My Mom Crippled Me And My Sis Although We Are Totally Healthy

My Mom Crippled Me And My Sis Although We Are Totally Healthy

Hi, people, I’m Stella. I’m 16 and I have a younger sister. Recently I had to go to drastic measures to
protect her health from our crazy mom. She could have been injured or even disabled
without my help. And I want to tell you everything. Not so long ago, there was a big change in
our family. The reason for this change was the divorce
of my parents. And now my sister and I were torn between
our mom and dad. The fact is, after the divorce, they both
had custody of us. So we spent one week with my dad and another
week with my mom. It was hard to get used to, but over time,
I even found a lot of advantages in it. My mom now lived in a different neighborhood,
and I made a lot of new friends there. Plus, after the divorce, my mother decided
to start a completely new life. But still, she had picked up a bad habit from
her old life. The fact is that she was a very anxious person,
and she constantly found problems where there were none. It was mostly about health. Whenever my sister or I sneezed, my mother
would take us to the hospital immediately and we would get a full examination. Yes, I understand that this is just caring,
but it was too much. I could fight back against my mother’s quirks,
plus my father used to restrain her impulses, but when we were at mom’s house, her hands
were completely untied. The first time when I was really scared by
my mother’s actions was a few months ago. I came home from school and no one was there. It was a regular thing, because mom took Lily
to dance class, and spent time with her afterward. But at the time when they usually got back,
they were still absent. So I decided to call my mom, but she didn’t
pick up, and Lily’s phone was off too. I thought that maybe they had stopped by the
supermarket on the way home or maybe they just walked, but they didn’t come back for
a long time. I waited like Hachiko and didn’t know what
to do. Late that night, my mother finally called
me and gave me the terrible news. Lily was in the hospital and she had been
going through tests this whole time. I realized it was serious, so I got myself
to the hospital as soon as possible. My mother was just crying, and could not even
explain to me what had happened. Then the doctor finally came out and gave
us good news. Lily was alright and we could go home. I breathed a sigh of relief, but when I found
out what was going on, I was surprised by mom’s strange behavior. It turned out that my sister had gotten dizzy
in dance class, and she even fell a couple of times. When my mom saw it, she rushed her to the
hospital, suspecting that she had a brain tumor or something. But this was stupid, because it was dancing! They’re moving fast and spinning, damn it! And of course, it’s normal that she could
get dizzy from rapid movements! And mom scared the hell out of me with this
stupid overreaction. She was a grown woman, and she could’ve figured
out everything without all the drama! Ugh, that was tough. But at the end of the day, It was hard for
me to be mad at her, considering what happened to me about 5 years ago. That winter I was just having a snowball fight
with friends in my hometown. Oh, it was a wonderful time! Flakes of snow, the laughter of friends, the
smiles of parents. Everything was just fine, but I spent too
much time outside and I caught a cold. I knew if my mom found out I wasn’t feeling
well, she would leave me at home and I wouldn’t be able to have fun with my friends, so I
hid my sniffles and pretended that everything was fine. I shouldn’t have done it though, because after
a couple of days I got worse. I got a fever, and I felt terribly weak. Other than that, I almost lost my voice because
I had a sore throat and it hurt so bad. When my mother took me to the hospital, things
were even worse. We started treatment immediately, but I lost
too much time. I had Tonsillitis and it caused complications
in my kidneys, and I had problems much worse than just a sore throat. Then the treatment took a lot of time and
money, and my parents were terribly worried about me. My mother felt guilty for not looking after
me, and from that moment she began to monitor our health very closely. At the slightest suspicion of a cold, my mother
took me to the doctor. I have to say, I’ve never been seriously ill
since then. And when I did catch some flu, we could cure
it very quickly, because we started treatment from the very first day. But there was a downside to this motherly
concern. She would overreact. Once, I just twisted my leg, and I limped
for a couple of days, but I felt just fine. But it was a tragedy for my mother. She already imagined that I had some crazy
fracture and that I might even lose a leg. It was just awful. Over time, it began to affect family relationships. My mother’s anxiety was completely unjustified,
and she and dad began to fight about our constant visits to the doctors. Dad said that her hyper-care only harmed our
health, and my mother, in response, just shouted that she was afraid of losing her kids. You see, they were both right, and so they
stood their ground. Over the years, my mother’s hypochondria only
intensified, and my parents’ fighting followed suit. In the end, my father could not stand it any
longer, and my parents divorced. But instead of realizing that she was acting
stupid, my mom just lost the man who held her back. And since then, mom had complete freedom to
look for diseases that we didn’t really have. And there was nothing we could do about it,
because after all, she was just taking us for checkups. There was no harm in that. Of course, I’m an adult now, and I can easily
fight back with my mother. She can’t convince me that I’m sick with something,
because I understand everything perfectly. But soon my younger sister became the object
