the instant noodle and instant beef the instant beef soup says to add and she says to mix with 300 milliliters of boiling water which is a little bit over 10 ounces so there's a lot like a seasoning packet for ramen noodles and it's basically just a powder so it's going to make like a beef broth kind of a thing so I'm going to add a few of the onion flakes out to get a little something extra so just dehydrated onion flakes I should add a little bit to the soup I'm going to add the boiling water to that that's hot my original thought was that I could add the beef instant soup to the noodles and might still try and do that a little bit since the noodles are obviously not a big deal anybody's ever had ramen noodles at work and as this stuff spoil half a cup of canteen water three meals in half and place into boiling water two and a half minutes and soup powder mix well there's Evan some noodles so obviously this is something that's making this ORP not an MRE or meal to eat is your I said you have to prepare some of this stuff a couple minutes to cook learning that an MRE spoon might not be the best point to use for boiling water it's a pretty tough spoons and I thought it'd be okay but it actually is melting and the tip is bending in a little bit here like that then go get another spoon instead a little bit of the extra water now we'll go ahead and add the chicken seasoning check out the flavor season we have your standard ramen noodle soup a few more these onion flakes start up a little bit more those onion flakes can reconstitute a little bit in the hotbar throw it into a bowl yeah we get everything heated up and I have my emergency replacement spoon let's see here put the drink over here never sleep right here we have the vegetable tagine heat it up nicely and it'll stand up pouch so these pouches are nice in the field you could just eat it like this we go to the pouch that smells a smells very Moroccan I guess this is a Moroccan dish Wow it's hard to believe there's no ax don't meet in there just one of those spicy Moroccan dishes you expect would have a lamb or beef in it or something since I do have the information sheet you can I deal with it is just guessing we go onions carrots celery leeks mushrooms tomato paste diced tomatoes carrots chickpeas of course onion raisins mushrooms capsicum and dried apricots it's kind of thing that might be young potatoes in the air but I guess not because the chickpeas kind of take the place of the potatoes it's time to try this out start with the vegetable tagine so get a strong smell to it it's good I really can't say what I feel like I'm eating is I guess it's one of the reasons right there I thought those are some kind of a beam me up to raise them it's a nice thick sauce got some spice to it but not overly spicy I mean to me this tastes a lot like something you get from a Moroccan restaurant nice variety of the vegetables in their kind like a Moroccan version of the ratatouille that I had a while ago I have some spice but it's not overly spicy they do give you the chili sauce and see what that's like obviously I can go with the other Supes too if it's necessary that's pretty good sweet even that's not overly hopefully Hut like a sweet chili sauce it's a nice little different flavor to it think you know what to expect from ramen noodles when you have the addition of the onion flakes to add a little something extra those are fine I'm thinking um just try this out you could add some of the tagine to that you don't have rice or anything but this might be a good alternative it's not bad look at this beef soup we have some beefy flavor to it and these are just danced in soups pretty much what you'd expect just some of this canned cheese the cabin bread crackers that's good it makes you thirsty I'm going to try out a little the lemon lime support strong it's very similar to the Gatorade type drinks you get the MREs I'm very good crackers are pretty dry because I mentioned four is no salt on or anything it's just a plain biscuit type cracker try the chocolate chip biscuit which is good just sweet enough was a bit of a um you see what's a nice a little something distinctive tasting there but that's anything that would give it away any ingredients but they're good which leaves us with the chocolate bar I mean just like the one I had for lunch that's great just milk chocolate tastes good there's the last part of our look at a New Zealand operational ration pack or ORP at 24-hour ration and there's one last thing I didn't want to do wrong as I mentioned the ORP comes with this nice plastic match safe as a bunch of matches in it and the fact that there's two different kinds I did check on the information sheet and did I say that the matches waterproof they're all wooden matches which is nice but there are these two different kinds here on the regular head and the one of this long head this definitely looks like a waterproof match so I'm going to do a quick little experiment just to finish up and put both those in some water so the match tape itself is waterproof because it has this rubber seal on it that's nice it as an added bonus you also get waterproof matches show you one of these regular ones here mmm okay this might be more or windproof then waterproof it wanted to light but not quite quite work yeah when it's not wet and goes up really good let's give this one a try wipe it off first yeah this might be more water resistant than waterproof definitely wants to light I just can't quite do it and try it off a little bit better yeah Magus I did a little overdid a little bit by actually submerging them in water I'm sure if you go out in the rain with these they'd be fine either way these are some nice matches it's a nice little extra touch that you get the plastic match case I like that let me try that one more time there goes it's gonna burn man I guess it is waterproof I always seem to forget something with these videos I do want to mention that cheese spread as you probably noticed is not very easy to spread so pretty solid piece of cheese it didn't occur to me while I had hot water and go ahead and heat it up and makes it a lot more looks at liquid obviously if you don't have access to hot water it isn't gonna be much of a much of a help but if you do you can spread you cheese a lot easier thank you for watching

