[MV] Drug Restaurant _ Her

[MV] Drug Restaurant _ Her

It was a dream The sweet old days are still clear Like the two of us on the day only the hot warmth remains Your beautiful images come to my mind Although I try to remove them my mind is left like this and becomes clearer Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na I can’t see you going away In the past time I am still here only with an empty sorrow The familiar feelings cover me The memories remain and bring you to me I go back to the day to the precious day I’m crying now She’s running out I desperately want you Oh, tell me why In the abandoned time I live alone, Oh In the time that
we wanted each other your beautiful images still remain I’m still waiting for you girl I’m still waiting for you love, Oh I’m crying now She’s running out I want you like this Please tell me why In the time that is left I live alone, Oh Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na

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  1. Please don't delete the song of Jung Joon Young i love his voice the way he sing a song it is inspiring me even at work . but i am also disappointed of what he did that is his life anyway.

    I wish that he can compose or sing again when time comes, still he is my number one favorite.

  2. 이 노랜 정준영이 아니면 의미가 없을듯. 목소리, 감성이 정준영 아니면 안될듯. 💖

  3. Please have the common curtesy to take down the work of a sexual offender out of respect to the countless victims. It isn’t much to ask, it’s basic common sense and it is your responsibility . Do you wish to be associated with this man? And to those trying to separate his work from the artist, please don’t degrade yourself, your smarter than that. Imagine being in the place of the victim and having to see this monsters work on YouTube, further still imagine having to read comments in which many still support his “art”. And if you still have misgivings, please educate yourself on what this man has done and come to your senses.

  4. i LOVE THIS SONG….love his voice, …..The artist JJY continue being the same for me….amazing singer….

  5. Why i love him so much 😊😊😊 i know he is not good but still like him, beautiful voice #JJY 😍😍😍

  6. still love his voice still listen everything that he sings… everybody is very angry now and feel disappointing but have you ever thing how he feel now that he understand all the wrong doings… is just a person. We make him an idol, we give him some power that he is not in a position to handle it…

  7. 승리와 윤규근경찰총장의 희생물 정준영됐고 그리고 에디킴‥로이킴 일탈했다면(조작이 없었다면) 반성하는 기회가 됐으면 좋겠어요

  8. 왜그랬니ᆢ
    이 좋은 보이스ᆢ
    돌이킬수없는 거기 그곳이
    죄값 다 치르고ᆢ
    볼수있단 기대감도
    모두저버린 정준영ᆢ
    참 안타깝다

  9. I Really Don't Care Of What You Have Done i'm Still With You And I Wil Be With You Till The End Of My Life❤❤

  10. I feel bad for all the people who helped in making this song. It’s not just his song, it’s the work of many others, but he has tainted it. I’m sorry to those people.

  11. Amazing voice. Just sad because i can't see u sing again. Hope u become a better person in future. 😔😔

  12. i miss him to be on screen again even though he did something that is not forgivable and forgettable especially to the victims but i still like him and still hoping for him to change to the better

  13. If you weren't a perv maybe all those fans would still be there 😡 I'm not forgiving you but I'll still respect. However I'm disgusted and just speechless. To think that any human would do such things to woman is hard enough but when your favourite krock idol does it! I hope all the woman get their justice and will be treated with the right care. 💜

  14. this was one of my favorite songs,, he’s so stupid for ruining his career sometimes having big fame is not worth it. But I Honestly I feel so so sorry for the victims that went through a lot because of him. he’s old enough to learn what he did was not only a small mistake but just inhuman and disgusting. Shame on the people who are still supporting him. I hope the best for them because it’s not healthy.. I kknow all of us are hurt but we can move on

  15. 형 그리 된 이후 이 노래만 듣거나 부를 때마다 눈물 난다 진짜 마치 앞으로의 형을 얘기하는듯한 진짜 공허한 슬픔만 남았네요… 팬들의 진짜 앞으로 버려진 시간 속에 혼자 사시겠네요 형…

  16. JJY no sé qué pensar, todo lo que ha pasado es realmente horrible pero aún así no puedo juzgar al artista, supongo que se obtendrá la justicia para las víctimas y el artista encontrará el futuro que se merece. Que pena porque aún así la banda es muy buena y las canciones me siguen gustando y que tonto desperdiciar así su carrera pero supongo que tuvo sus motivos y no pensó en el daño que causó, bueno….

  17. listening to this song now… I have mixed feelings… such an amazing talent, but such a trash person, it just upsets me

  18. The best korean singer.. Love his voice..

    All the bad things he had done seemed to appear in every song he had written. Sadness of love, bad attitude, making mistake.. No one ever realized that his life was put in the songs

  19. 스텝도 없이 유럽투어하며
    멤버들 고생많았다고 … 그와중에 찍었던 뮤비라고 알고있어요
    노래듣고 감동했던 기억에
    다시 들으러 왔네요
    역시 노래 넘 좋습니다

  20. 이 노래 정말 좋아요! 아깝고도 아까운 재능!
    이 시간이 어서 지났으면 합니다.
    꼭 돌아오리라 믿고 기도합니다♡

  21. What a perfect world! Ideal people. They do the perfect things. And only on holidays hammer stones a couple of sinners. And then they live their ideal life again.

  22. 이노래 콘서트때 엔딩곡이었는데 이 시련 잘 견디고 아직 젊으니까 다시 시작하는 마음으로 열심히 살면 웃는 날이 꼭 올거예요 힘내세요

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