Munchies Guide To Vegas: Locals Only

Munchies Guide To Vegas: Locals Only

I’ve really a modeled
my life after four year olds. It’s just have
as much fun as you possibly can and
there’s no worries. More people move to and
from Las Vegas every year than any other city
in America, but some people come and stay
here for a long time. There it is,
that’s how you do it. There’s a certain breed of human that can never
live anywhere else. I would say we
did pretty good. Next time we’re ordering
the whole menu. Fuck it. I’m born and bred in
Vegas, so I’m here to take you on a culinary
journey in my city. Home to the killer 99
cent shrimp cocktail. Oh, my God. And some of the best God
damn chef’s in the world. That’s a big
piece a duck. Took my taste buds boom, right out the back
of my head. Oh, my God. Along the way we’re
gonna discover, this city has a few magic
tricks up it’s sleeve. We are heading
right now to David Copperfield’s
house. It’ll surprise you
with it’s cuisine. Pickles and Kool-Aid? Pickles and Kool-Aid is
really good together. And prove to you that
it’s more than just slot machines and
crappy buffets. How good is that? This was absolutely
phenomenal. We’ll step off this
strip, and meet the people who call this part
of the desert their home. I like the solitude of
being out in the middle of nowhere truthfully,
myself. Through their food,
we’ll learn that they’re the backbone that
keeps Sin City running, because they
fucking love it. Yeah. We’re here at
Desert Breeze Skate Park, a skate park that
I’ve grown up at my whole life. We’re gonna throw
a barbecue and pretty much just cook for
all the skaters, and just enjoy the day of
skating, Vegas life. Explain to them
what Desert Breeze means to you. Home base. Again.
Home base. This park was voted third dangerousest park in
the whole country, but skateboarders
make it safe, you know what I mean? Like, because we treat it
as a home community here. This is our spot. Medium rare. I like ketchups,
lettuces, tomatoes. I do like jalapeno chips, always make it
way better. Drop it in between
the bun, and a good beer. And then need pretty
much have the perfect hamburger. Yeah. My career as a
skateboarder has taken me everywhere in the world. Have you ever noticed
that no matter how far in the world you go, you always end up
at Breeze again? Always. This is like
a black hole maybe. It’s like no matter what I always
end up right back here. Vegas is one of the
Cities in the world, for the simple fact that
everybody wants to come here. Everybody wants
to come to Vegas. No matter where you
are in the world, you just drop Vegas and people always
drop their jaw, just as fast as you
dropped the word. Tastes great
You guys cool with tourists? Are they okay?
Sometimes. You have to be,
living here. After burger and
beers at the skate park, the homies and I wanted
to hit one of our favorite local joints. With a Nevada ID,
you get in for free. And you can
stuff your face with all the free
buffet you need. You guys here for the
food or for the ladies? Both.
Now, you know, both. Now, what we
are known for is our delicious mac and
cheese. There is a little bit of
heaven in every bite. You guys would love that.
Well, fuck that, I’m taking all
of this then. All right.
And I got grilled
vegetable skewers, so if you want to go on
the healthy side. That’s not happening now. This is what
That’s the baked rotisserie chicken. That’s what we’re known
for is having the baked, fried, grilled
chicken strips. So, when you come in
the store you can get whatever option you want. I’m just gonna on
all of the sides, so I can try everything
you got going. You guys have to try a
little bit of everything. Yeah, thank you. Guys enjoy it, right? Hey, how else would you
rather spend lunch? Come on now. Right idea. Right idea. Have you tried out
this chicken yet? Yeah. Teriyaki. The mac and
cheese is unbelievable. Salute
Ass, titties, and chicken yo. It don’t get
better than that. Cheers guys cuz I’ve had
one hell of fucking God damn fucking lunch. With some ass and
chicken strips. Everybody knows Vegas for it’s popular hotels and
casinos. But if you never venture
away from the strip, you’ll be missing out on
one of Sin City’s best kept secrets. We’re here at Lotus
of Siam in beautiful East Last Vegas. Some of the best Thai
food in the country, it’s always
fucking packed. One of my favorite chefs, she makes sure that
you’re always happy, you always leave
completely full. Come check it out. Being a Vegas local
to another one, it’s always great to be
in a place like this. Are you much happier out
here than you were back in Thailand? Yeah, yeah. Of course, you know,
when over there, she had to
struggle already. Yeah. So, like I said, her story’s definitely
likes Cinderella. What brought you out to
Vegas in the first place? To find my love. Oh, to find her love. Behind you. Yeah, look at that smile,
too. I realized America lacked
authentic Thai food. Healthy, fresh
Thai cuisine. Like, basically
the way she feeds her customers and her guests are like the
way she feeds her kids. Do you mind explaining
to me some of this? Yeah. This part right here
is the northern larb seasoning. That both there’s
the coriander seed- And this all comes from Thailand? Yes.
