– Hey, folks, it’s Barry here. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen. I hope you are well. Today, we’re tasting some more
treats from around the world that you guys have been sending me. I’ve not done one of these for a while. There’s a huge playlist
full of others, so, grab the popcorn and have a barrel of fun if you wanna see some more. Today’s package comes from Marissa Richard and Vincent Fugate, which I think is to clean, no, that’s fumigate. But, they have sent me this. “Barry, sorry this is two years late. “The food expired last time
before we could send it. “We went back to New Mexico,
and got lots of things.” Basically the letter goes on
from there, a little bit more about how a few of these
things are for my kids, and they want to take me one to Bartians, so I’ll do that as well for Stuart. I think it’s probably gonna be the grow your own zombie thing, so. Can’t eat that. They bought these things from New Mexico. “We understand these may be available “in other places, but
we bought them there.” I love how you guys are
chucking these disclaimers in now, cause some people
go, oh, I can get this in Sweden, or whatever so, okay. That’s cool. So these were sourced from New Mexico. And the sun wants to keep
going in and out today, so, the light might change a bit, all right. When I first got this
box, I was like, yes! This is cool, from Mexico! But it’s not actual the
country Mexico, this is just the state New Mexico, near
Arizona and all that stuff. But I’m looking at it, there’s some pretty cool stuff. I don’t think I’ve been
asked to review this. This is a marshmallow kabob. Quite sinister looking
bunny things on there. It’s a cloudy day, that
weather’s gonna be going in and out during this video. These are Fairy Sprinkles. They’re sort of neon coloured rocks. “Tap it on a treat to
make it extra sweet.” Apparently these are for
my kids, so their teeth are gonna love that, I
won’t be looking at those. If you’ve had them
though, I’d be intrigued to know what you think of them. The sun is just so weird today. There’s also just loads of
other random bits, okay. There’s some New Mexico
coffee, but I’ve actually tried that before, and
it’s really really creamy. So I don’t need to do that. I’m gonna put it out there, I
don’t think there’s gonna be an R. Kelly moment in this video. It looks kind of dangerous, so we’ll get it out of the way now. ♫ My mind’s telling me no…. My mind is telling me no today. (feigns crying) The reason why is,
everything I’m looking at, look, is hot, it’s lumpy. It’s, it’s weird. We’re just gonna do this. Also thank you to everyone
that sent me packages. I’ve got loads still upstairs,
I am working my way through. I promise. First up, I’ve actually got this. But I’ve never cooked it
before, I think my sister brought it back from America for me. Ass Kicking Habanero Popcorn, nice. “This side up. “Remove plastic over wrap,
unfold bag, place one bag “directions-side up in the
centre of the microwave oven. “Do not open, puncture, or tear bag. “Popping will occur after 2-5 minutes.” And now we wait. Part of me feels like I
might need a glass of water to one side during this video. Oh, I just heard a pop. (popcorn popping) Not sure if you can hear that, but it’s just started popping. (coughs) That is so strange. I can smell the buttery scent
of the popcorn in the air, but also, I’m coughing but I
don’t know if it’s emitting habanero or something, (sniffs) but I am actually generally
choking up already. Ohh. (coughs) There it is again. (coughs) Wow. (coughs) Oh my gosh. My smoke alarm might go off in a minute. (coughs) Oh…dear Lord. Well it looks like normal popcorn. The dogs have just suddenly
got excited, they can smell it. Heh, what can you smell boy? It looks like normal
popcorn, but it’s yellow. Just gonna let my habanero
cool down a little bit. (gulps water) (breathes out) (munching popcorn) (coughs) Oh my God. Hmmm. (coughs) Oh my gosh, that’s hot. Whoa. It’s like eating one of Satan’s toes. Oohhh. It must be the yellow, coating on it. Wow. (clears throat) Woo! (coughs) (sputters) (high voice) It’s very nice. I’ve got another one of those, I’m totally taking that to the next Bartian shoot. (coughs) Wow. (gasps) I’m dying. Fruit bar. (coughs) Sounding like my grandad
then, “fruit bah.” Fruit bar, with chilli. Combo of sweet and spicy. And here it is, fruit bar, with chilli. “Barra de fruta enchilada.” Sounds like someone how
they’d call me in New Mexico. You know, if they were Mexican, maybe, “Barra de fruta enchilada!” Just call me Barry, it’s easier. Looks like a dog treat. Hmm? Dog treat. Ingredients: Hawthorn. What’s hawthorn, that’s
the first ingredient. Quince, guava, sugar, salt,
chilli pepper, citric acid. Okay. It doesn’t smell too bad, it’s that, that red stuff on the top, it looks like some sort of powder,
like it’s just been like, “I know, let’s just drench like,
chilli powder all over it.” Feel like it might be quite soft. (chewing) Aw, it tastes like a deranged strawberry. Aw, that’s not nice at all. It tastes like the sort
of thing you’d want to give someone as an
alternative to a prison sentence. It’s just like, aw, just feels like a chore
eating it, it’s all grainy. It tastes a little bit
fizzy, bicarbonate sodium, and then there’s this like,
heat running through it. And then just a terrible
sort of strawberry vibe. We need to wash that down with something. (gulps water) Not water, we need something stronger. We’ve got some kinky Vodka here. (laughs) One is pink, one is blue. Take the blue pill or pink pill. “A naughty fusion of super premium vodka “distilled five times,
with succulent mango “blood orange, and passion fruit.” This ones’ tropical and
berry, but I like the idea of that one, I like the
passion fruit, I like that. (pouring vodka) I’m not gonna take it straight, it says to mix it with lemonade anyway. The heck is going on with
