[MUKBANG] Korean Cheese Ramen & Korean Rice Bowl 5Kg 7333kcal Yuka [OoGui]

[MUKBANG] Korean Cheese Ramen & Korean Rice Bowl 5Kg 7333kcal Yuka [OoGui]

Hello its Kinoshita Yuka (English subs by ~Aphexx~
change font size+color+transparency via options menu) So, Today! I received this from a Korean viwer its some
cheesy instant ramen! I can’t read Korean so I don’t know what this package says
but its got pictures of cheese on it you all know I freaking love cheese
that’s probably why they sent me this, ~Thank you very much~ this cheese ramen looks so tasty
lets get cookin’ and here we have the cheese ramen
its got a cute cheese mascot. it looks so Kawaii inside we have noodles, and is this soup powder? toppings and
this might be the cheese here I have 4 packets today so I’ll make all 4
I’ll now prep the toppings egg, corn, bacon and green onion
I’ll chop up the onion cut the bacon to desired size crack 6 eggs I’ll get the donburi (rice bowl) ready as well
today I have 5 cups made I’ll use some korean seaweed add onion
add sesame oil and I’ll use the kaisendon sauce that I make often and add 4 yolks and its all done
(peeps… Japan + eggs=NO salmonella) start off with the noodles and toppings hmm this contains some different looking veg/toppings next I’ll add the soup
I believe this is the cheese, I’ll add the cheese powder its cheese afterall
ahh the smell of cheese is amazing , now the bacon, egg and pour it into our usual bowl
top it with drained corn and onion, and korean seaweed tadaa its complete
this cheese ramen looks so yummy ITADAKIMASU I tried to copy the veg/toppings that were shown on the package
the noodles are regular looking instant noodles since I added some egg… the egg and cheese go well together
and well… it doesn’t quite taste like carbonara but… its sort of like that in that its taken on a creamy and mellow
taste profile . its so OISHII mm its so good
I’ll try some of this now I put stuff together that I think will make a yummy
Korean donburi (rice bowl) you can find things like this at a ramen shop mmmm! OISHII I have some extra sauce I’ll add it oh damn. some mayo will def. go with this
I’ll now add my #BFFMayo mm it definitely tastes more OISHIII
mayo goes with this for sure a piece of bacon I just cant get enough of bacon’s aroma, saltiness and fattiness so now I think I want to add 300g of melted cheese lol I just started eating this and I’m adding this lol this is totes going to be tasty ahhh OMG this cheese! I feel as if I’m eating noodles of cheese….. OISHII it is a cheese based ramen so it does work well with it so I went out and made this rice bowl here
but as I’ve been eating this I keep on thinking that … man… this bowl of rice really pairs nicely with these noodles
the soup is so tasty and mild this might be suited to girls tastebuds its so tasty and creamy so I added some canned corn as a topping
every once in a while you get these taste explosions of sweet corn which is a nice surprise
creamy soups benefit from corn so I added a lot of eggs to the soup and it helped thicken the soup
it sort of transformed it into a pasta sauce like soup its so rich and OISHII
I love foods like this final mouthful ITADAKIMASU
its turned into something like a ‘kakitama’ soup mm it was so OISHII gochisosamadeshita this Korean cheese ramen was so very tasty
hey, why isn’t there any cheese ramen sold in Japan? its that darn good
hmm… we don’t have any creamy ramen soups here… what soup would work well with cheese?
perhaps some miso based soup (soy bean) perhaps if you take a miso ramen and add milk it might
work nicely with cheese.. oh and eggs too the rice bowl with seaweed was tasty
I love Korean seaweed and I bought that off of Amazon today I tried some Korean noodles and Korean rice
everyone if you get a chance please give this a try and as always thanks for watching and if you liked this
video please hit the like and sub button BAI BAI

100 Replies to “[MUKBANG] Korean Cheese Ramen & Korean Rice Bowl 5Kg 7333kcal Yuka [OoGui]

  1. めっちゃ美味しそう。


  2. なんでそんなに食べて太らないの!?私焼き肉食べ放題いっただけでばかみたいに太るんだが…??

  3. You can still get salmonella from the eggs. Actually the same rate everywhere else but the rate is extremely low.

  4. 여태 겨우2개 영상밖에 안봤지만 진짜….맛있게 먹고 제 취향으로 먹으셔서…와 벌써 빠져버린거같음

  5. والله محد جرب البيض اللين مع الاكل بالمررره باستا = لذيذ. المهم لاتستغربون

  6. Im not trying to be hateful but does she barf it all out ? I mean how can she eatthat much without getting fat. I envy you

  7. الكوريين يحبو العرب ونحنا بنموت فيهم والدليل مترجمة عربي مش انكليزي لانو بتعرف اديش في عرب عم بيتابعوهة

  8. 치즈라면에 김이라니 상상도 못해본 조합이네요! 엄청 맛있을것같다 ㅠㅠ 다음에 넣어먹어봐야지 김덮밥(?)도 맛있어보임… 중간에 조리 후 넣는 스프 넣을때 흠칫했지만 맛있게 잘드셔서 다행이에요ㅋㅋㅋㅋ늘 복스럽게 먹는 모습 너무 귀여우세요ㅎㅎ♥️♥️

  9. Realmente disfruto ver como come esta chica
    Pero me pregunto a donde le entra tanta comida 😱 y sobretodo como estará su estamago y su hígado 😱

  10. Ok buut seriously don't try to add legit cheese to any ramen. Using the fake cheese like the Kraft orange cheese slices are better to use. I also put some sort of cheese similar to what Yuka used and it was delicious but the dish was so hard to wash after. Br my guest but just a warning

  11. あまりにも多くの麺を食べるとあなたの腸を傷つけるかもしれないので、あなたは慎重にゆかしてください…

  12. There must be a special secret that's keeping her skinny. We would like to know. Your very lucky to eat anything you want and stay that size. By the way, do you exercise alot?

  13. I tried it , and it is so delicious 😋 , and I really really liked it , but I didn’t do it in the same way that you did it girl ..

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