New Fast Food Chains That Might Not Be Around Much Longer

New Fast Food Chains That Might Not Be Around Much Longer

For decades, industry titans have cornered
the fast food market. In recent years, new fast food chains have
emerged to break the mold — but they haven’t all hit the mark. Whether it’s because of silly gimmicks or
unoriginal concepts, here’s a list of new fast food chains that are doomed to fail. Pie Five Pizza exploded onto the scene in
2011, rapidly expanding to over 100 locations across the south thanks to their guarantee
of a customized pizza in just five minutes. Unfortunately, though, the chain has been
in economic freefall since 2014. The chain closed 18 locations in 2017, and
in 2018 they reported a year-over-year sales decline of more than 18 percent. Yikes! David Chang, most well-known as the creator
of Momofuku Noodle Bar, decided to put his stamp on chicken sandwiches with Fuku. With just four dedicated locations, the upscale
chain is starting small, but it has an uphill battle thanks to the ubiquitous presence of
Chick-fil-A, whose sandwiches cost less than half what Fuku charges. That doesn’t seem like a recipe for success. Another chain with a limited footprint is
Pure Green, which offers upscale juices to people in New York City. And by upscale, we mean expensive. While the chain has managed to do okay so
far thanks to clever locations near gyms and yoga studios, simple economics suggests that
they may face trouble in the future. With an average smoothie coming in around
$9.50, Pure Green is probably too upscale to thrive outside of expensive areas like
Manhattan. But that cost of living means that Pure Green
locations needs to sell a ton of juice in order to afford rent. It’s a tough balance — and it may not be
sustainable. The main issue for Beefsteak is that it doesn’t
have a clearly identifiable niche. It’s a lot like Chipotle, only without the
Mexican flavor. The chain’s tagline is “Vegetables, unleashed,”
which frankly sounds… terrifying. “Tomato!” But even if you aren’t afraid of your veggies,
most people who want to eat a salad or veggie bowl are likely to hit up the more well established
Sweetgreen. Unless Beefsteak can show why it should exist,
it may not exist for much longer. There are over 75,000 pizzerias in the United
States alone, but this chain is definitely the most ampersand-forward. And that’s actually a problem. We know what you’re thinking: “What the f— does that have to do with pizza?” “I don’t know.” But it’s an issue because many potential customers
seem confused about how to even say the chain’s name. Is it… &pizza? &pizza? &pizza?! &pizza is trying to carve a niche out for
themselves with a modern vibe and artsy social media offerings. But with a name that implies pizza is just
an afterthought, an afterthought just may be what this chain becomes. Pinstripes has one of the strangest gimmicks
around, as it combines bistro dining with a bowling alley. And some bocce courts, because what hungry
person doesn’t love bocce? The combination is weird enough to make your
head spin. It’s like a Chuck-E-Cheese for adults, which
sounds great on paper, but seems a little weird for anything other than birthday parties
or company outings. Can those things keep this chain afloat? We’ll see. Like Beefsteak, the main problem facing the
build-your-own salad chain Mixt is that the dining industry already has two other well-established
chains in the same space: Sweetgreen and Chopt. Unless Mixt finds some way to stand out from
the pack, it’s going to be difficult to gain traction in an oversaturated market. Finally, there’s Thirsty Lion, which straddles
the line between fine dining and fast food, and risks being neither. A so-called “gastropub” with locations in
the southwest and pacific northwest, Thirsty Lion is more like a watered down, classic
pub, with stuff like fries, burgers and beer on the menu rather than the high end offerings
the term “gastropub” implies. As we’ve seen, branding is important when
it comes to defining expectations for potential diners — and if Thirsty Lion doesn’t meet
those expectations, they could be forced to gastro-close. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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100 Replies to “New Fast Food Chains That Might Not Be Around Much Longer

  1. Burger King is apparently demanding to be put out of business. Rebranding as a social justice emo warrior cult may not be the best menu offering they've considered.