the light outside today? It’s like the eclipse or something. Oh, crikey, it smells strong. Cheers. Aah. That’s better. Oooh. That was really really nice, to be fair. That felt like I was sat
on a beach, in New Mexico. Are there beaches in
New Mexico, maybe not? Enjoying the less heat in
my mouth, for a moment. (coughs) My gosh, that popcorn is coming back. (blows nose) My nose is running from the heat. (breathes out) This next one, the sun
has, gone in for a minute, this is called look, the Big Hunk, oh yes. But look, it’s not had
the best-est of journeys over to England for me. Apparently, it’s a honey-sweetened nougat with whole roasted peanuts. I’m not a massive fan of nougat,
I like it in certain areas if it’s, like, drenched in chocolate. This will rip your
fillings out, apparently. But you’ll love the taste. It seems pretty welded to it. Oh my God. There it is. (laughs) Look at that. Hello. Nice to meet you, oh, I’m quite tired. (laughs) (chewing) Mmm. It’s just, a droopy, nutty bar. I think cause it’s so warm
in this kitchen today, probably from the heat
that I’m giving off, it’s making it a little bit
more flexible, maybe it’s supposed to be stiffer than
that, but to be honest, from all of that heat stuff, that is a really nice break from it. Ahhhh, turned on the sun. (laughs) Ahhhh. I just had another little
bite, and the roasted hazelnut in it, I got a whole one of
those, that was, that was good. I could imagine dunking this in chocolate, and I might do that later. This next thing, has got
a dancing peanut on it that’s doing a workout
it’s the peanut patty. This sounds intriguing. Oh God. It looks like some sort of sample. Eww. Doesn’t smell of anything. Sun come out, yes. (laughs) I bet this is gonna be
rock hard, it looks like it should be in hospital, but. (chewing) It’s like a bar of soap. That is weird. The sugar’s turning into like a weird, syrup in my mouth, and you get the crunch of the nuts as well. There’s a bit of flavour there,
but, texture and visually, is a little bit off-putting. It just feels like I’m eating a rash. (coughs) Popcorn is still getting me. I need, might. Compose yourself. Might need to have
another vodka in a minute. Doritos Munchies, nacho cheese. What do you call cheese that’s not yours? Nacho cheese, flavoured sandwich crackers. I absolutely hate these,
but as you know, I always what you send me, it’s only fair, cause it’s so kind of
you, that I must try it. Sun come out, come out,
wow, really come out. Oh, good God. There is just something
about crackers like that, that just, to me, are
just, so unappealing, in every sense. Sun go in. Sun go in. (laughs) Ooarrghhh, why do I hate
the smell of cheese? Just yeuch. It’s melted, I love it,
some cheeses, parmesan, feta, I can do, but this is tangy. (crunching) Sun come out. Oh my gosh. That is awful. That’s so strong. I imagine cheese lovers
would absolutely love that. (clears throat) Whenever I moan about foods,
people are always like, oh, you hate so many foods,
and you call yourself a cook. I’m like, no, there’s
just very specific things I don’t like, and cheese, in
that form, I just can’t do it. Even without that cheese
in it, these crackers, they just make me feel like, weird. You know like nails
down a blackboard, like. (shudders) Next up is Hot Tamales,
which sounds like a nightclub in New Mexico, “Hey, you
going to Hot Tamales tonight?” (imitates dance beat) Tropical heat, I’m sure that was a film with Hulk Hogan, wasn’t it? No, that was “Thunder In Paradise.” And that wasn’t Hulk Hogan, was it? There’s no description. “Chewy, spicy, tropical
flavoured candies.” With the evil looking, like,
meteor, just, flying past. Oh my gosh. Oh, wow. They’re like the size
that jellybeans should be. We’ve got an orange one, a
yellow one, and a green one. We’re gonna take that, all right. Thinking the pineapple
one might be all right. Ooh, that’s nice. Sweetness, straight away. Oooh, these are amazing. Yeah, no heat at all in that. I was kind of expecting it might
with that cheeky sweetness, and then, whoom, or maybe
it’s just the popcorn still doing its, (cough) thing. Lime. Mmm, ooh, crikey. That had a bit of heat then, for a minute. It was like, whoof, and then it’s gone. Kind of like this guy, whoof. That’s the sound it makes, whoof. Like a dog, woof. It’s all right. Now finally, I think
this is the mango one. (chewing) Oh, that’s amazing, oh, that’s like biting into a ripe mango, mmmmm. That’s really cool. Well I absolutely love those,
there was no heat at all, in that whatsoever, gorgeous. So, while we’re on a roll
with the spicy stuff, let’s just give this a go, in the hope that it won’t be spicy either. “Dip and lick sweet fire Sriracha.” Amazing. “With lollipop.” So it’s a strawberry flavoured
popping candy lolly thing. Oh, we have something similar
here called a Dip Dap. I did it on the British
treats, one of the first videos I ever did on this playlist, but this looks like it’s popping
candy, with Sriracha in it. So a bit of kick, where
as ours in the U.K. one, is nice and mild, we’re nice like that. It’s broken. (laughs) I think I got sent another
one, hang on, let’s see. Oh, yeah, this one’s intact. (chewing) That’s strawberry, just, it kind of feels like a fake strawberry. Then we use the wetness
from licking the lolly, ooh. Bit heat there, actually, little bit. We’ve got loads of like,
candy bits, popping candy. And that should grip to it, here we go. It’s on the lolly now. (sucking) Popping. Wow, that’s really popping. But that’s nice, ohhh. It’s still going in the
back of my throat right now. I feel like my mouth is
now a popcorn machine. A little bit of heat there, but that’s, again, really really nice. Not an R. Kelly moment, but satisfying. I don’t know what the heck this thing is. Leslie’s Green Chilli Brittle. “Delicious green chilli and peanuts.” Look at the state of that. Looks like the tiles in my bathroom. (bangs candy) Aww, yeah. It is brittle all right, so. I assume, there is,
