MRE Review – First Strike Ration – Menu 3 (Part 3: Lunch & Dinner)

MRE Review - First Strike Ration - Menu 3 (Part 3: Lunch & Dinner)

okay guys for this rather uninteresting brown bag here will definitely not be making the thumbnail for the video instead what's inside it is much more interesting and you probably already know that this is the rest of the first strike ration so what I'm gonna do is whatever is left over here because you can't really separate it into breakfast lunch and dinner the food in here isn't doesn't mean for that it's meant for you to be able to grab what you need or grab what you find most convenient at the time and munch it down so I know the last video was kind of tempted as breakfast but what we'll do here was combine all of these ingredients get them out have a taste of them all and we'll finish her off so let's see what we got left wow it's still a lot of gear isn't it so just to recap what we have left over here is the sample source B hmm chocolate banana nut dessert bar the first strike caffeine chewing gum tuna the Amaka flavor of first strike energy Bartlett's without a caffeine mayonnaise for the tuna salt beef stick teriyaki and barbeque and me tortillas for the chena our lemon-lime beverage base powder and that's us so for starters this time we'll get the drinks well drink made up first and for this one we're gonna need 12 ounces of cold water and we'll take it right up to that full line looks about us give it a good seal on the top I'm not half as worried about this one getting on the carpet as that once the grape shake on okay okay for the thief sticks now there's two of them in here double wrap yeah no doubt when I open these they're probably gonna bring back memories of the honey barbecue beef sandwich that I had in the previous video yep quite like quite like jerky mm-hmm okay we got two different flavors I can't actually remember which one was which let's have a look at the tortillas this is the broken Lori T is there a better way to open means okay let's choose the side without the tools here in it um I've been hanging out for these actually I haven't had one in an MRE before so I was really interested to see well they're like so it looks like there's a couple in here they're pretty well attached to each other I got oxygen absorber I'm a bit worried actually I don't think I'm gonna be able to give these puppies apart without causing some collateral damage okay come on oh there we go okay harvest I've expected that to happen but that's fine because I I will be sharing all right so what are the tortillas seem like uh on first look they seem to have a much much more shinier surface than you know your normal store-bought tortillas smell yeah real package smell but you find I think after these products set with these oxygen absorbers in them for for a while they do tend to you know give off a bit of a bouquet all of their own but anyway it's not too bad the first strike nutritious energy bar micro flavor where the hundred and ten milligrams of caffeine okay kind of similar to the Train raspberry one in basic appearance but this one as you notice is much more bar-like and yes there's a few more put some pieces in there what does it smell like oh it smells good you're gonna really smell that their coffee odor coming off okay yeah we going looks like we've got some little specks of something in there to know if I didn't know any better I'd say there might be crunchy but yeah much more bar-like and yeah looks a bit more appealing actually than the cran-raspberry looking forward to that we have the chocolate banana nut dessert that got a feeling my little helpers gonna love this this tasting session again we've got a much more conventional looking bar kind of cakey on the outside smooth but cakey I guess you'll see the nuts there mm-hmm okay that smells awesome smell a banana that's for sure this applesauce now this is a little bit curious for me five hundred and twenty percent of your daily vitamin C requirement interesting okay hmm that's honest enough yeah bearing in mind this is about three years old and I don't actually know what a normal packet was applesauce or the contents of zaple source should look like bit of a trek into the unknown hmm okay advanced tasting them yep good all right I hope this all fits just gonna go to town and squid it out whoops crossing the border between sweet and savory there I don't think I'll give it a silence Oh magic and just for kicks before we get to the tuna let's have a look at this first strike caffeine enriched gum okay well we got five in there hmm they smell good you know shiny very shiny exterior we pretty hard I imagine uh you really smell the cinnamon in them and you can bet I'm not gonna be popping all those at once so let's check in there for the moment okay at the moment we've all been waiting for well at least I have the tuner now I don't actually know how long these commercial packs achene are supposed to last we've got some kind of information there at the top which I assume is a debt code in there somewhere is that zero to five six so is that the 256 day of 2010 I'm a product of American Samoa nothing else here in terms of this before dates so I guess we'll crack it open have a stuff nothing can compete with the anybody keep you sandwiches oh I'm sure okay yeah it's fish have a smell hmm it smells all right I think what we'll do it's get this fat-free mayonnaise again if it passes the smell test mixed up and with the chena careful yeah okay looks good nice and white tastes fine check it all on me why not might be the last first try chrรฉtien I have although I guess there are MREs with the tuner option so I'm assuming that it's the same brand etc let's give it a bit of a stir around let's get it out on the tray here for a closer look oh no don't want to get the Trina mix done with the applesauce that could be a disaster here we go nice and flaky understandably there's you know some clumps in here that are pretty solid it's basically being sitting compressed under stuff or among stuff for its whole life but I don't know what do you think looks pretty good to me so first up we'll have a bit of a play with this apple sauce consistency it's fairly runny the colors not dead unappealing it's it's quite dark so I'm sure somebody will kick in and tell me whether this is well past it but seems alright to me it's give it a try hmm yummy I like that yeah it tastes like an apple pie filling what more can you say let's say it's very Apple II it's not too sweet the texture is good there is some ticks to the air will give the choc banana nut dessert bar a try here we go the inside looks pretty much the same as the outside again you can see those nuts of me mmm Wow I could get used to that and I tell you who's gonna like that so let's try some of the mocha first-strike energy bar now a little help I won't be having any of this at scope we can't feign in it let's see what it's like that's really good as well with us here those bits in there they are crunchy I don't know really what they are the coffee flavor comes through very strong and I quite like that it's not sweet if there's a bit of bitterness in there so that coffee sort of really bites through very good give it a shuffle to jakey no sure which one this is I'll give it a snuff see if we can work it out actually I might need both for this experiment nope no idea that's very good I think this one maybe the teriyaki but yeah it tastes just as good as any any jerky that you are you normally get that's what you'd expect right well it's weapon and do the sound should be done as in the tuna on the tortilla let's try that yeah that's good yeah I'll just try a bit of this tortilla by itself it tastes fine and like I say had that package smell but it doesn't come through and the taste at all the consistency is slightly different than a normal tortilla as you can see you know one of them did split and this one's kind of on its way but considering that they spend all their life fold it over it you know quite an extreme angle they do quite well so I guess there's a few other little bits and pieces in here in terms of the chemistry to keep them in that shape that tastes good ordinarily if it was an MRE tuna meal I probably would have shied away from it just a normal one you know when there's others to choose with normal meat been having this now it was part of the first strike ration I think in general this the second part to it if you like will the second and final part is really impressive I don't really like it I've got to say again thank you to gundog for 31.4 for hooking me up it's it's a very rare thing these first strike rations and even more so to get them way down here in New Zealand or to have one graciously sent so yeah very very appreciative and loving it a quick taste of the drink Cheers yep pretty sure you guys have a fair idea what that tastes like just your lemon lime powdered drink nothing you know fancy there so one more thing about two more things you know there's always one more thing let me just have a quick try this first strike caffeine enriched gum yet that gum is not messing about you know this isn't just your average gum yeah this is meant to serve a purpose here and you can taste it the taste is pretty pleasant he has pretty big in terms of the physical size of the pieces and once you crunch through that shiny exterior coating it is still fairly dense inside but the cinnamon flavor comes through strong but you're kind of glad that it does because you can also taste kind of a chemical chemically you know still got the aftertaste in my mouth having taken the gum out and I'm pretty sure the hundred milligrams of caffeine is responsible for that but for what it is gee I think I might pop those the rest of those into a little packet it'll save it for the monday blues huh okay and that's the the end of the first straight crashing menu number three we just did a combined job' here so it was everything that's left and that's good it's breaking them up into meals like I said it doesn't make much sense because you're never really gonna find a combination of items that you know fits into a breakfast lunch or dinner category you just eat when you can and from that perspective it's an awesome pack there's obviously been a lot of science and thought that's gone into it and it would certainly last you a day easy I mean there's a lot of energy and and this stuff so let's get the boss down here and we'll give her a wee sample all right honey you're gonna try some jr. into you yeah may you really okay what does it taste like Jackson okay all right got some jerky there it's gonna take you a while to chew isn't it which one do you want to go for next yeah thought you might okay that's the banana nut bar go Arnie I will have this beautiful don't think you have I have okay mom daddy's getting old you know memories probably better than mine daddy like that one never to eat and hold think you know what's in the bowl what yes and Iron Giant sure orange soup I guess it looks like it doesn't it probably smells a bit like orange soup if there was one I mean okay yeah whoa okay have you got any time to get out Danny what it tastes like what does it taste like no busy okay well I think yeah that good alright thanks for watching AJ

