Naeun “I’m going to give them rice cake!!” [The Return of Superman/2018.09.30]

Naeun “I’m going to give them rice cake!!” [The Return of Superman/2018.09.30]

You got it. I was going to get it. This. This. It’s a sticker with Gunhoo and Naeun’s faces. Since it’s Gunhoo’s birthday today, why don’t you go give it to neighbors, Naeun? (Distributing Gunhoo’s birthday rice cake) Rice cake. Where are we going? When you go outside, there’s a house with a blue roof. There’s also a house with goats. Do you know goats? – I do. / – You do. Tell them it’s Gunhoo’s birthday, okay? – Okay. / – Good luck. Put it on your back. She’s even putting on a backpack. It must be heavy because of the rice cake. Thank you. – Bye, Dad. / – Bye. (Good luck.) – Can you do it? / – I can do it. – Good luck. / – Good luck. Bye. Bye. I’ll be back, Dad. Bye. It’s her first time doing chores. She’s pretty good. I’m going to give them rice cake. (Enthusiastic) It’s hot. Is there water inside? I have this. (The magic backpack is full again today.) I have this. Gosh, that backpack. (Grandma’s parasol) – There’s even a parasol. / – I brought this. (It blooms like Naeun’s face.) (People need to use tools.) (But she doesn’t last long and staggers.) It’s hot. Water. Where’s water? Water. Is there water here? – Eat this. / – Why is there carrot? Why on earth is there carrot? Just like how elders pack cucumbers for hiking. It’s good. It’s good. It’s cool. The fan doesn’t work. When are you going to get water, Naeun? – There’s water. / – There’s water. It must be very heavy. (But she can’t open the water bottle.) Open it, please. – Open it? / – Yes. (Uncle Onion opens the water bottle for her.) Here you are. A lot. (She drinks refreshingly.) (Exclaiming) (Water tastes sweet.) I’m going to see goats. Goat. (Exclaiming) Goat? – Goodness. / – Goodness. – Are they baby goats? / – Yes. They’re baby goats. A cute baby’s here. – Hello. / – Hello. Whose daughter are you? Park Jooho. I see. What brings you here? Right. She has a purpose. Rice cake. Oh, how nice. Thank you. Thank you. I’ll enjoy it. What’s this? – That’s Yeomsoon. / – Yeomsoon? Give one to her. (Yeomsoon, do you want a carrot?) Just throw it. Don’t goats love carrots? – Goats are shy too. / – She ran away. She’s shy because she has never seen you before. If you meet her more often, it will be okay. – Goats are shy too? / – They’re smart. They know who their owners are. – Hello. / – Bye. – Come back later. / – Yes. – Bye. / – Bye. – Bye. / – Bye. (Naeun’s off to do errand again.) (Meanwhile at home,) (she’s been making arancini for three hours.) Make risotto for an hour, and cool it in the fridge for two hours, then make rice balls out of them. Deep fry it twice for an hour and a half, and Anna’s arancini is ready. Does it take five hours, then? Anna’s amazing. It’s been a while. It was really good when we were in Germany. She must’ve cooked for him when they were dating. (Wait.) (Jooho grabs something.) (Giving more bread crumbs.) He’s very helpful. – Paper towel. / – They have meat inside. – Mom. / – Mother? Anna. Wait. (Park Jooho is the human phone stand.) Is he a human stand? (Happiness is right next to Anna.) (Jooho never strays far from Anna.) I can tell he really loves his wife. He loves her so much. (While the arancini is cooking…) It’s pretty, right? She’s burned because it’s hot. – I’m here. / – My goodness. I’m really here. Grandma, I’m here. Grandma. Naeun. (Naeun is here.) Hello. How heavy. What is this? – Please. / – It’s for you. Thank you. (Rice cake for you, Grandma.) Thank you. It’s Gunhoo’s birthday. – Is this his birthday rice cake? / – Yes. Thank you. Can you carry this, Naeun? – What’s that? / – What’s this? – Eggs. / – Eggs. Yes. It’s good, right? Ask them to cook for you. Goodness. You can go to kindergarten now. Hello. Bye. Hello. (With small-town generosity…) Bye. Be careful. (She heads home.) (Can she carry the eggs safely home?) Be careful. You’re going to break them. I know. It’s a big homework. (Don’t worry.) Dad. She carries them firmly. Dad. (Dad, guess what I brought.) Dad. Well done. I’m back. – You’re home. / – Look at this. What is that? – Egg. / – Egg? Where did you get so many eggs? – Did you see the goat? / – I saw the goat. – Did you see the goat? / – Yes. I saw the goat. Did you give the rice cake to them? How many did you get? Touch it, Dad. Touch? Wasn’t it hard, Naeun? (It was fun.) Good job. (Naeun’s first errand was successful.)

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  1. Is there a way for Naeun's family become permanent cast?? I still want her to meet Seungjae and making triangle love with Sian.

  2. ok but that backpack has so much in it what the heck
    she’s such a cutie and so strong for carrying the backpack so far though!! 😭😭

  3. Her korean is improving a lot! She’s so adorable I feel bad that I forgot about the twins for a good few months shjsodksosk

  4. i want na eun to stay on this show 'til she grows up like the triplets or the twins, i will cry :< she's too precious

  5. You can say this girl is perfect. I love her so much and congratulations to her parents for raising kind, beautifu, smart and respectful girl.

  6. A bit shock when naeun eat that carrot like a snack but then i realize kids in korea eat carrot like that a lot 😂😂 i remember when mingkuk eat some carrot that he used to feed the rabbits in the farms

  7. look, Naeun even say thanks to her dad for simply helping her with backpack. Another proof that her parents raised her well..

  8. If i get married and pregnant, i want to watch naeun… She give a lot of fighting spirit! I want my kids to be like her~~~

  9. 박주호 씨 나이스 하고 귀여워요 잘웃고 부인과 서로 잘만난건 같애요 두 애들도 너무 귀엽고.늘 봐도 행복한 가정 같애요.

  10. When I was the same as her age before my mom didnt allowed me to go outside alone but naeun i envy her…i hope when i was young i can go alone like her..but you know i know theirs older than him which is the camera man…

  11. Anna and Jo hoo have a lovely parents. Anna rarely in the show but once she is in the show she must call her mom. It seems like anna raised well too. Thats why aciel and eden raised well too. Look at johoo parents, they are so well to anna and their grandchildren.

  12. lucu dan gemesin banget anak ini, jd pengen peluk n cium, mudah²an satu saat nanti sy bs punya putri yg cantik, manis, menggemaskan yg pintar dan baik hati seperti naeun, Aamiin

  13. 4:04 is it just me that really happy when see Anna? I want to see her much more as motherrr of this familyy :'

  14. Times when sweet Naeun has more screentime. Now most is about Gun Hoo. I guess i know my bias now though Gun Hoo makes me laugh a lot. I just so in love with her sweet and gentle character sob :'((

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