look, there’s a good look at the colour of it. (laughs) Looks like a weird mushy pea
protest, doesn’t it, on a slab. So, I don’t know if it’ll be hot, but. (crunching) Tastes like I’m eating a beach. It’s all sandy and gritty. I’ve never done that,
just for reference, okay. I feel like I’m trying to
have to find myself right now. Well there was no heat,
it was just like eating a nutty beach, that’s all I’m
gonna say, just a bit, like, a task, a bit like that patty one, but like, green, rather than red. It’s just a lot of sugar–ah! It just goes down. (laughs) I just closed the drawer on my nipple. Even my teats are unhappy. I said teats, okay. Not that I feed babies from
them, but you know what I mean. We’ve got three things left,
one I’m really keen to try, second, I’m intrigued about, looks hot. The other one, it’s always
freaked me out, let’s do it. We’ll start with the intrigued one. This is Twangerz. (laughs) “Sabo a chile limon snack topping. “Twangerz snack topping, chilli lime salt. “Sprinkle on fruit, veggies,
chips, popcorn, et cetera.” We’ve got popcorn. “People sprinkle this
on everything from fruit “to Bloody Marys, my husband
even puts it on spaghetti.” It’s like a seasoning, then. There’s a safety lid on it. Ooh, yeah, it’s just basically seasoning, I nearly snorted that then. All right, not much yellow on these, so hopefully quite normal. Sprinkle the topping on. It looks like a really angry salt. Supposed to have the kick of
chilli, lime, and salt, so. (chewing) Ooh, wow, ooh. Ooh, crikey. (clears throat) Yeah, that’ll put hair on your chest. It’s like, (coughs) it’s hot. Ooh, but then the saltiness
just rides through it, and then the lime, a
very very hint of that. The chilli is the priority
in there, you know. I see where we’re going with this. (coughs) But then you have it like that, direct. You get the lime much more. I think it depends what
you top it on, but, I’m really intrigued
to try that on chicken, and I’ll probably do that soon. (gags) No but that one I got chilli. Oh my gosh. And now saltiness. It’s like that sweet in the “Charlie and the Chocolate
Factory” film, where it’s like a three-course dinner, I’m
getting the lime hit once, then the salt. (chewing) Chilli and lime then. Eww. There’s something nice about
it though, and I’m not really selling it right now, but
it’s something nice about it. (coughs) This is the Skinny Cow,
“heavenly crisp, delectable, delicious milk chocolatey candy bar.” That’s a bit of a mouthful isn’t it? Hopefully it will be a nice mouthful. “I like them, smooth chocolate taste “against the crispy wafer.” Oh, God, this has seen
better days, look at that. Eww. Got a little bit damaged
in transportation. (crunches) Oh, yeah, oh that’s good,
that’s really creamy. And the crunch of the
wafer, there’s chocolate in between all the layers,
I feel like it’s countering the chilli in my nose,
it’s making it want to run. It’s kind of like, bunging
it up with chocolatey-ness. Love that. Ah, this last one, I need to just do a little research about, okay. It’s an apple flavour
lolly, with a worm inside. Yes, you can see, got
another one there, that one was kind of like doing more of a “ooh.” And the other one’s like
doing a bit of a “oh.” Do an arch, and then doing a YMCA, okay. I just wanna find out if I’m supposed to eat the worm or not. Right, this is made by
someone called Hot Licks, and apparently they’ve
been around for 25 years, they’re the original
insect candy maker people. “These apple flavoured
lollipops contain a real worm “that has been suspended
within the flavoured confines of the sucker,” sounds
like a movie trailer. “You don’t have to eat the
insect larva, but that would “just defeat the purpose of
having a bug in your lollipop, “now, wouldn’t it?” So I have to eat the bug? I have to eat…oh my God. Let’s do it, oh my gosh. The problem I’m getting is,
I’m gonna try this other bar. Like, this is welded. Now I was trying so hard
to get this wrapper off, I should just be like,
no I can’t get it off, and that would be that. Ew, I think I’ve got most
of it off, I can’t tell. I think I’m just gonna have
to suck on it and then… (sucking noises) It’s a very hard, sugary lolly. Oh, I’m getting closer to the worm thing. Oh, I’m licking right
on that end where it is, like, oh my gosh. (sucking) Ew! Oh my gosh, I just touched
like, one of the side of it with my tongue, oh that’s
such a weird sensation. You’re having like a sweet,
like sweet, and then you touch this like, velvety thing, I might just try and take a chunk off of it. Ew. All right, that’s the majority
of the worm, in there. (chewing) Ugh! Oh, and the texture. Oh, I got it, I got it, I got it guys. The sweetness is definitely
masking it now, it was just the taste, that sort of,
there’s a fly in my soup kind of vibe, you know where I’m going? There’s a worm in my sweet. That’s all right. (chewing) Auugh. Oh and the sun came out for us. (breathes out) I can honestly say, that is
one of the most scared things, out of the whole time
I’ve done this channel, that I’ve ever tasted. Ugh. (gulping) Well thank you, Marissa Richard, and Vincent for sending me, (coughs) this interesting box of treats to try. I feel like it’s only fair that
I have a little bit of this. (chewing) Tastes like sugary cotton wool. So, there we go folks. Apologies about the light,
it’s very cloudy, sunny, then very dark day today,
but we got through it. The real winner was New
Mexican sweets, and the heat in that popcorn, oh my gosh! If you’d like to send me a
treat, get in touch via the contact
form, remember subscribe for ready recipes and food
fun, and I’ll see you again. (coughs) Next time.