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  1. If I had to guess, those little crispy bits in the first strike bar appear to be little bits of puffed rice.

  2. Awesome channel Kiki Dude. Love all your MRE reviews and seeing what some MREs from other countries are like. Hope to see more, especially with your taste tester in this one. She definitely liked the apple sauce. Cheers from America.

  3. just picked one of these up! hope it turns out well and everything inside has lasted haha great review

  4. we have been buying kippered beef snacks in the grocery stores forever but it is not jerky. It is thicker than jerky and it is cut and formed beef where jerky is a thin slice of beef. Mighty tasty though! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. we buy these packets of tuna in the grocery store and they are not cheap. I'm enjoying watching your videos from earliest to latest and spent the entire weekend doing so. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I think that your little helper like the Zapple Sauce. Interesting what is actually in some of the packs that I have seen.

  7. Really enjoyed this video. I enjoy all of them but this one was a lot of fun. Great magic trick, btw. XD

  8. I wouldn't be surprised if all the food were made with the same substance – simply moulded to look like different food

  9. You need to shake the beverage thinggie up and down while holding it in the middle. Sort of like a shake weight.

  10. Just watching your previous videos, can't get enough! I reccomend purchasing these Hotcans and making a review. Here is the link: These are basically beverages or soups in a can that can heat up basically anywhere. It'd be awesome if you can make a full review on taste, its function and other stuff! Thanks!

  11. I really need to get my hands on these!!! Have to find somewhere or someone that will ship to me here in AU!

  12. I never saw the First Strike stuff in Iraq because i got there in 2006.The Army finally got smart after Panama,Desert Storm,and Somalia to make it more light weight for us "Grunts".As always we always had to "field strip"MREs to get what we need and pack it into our assault packs for 24 to 72 hours of operations.

  13. I have officially watched all your videos ๐Ÿ˜€
    You had made my day better from being sick and laying in bed trying not to go insane…lol
    Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Kiwi, dude, don't fret too much about the tortillas. All too often, sadly, the end coming split right down the center of where the were folded ๐Ÿ™ . The fact that you were able to get even one to come out of the packaging without being broken too bad is a bloomin' miracle.

  15. Hi Nathan, for some reason I can't reply directly to your comment, but in terms of the next review, I'm not sure to be honest. Unless it's a multi-part review, I tend to leave it up until the last minute and pick whatever 'speaks to me' from the cupboard ๐Ÿ˜‰ I can say that there's some fun ones coming up though.

  16. great vids keep them coming im hoping to gef an mre but im from the uk and have only had a 24 hour rat pack

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