of my mother’s crazy, overprotective care. I tried to shield her as best I could. But I couldn’t be everywhere, I loved hanging
out with my friends. I spent a lot of time with them and I couldn’t
be around Lily all the time. I’m sorry about it now because, during my
absence, my mother pulled another trick. On my birthday I decided to go on a mini-vacay
with my friends. I’d only been gone for three days, but when
I got back I almost went crazy. When I came home I was met by my mother and
my sister. But the thing is, Lily was in a wheelchair! Oh my God! What happened while I was gone?! But I should have guessed. My sister’s knee hurt, and the doctor ordered
her to rest. Mom took the recommendation too literally
and put Lily in a wheelchair. But she didn’t do it just to satisfy her anxiety. I saw how the neighbors began to treat us
with pity, and I realized that my mother enjoyed it. That’s what she was really doing it for. Human pity fed mom like an energy vampire. I told my father everything. But again, mom wasn’t breaking any laws, so
we couldn’t do anything about it. Worst of all, Lily didn’t know what to do. She believed everything my mother said. And she not only believed, but she was also
starting to feel these health problems that mom was imposing on her. I tried to convince my sister that she was
okay, but my mom’s influence was stronger. And soon she crossed the line where she could’ve
made Lily disabled. We were just shopping at the mall, and at
one point Lily couldn’t read the store’s sign in the distance. Naturally, my mother reacted in her own style,
and the classic duel between me and my mother began. Ladies and gentlemen! In the right corner – a fighter who defends
the adequacy and health of her sister. And in the left corner is a woman who is ready
to injure her child to get pity from strangers. Fight! Yeah, that’s about what happened. Despite the outcome of our argument, mom took
Lily to the eye doctor behind my back. As I learned later, they went around to a
lot of doctors until they came across one that confirmed mom’s suspicions. Lily did different vision tests, and she had
poor eyesight. But the fact is that it was because her mother
convinced her of it! It’s called psychosomatic. She was sure she had problems, and they really
started happening! But my mother was not satisfied with the doctor’s
prescription glasses or lenses. Oh, no, my mother insisted that Lily needed
surgery to correct her vision. It was just crazy! Surgery for a healthy person? I should have prevented it. I tried to convince my mother in every way,
but nothing worked. So my father and I took drastic measures. We just picked Lily up from school and went
to his house without telling my mother about it. Oh, mom was furious when she found out. She screamed and threatened to call the police. But we were the ones who had to make the important
calls. We called social services. Yes, Yes, I know that taking a child from
a mother is tough. But we couldn’t let her hurt Lily. And this was our only chance to do it. It turns out that social services often encounters
parents like this. So when we showed them Lily’s medical records,
which that showed she was about to have a surgery that she didn’t need, they sided with
us. Of course, we are not a monsters, and we weren’t
going to take Lily away from mom. When dad got all the documents, and he became
the only person who could make decisions about the fate of my sister, we went home to our
mother for a serious talk. She was completely shattered and I felt sorry
for her. After all, she cared so much for us because
she loved us. Dad was giving her another chance to live
with her children in peace. Perhaps this will help my mother finally understand
that she wasn’t helping her daughter. On the contrary, she was hurting her. By the way, after a couple of weeks, all of
Lily’s vision problems magically disappeared, and she was completely healthy. It was another confirmation that we had done
the right thing. Do you think we made the right decision? Would you be able to take a step like this
to help a loved one? Give your answer in the comments. And be sure to subscribe to our channel so
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  1. You did the right thing.
    I gotta say, I went into this video expecting Munchausen by proxy, fortunately this seems to be a case of hypochondria, which as bad as it is,
    well just google Munchausen by proxy and see for yourself.

  2. Wait, wait, why did the tonsillitis cost so much?

    I have had tonsillitis twice in my life and in total it only cost £2

  3. Her mom : one sneeze go to hospital
    My dad : have a high fever doesn’t go to hospital
    He just let me drink water 🙄

  4. My opinion:I think it’s the child’s fault cause she’s the one who wanted to hide a cold,even though you couldn’t play with your friends no more..You still had to tell your mom…No wonder why she’s so over protective.Its also the reason your parents divorced…This is my opinion by the way so don’t send hate to me…

  5. Eh, well this may sound racist but this isn't true because you can guess by the voice that the woman speaking is black and the character is white.


  7. Gypsies mom was also a hypochondriac and she wanted everybody's petty and a scam just for their money and just to get a house for the both of them And for them to believe that gypsy had all these diseases and allergies gypsy couldn't take it anymore she's just sort of free from her mom but not free enough you know the killing of her mom is one thing but she was motionaly and physically scarred because of her hypochondriac mother

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  10. So your mom changed because she was overprotective she sneezed and her mom took her to the hospital
    Vs my mom I sneeze she says shut up


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