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  5. Barry eating bread or ice cream will stop the spice from spreading, You can also drink milk to stop it as well. Water or any other liquid will just spread the heat and make it worse.

  6. Glad to see I'm not the only person who begins coughing when something spicy is cooking, my husband thinks I'm crazy that I can tell from the other side of the house that he's cooking with chili's because I always begin coughing lol

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  9. peanut patties are a very traditional, old fashioned southern candy. :V I loooove them, but they are a little strange texturally, yes. XD Similar to peanut brittle, but the chili brittle you got is unique because usually it's just sweet and sharp and potentially causes cuts all in your mouth because of how hard the candy part has been cooked. Can you tell I don't like that one as much…? 8/

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  12. Lived my entire life in the state of New Mexico and all of this is tourist trap food. I am amused you got maced by the popped corn. Also I am pleased you didn't ask if we need passports to leave the state. Even us citizens ask that. So fyi booze, soda and water are bad with heat and make it worse.

    We don't have beaches but do have a few small lakes. NM is basically a pile of dirt. Big hunks are also generic and not even a tourist product.

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  15. As someone with family from New Mexico, the fact that they didn't send you any hatch chile products is a crime. It's the type of pepper that New Mexico is known for, and it has a really delicious, unique flavor. You should definitely try some if you ever get the chance.

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