  2. Pizza in 5 minutes??? The hell is wrong with people??? Pizza is a delicacy. Not fast food damn it.

  3. Sell veggies but have the words beef and steak in your title (yes I know it’s a type of tomato) but still come on…I’m gonna open a steak house called celery water

  4. Holy shit there are a lot of people working in that Thirsty Lion kitchen. That’s a lot of overhead to clear each night.

  5. I have not heard of such restaurants. Not in Texas….. Too many franchises popping up every year then shutting down again and again. Opening your own business including restaurants at your own risk and bankrupt in less 5 years. Not only on taste. What size of portions? And what price? If too little food and too much. We won’t return. Enough of it!

  6. So & pizza is doing great here in the D.C area. 10 dollars for unlimited toppings on a pizza! Ha no way they will fail. Sheesh I think this YouTube channel will fail long before half of these restaurants🤷🤦

  7. Of the restaurants that are listed, I've only heard of 2 and only have 1 that I can go to where I live. Overall, no impact on me. Let'em close.

  8. Chopt is just a scam. Who would pay 10+ dollars for a a salad you can make at home for more than half the price less.

  9. The only one of these I've ever heard of was &Pizza and that was from the viral video a couple of months ago of that D.C. intern wolfing some down on live tv.

  10. This is what you do … in fact this is all you do . “ Why X is losing money and disappearing .” Do something else ya fuck .

  11. Looked like a bunch of liberal businesses who thought they wouldn’t work just like in government look at all the blue states failing.

  12. I have not heard of any of these places, However since mashed wants to talk about obscure restaurants that no one has heard of, the my local Sandwiched place Mad Munchies is having some hard times, why don't you do a video on them Mashed?

  13. If “Gastropub” implies high end in the states they’re definitely a different thing than they are in the UK.

  14. Fast food chains try to do too much. KISS. Keep it simple stupid! See all those people behind the counter. The menu is too large. Too many options. Too many cooks.

  15. I'm disappointed in this video, it only gave legitimate reasons for a few places and the rest of the video was just a biased rant of why the person who created this video doesn't like those restaurants. This video should have been based on sales not personal opinion.

  16. Wow. So much hatred. Whom ever wrote this script has an agenda…. saying. This channel is all about negativity…

  17. Living in rural Northern California, I have never heard of any of these companies until watching this video.

  18. Why are they failing? Because more and more people want to eat at local mom and pops. My generations doesn’t like corporate crap food.

  19. & 🍕 caught my attention. 😏
    But never gonna happen here in Cancun. 🤦🏽‍♂️🇲🇽👀

  20. I'm still trying to get over the bar and grill inside of the movie theater. First, serving alcohol where children are present. Second I MUST SEE the food before I eat it! But the food is served in your seat while the movie is playing which leads to #3, how annoying is the body of the waiter bring the food while one is trying to watch the damn movie? I thinks the only reason the theater in my area is still standing is due to the fact it is the only one within about 10 + miles. Oh and yes, it is very expensive, go figure.

  21. I think these chains forgot what fast food is. It’s not a ritzy dining experience, it’s get your food and gtfo before your friends find you eating it. Despite all the health media dissing fast food they continue to make money every year and only change glaring issues with their products such as pink slime when it becomes apparent it might effect sales. Despite how the media would paint it. The yuppy population in the United States is quite small, I would say less than 15% of the population. They are also concentrated in a few parts of the country so while these restaurants might do well if close to these cities they simply wouldn’t be able to expand, in a country that wants to strangle small businesses with increased taxes and outlandishly high wages for basic help they can’t possibly survive.

  22. $10 for a fucking smoothie? That smoothie better replace a full meal, clear up my acne, and rub my damn feet for me when I get home from work.

  23. If you're unsure how to pronounce &pizza you are obviously easily confused. Lil tip though.. not ampersand pizza ok cos who would ever say that … I mean really?!

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