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  1. Great reveiw on this…i liked how the pouch was able. To stand up on its own…that would be very handy in the field…the combination of the main and the ramen was a nice touch to im sure it made the plain ramen great!!!….nice job.

  2. OK, I have to "well actually" you here – you thought there might be potatoes in the tagine to which I have to wonder "why?" See, there are no potatoes in the part of the world the tagine originates from. That's why there's aubergine (eggplant) and chickpeas. To drive the point home, notice there is no eggplant nor chickpeas in Irish stews – 'cos those ingredients aren't indigenous to that area of the world, but potatoes are.

    All apologies for me being a pedantic ass-hat.

  3. I noticed the Vegemite didn't make a return visit from lunch. I guess you finished that all up at lunch?

  4. No one really ever ate the tinned cheese too waxy. You'd be luck to get any cabin bread that wasnt pulverized. The larger matches were only really windproof. They didnt use to come in those containers – small plastic zip lock micro-bag that always allowed water in. Some of us had a few film containers – I think thats where that innovation came from. Those hexi tablets were a bitch get lit especially when everything was wet.

  5. RNZAF doesnt like Hexi tablets on their aircraft. (in peacetime) They are bulk boxed an get issued separately. It looks like they have updated the packs since I was in. Rarotongan Beef.. Not many cows on cook islands…Woof woof..
    In the 80's in the territorials we used expired brown tin ration packs made by "pools" ex Vietnam era smelt like dogfood and looked like dogfood.. but when you are hungry enough it tastes ok. Had a few P51 can openers a real collection. Usually we stretched the 24hr Rat pack to last more than 24hrs. But I have seen a new guy consume it all for one meal!

  6. a couple years too late but underneath the match container is a little flint you can use to light fires

  7. Not feeling too crazy about the noodles. Has anyone tried that with a regular ESBIT stove, which usually one gets issued if you don't serve for a force that provides FRHs

  8. Be nice if someone had some Uglies to test. aka 1970's to late 1980's NZ ration pack. They were an eye opener. Personal experience.

  9. theres a flint at the bottom of the match stick container that you can use, its usually covered by a spare striking pad

  10. For the yeast extract i would have just added hot water to the pack and had it as a hot drink! As for the condensed milk, well TBH everybody knows that should just be opened and squeezed straight into your mouth and used as dessert! Mmmm!!!!!

  11. The trick with vegemite mate is use it sparingly, the amount you spread could have covered 20 crackers.

    also we generally use a 1 by 4 ratio of vegemite and butter or margarine

  12. How do you get a handle of some of these MRE boxes and how much do they go for? Cause they look perfect for Camping

  13. If yeast is not to your taste I suppose you could mix it with jam or maple syrup might make it more palatable, if you had had more room you put the noodles in you could have had the tagine as the sauce for the noodles.

  14. Outstanding! Outstanding review, gschultz! No doubt about it, the Kiwis make an excellent ration. By the way, I've never met a Kiwi I didn't like. Then again, I've never met KiwiDude… ~ Dan

  15. I find your channel really really interesting I started watching 2 days ago and now I'm gonna subscribe

    Could you possibly do a review of a british army ration pack😍🙌🏻

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