Yes. Everything that’s you see
right here is blended to be into this,
and then we- This is all one? Yeah, the finishing
touches. Thai with
Oh, I like the smell of that. Yeah, it’s good for you. Good for your pulse? Yeah. It’s going to be very
healthy for you. Whoa, there’s
an after-kick. Yeah. Make your eye water. Excuse me one second. Go on,
I love that the fact. Thank you for
already making me cry. This is the homemade
Khao soi chilli. Wow, I kinda wanna put
that on everything that I eat. You will, in a minute. My mom is making you guys
the Khao soi crispy duck. That’s a big piece
of duck, too. Yeah. And what is this? This is pickled
vegetable. This is how you’re
supposed to eat it. Yeah, I want
it to be done exactly like she
would make it. Yeah, for herself, this is how it’s gonna be
The way it smells right now it’s mouth-watering. Just wait to eat it. I totally imagine. This is a crispy egg
noodle that was used for the she puts it out
over there, too. A little spice,
and voila. Okay. Is there any way that you
would join me for food? Yeah. Oh, please do. Please do. Thank you so much
Okay, so now this is-
A duck. Good duck. That was the first
duck I’ve ever liked. Ever. It’s actually
phenomenal tasting. And that spice that goes
with it is fantastic. Wow. That’s unbelievable. I mean, I remember this,
when I was a kid, this strip mall. It definitely was
scarier back then. I mean, back then, there
was drive-by shootings, stabbings. I mean, I do remember. Have you won any awards
for all of this, and your cooking and
everything? Yeah. She was-
James Beard Award, The James Beard Award for best chef in
the southwest, I believe. The James Beard is kinda
like the Oscars for food. God damn. I loved it. You started something
over here, and you’ve built it to
the point where you’ve actually made this
complex worth coming to. Thank you once again,
though. This was absolutely
stunning. Everybody that ever comes
to Las Vegas has to experience the
amazingness that you have to offer. Thank you so much,
Lotus of Siam. Took my taste buds, blew them right out
the back of my head. Oh, my God. Let’s go hit
downtown Las Vegas. Fremont Street’s
changed a lot. It used to be ghetto as
fuck, but now it’s cool. I wanna go bar hopping
on Fremont Street, and see if I can meet
anybody cool. Well, we’re here, Atomic,
oldest bar in Las Vegas. I’ve heard a lot of
stories growing up out here that this is
the oldest bar in Vegas. We have the number seven liquor license
in Las Vegas. Like the seventh one that ever to
be given out ever? Exactly.
And so the sixth prior
were all casinos. In 1941, that was when
the first detonation went off with the atomic
bomb tests over in the Nevada
test site. I don’t most people even actually realize
that Nevada was whether we tested all
of our nuclear bombs. Yeah, and you could
actually see them clearly from this bar
on the rooftop. It was like
the fourth of July Like every night. When my,
owner bought the bar, he found some old cases
of old Crow from 1976. So, after doing a little
research, it is said to be Hunter S Thompson’s
favorite spirit. Well I’d love to
try a shot of that. All right,
let me get one that’s, so if you’re gonna do one,
I’m gonna do one. Oh, good girl! Cuz I’ve actually never
tried this before. Even better. Cheers. That’s actually
fantastic. Yeah, it’s actually
not bad at all. Not bad. That’s fantastic.
Yeah. I heard that people used
to always go on the roof. Do you think that there’s
anyway that me, and you can grab a beer and go up there and
check it out? Yeah, that would
be awesome. Let’s go. Careful. First off this street
you weren’t even allowed on when we were kids. You just couldn’t
come down here. It was too sketchy. Way too sketchy. Yeah.
What’s changed right now? The main reason why
things have been transforming so quickly
is because they have a downtown project, which
their sole focus has been to transform and
reinvent downtown. Which way did
the blast come from that everybody used to
come up here and look? They were,
it happened about 40 or 50 miles north of us,
which would be this way. But I thought a nuclear
bomb went like a hundred miles or more. They were test bombs,
so maybe, I don’t know. Everyone would come
to the roof and watch the blast. Everybody’s getting
together, drinking, partying, have
a good time. And then they get to
see this awesome show. I just wanna see
a nuclear bomb go off but you know, not really. For my next drink, I’m
gonna check out the new part of Fremont Street,
the Container Park. I almost feel like
this areas gonna end up being bigger
than Las Vegas. People from LA,
and New York, and all the fun people
want to come here. It was a Vegas native? Like, this is
gotta be pretty amazing for you to see. Oh, this is insane. When we were kids you could not come
in this area. Yep. And I wasn’t mean like,
oh, you weren’t allowed because you weren’t
gangster enough, you just weren’t allowed
because you would get fucking smoked if you do. Yeah, a short period
of time ago it was the same way. Can I actually try that-
The Downtowner? That Downtowner. We can do the Downtowner. So you invented this. You gotta break
it down to me. What do you got in here? Loaded into this keg,
we have slow and low, which is a rock and rye. It’s almost a cocktail in
itself, sweet rye whiskey mixed with an Aperol,
an Italian aperitivo. Think sweet,
bitter orange, and then just like round it
out with a sweet vermouth from Italy. Finish it off
with orange rind Just drop that
right in there. Thanks, cheers to you. Cheers
Cheers. Oh, my god. That’s dangerous
That’s, I hear that daily That’s dangerous. That is dangerous. That’s like the type of
drink that I’m like, hey, whats up to my boys and don’t even tell them
alcohol in it, and the next thing you
know three later and they’re like falling
out of chairs and I don’t understand why. That’s why we like here. We’re downtown. It’s the downtowner. No big deal, but
that thing is fantastic. There you go, see? Expand your horizons. After throwing back a few
drinks in this bar, Sonny wanted to show me what
else was new in town. The downtown bar,
the Velveteen Rabbit, has something you can
only find in Vegas, boozy yoga. My town you better. Your town bitch get
your fat ass in there. Exhale put your
palms down, fold your feet back. Take off your shoes,
get on the mats. Inhale half lipped. Exhale, put your
palms down, fold your feet back. Downward facing dog. That’s right. I’m gonna take you for
a walk. Lower down,
I don’t know what means, baby girl. You gotta relax
with that. Hug your elbows
into your ribs. Hug your elbows in, dude. Come on! Why you-
Come on get up. Just battling me and
nobody else? God damn. It curves.
You were like really cute. Just, can you relax, and
let me just fix you? Like that, yeah. Take a deep breath in. Exhale. I exhale, all right? Relax, let it go. Any girls that wants
to go to Opate’s- Shut up. Donuts, we can
go right now. Exhale with your
palms down. Ladies, it was extremely
fun, but you’ve just, literally just whooped
my ass right there. We came up with the idea
of the spanker dog. So, you’re a downward dog
but gets spanked, and then she shows
you your o face. And then she shows
you your o face. This is a concept
I wanted to do for like three years. There’s a double
entendre, but at the end of the day
this is so creative. You can put potato chips
on a donut, or Twix. The only one I wanna
try is the potato chip, just cuz that shit
freaks me out. The fact there’s a potato
chip on a mother fucking donut is kinda one of the
illest things I’ve ever heard of. That’s a little weird. I love it, though. It’s kinda freaky. We’re okay, with weird. It’s a potato chip. It’s not supposed to be
that good on a donut. It’s love. Love, everywhere you go, if there’s love
in the food, the food’s
gonna be great. Come here. Oh, you gonna feed me? Oh, I’m gonna feed you. Okay. I feel like we’re
friends now. We are friends, but woah. Oh, it’s full of peanut
butter in the middle. It’s good shit. That is so good. Potato chips on
a fucking donut. I had a great time. Going to lock
this fucker up. All right,
let’s do shots. Let’s do this. It was a good night. Oh, yeah, it was fun. Let’s go put the South
in the mouth. Best top 20 in
the country, number one in Vegas,
right? Hell, yeah. Oh!
Oh, that smells, so gnarly. This is one of the most
horrifying sights, I think I’ve ever seen. That’s pretty
much the smell of death right there.

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