Mostar Food Review – Eating Bosnian Dishes at Šadrvan Restaurant in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mostar Food Review – Eating Bosnian Dishes at Šadrvan Restaurant in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Okay guys so we have come back to our favorite
restaurant in all of Mostar. We’re at Šadrvan. What is this? Like our third, fourth time eating here in
a matter of days? It is our third time. Third time. Because the 1st time we it was really raining
hard. Oh yeah it was a test run. It was a testrun. Then we filmed here. Yes. And now we’re trying out some new dishes. So yeah. We were actually going to try a different
restaurant but then we sat down and we opened the menu and it was like Gringo food. Like hamburgers and burritos. It has a touristy vibe so yeah and we were
like uhmmm let’s go back to our favorite. Yeah, we’re on our last meal and we don’t
want to take any chances. Yeah. So we’ve ordered two glasses of red wine. We are having Blatina and we tried this for
the first time oh my gosh last night and it is really it is so good. I am insisting that we get one more bottle
to try at home before we leave because we have tonight and tomorrow night to drink it. Yeah, it is a nice dry red. Yeah. And we had had really bad luck with wines
before last night. Like a lot of them were really sweet. It tasted like grape juice. Yep. But this is the good stuff. Blatina. Can’t go wrong with Blatina. If you guys are here get the Blatina. It is a full body red, dry like just wonderful
flavor and aftertaste. Yeah. Goes down really well. Yeah. And for food we’ve ordered something that
Sam had on his first night here. So we’ll be showing you that and also two
side dishes. They may be similar to some of the stuff we’ve
already shown you here in Mostar but I mean they’re good so we’re ordering them again. Because we want to eat more. Um, so yeah hopefully that will be here soon. So hungry and yeah the food is just going
to be wonderful here. We know it. We trust this place. We know what we’re getting here. Yep. Okay, so we are going to start off yeah with
Sam’s main. Exactly, so we are starting off with Schnitzel
Šadrvanska Story. And what is in it? It has got so much in it that I’m going to
read it off of the menu. Haha. I don’t want to mess up. So guys it is steak with turkey and ham, smoked
cheese, breaded in a French manner with mushroom sauce, white wine and cream. Oh my. Now if that doesn’t sound decadent I don’t
know what is decadent. So alright, this is what I’ll be having first. Put this down and I’m going to dig in. It is a big portion. That is for sure. And this is the exact same dish Sam had on
his first night in Mostar. I did. I did. And he’s like I want more of that. It is so good. Let me show you what it looks like. The inside. Wow. Sop like it just has got so much of this cream
sauce and mushrooms. Look at that. Oozing cheese. Look at that bite. Look at that bite. Woah, that was a big bite. I’m not sure how you’re planning on describing
your food. Take your time. Chew. That is like yeah I need to chew. Hmmm. That is like schnitzel taken to the next level. Mmmhmm. It is like Milanesa taken to the next level. It is like there is so much going on just
inside of the schnitzel with the cheese and other ingredients and then you have the rich
wonderful cream mushroom sauce. There is big thick slabs of mushrooms. Mmmhmm. Just so many delicious flavors going on. Yeah. This is so good. I know it is probably not the most traditional
food but just the way that this restaurant has done this dish. Like it is one of the dishes they specialize
in. Yeah, they do specialize in it and it just
is fantastic. And it makes for a wonderful dish to try at
this restaurant. Highly highly recommend it. Very nice. Very nice. Look at that guys. Look at that. Audrey is going in for it now. I’m going in. Going in for a bite. Look at that. Let’s grab lots of that creamy mushroom sauce. Oh yeah. Mmmm. What say you? It is good. Isn’t it good? Haha. That is thick. It makes me think of like um. Like a schnitzel sandwich or a milanesa sandwich
that you’ve folded it in half. Yep. And like stuffed it with like what is in it
like cheese and ham. Yeah. I don’t even know everything that is in it. There is so much going on. Cheese and ham for sure. It is just so good. yeah. And look at you going in for more. The mushroom sauce is so good. Look at that. Strings of cheese. Strings of cheese. Oh my. It is just premium schnitzel. Mmm. Premium schnitzel. Mmm. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Okay so for my dish I got dolma and I feel
like I’ve probably already shown this before because I’ve been eating a lot of it almost
on a daily basis. We haven’t shown it here though. And it does look different. I know we showed one dolma when we filmed
here but they have two different kinds. This one is different. This one is dolma baked in cream. Yep. So you’ve got like the little peppers stuffed
with rice, stuffed with minced meat. You’ve got some chopped carrots um so yeah
it is really good and it comes with cream in the middle and there were six pieces. There is a lot of cream in the middle. There were 6 pieces once upon a time. Once upon a time. Sam was taking so long filming that I was
like I’ve gotta eat man. Audrey Audrey is not very patient when food
is in front of her. I’m like Audrey please just wait let me he
took way too long. Let me photograph it and then I’ve been too
much of that lately I’m so hungry. Forget about it. Forget about it. Mmmm. It is good? That is the good stuff. That is the good stuff. That was like. That was your must have dish. I remember when we were looking yeah at the
menu you’re like I’ve got to have that. It has to have dolma. A restaurant must have dolma if I’m going
to eat there. Urgh. Urgh. Oh yeah. Isn’t that good? Mmmhmm. And while I’m at it I’m going to show you
my other dish. Instead of getting a main. Yep. I just got two side dishes. Good idea so you try these two and then I’ll
try them after. Yeah. So what is this one here? So technically if my memory serves me right
I believe I had ordered the sour cabbage rolls. Yep. But I think I may have gotten the vine rolls
instead which I’m totally fine with. I’m not complaining about this at all because
again this is so delicious. Yeah. I’m just going to grab some of this. I know normally at a restaurant if there was
a mistake it would be like it would be a big problem but here it is like just bring me
whatever you’ve got. Wonderful. It is so good. Anything on your menu. It is all so good. Just bring me whatever you’ve got. Mmmm. So good. It is the same filling basically that they
have inside the peppers. Yep. Mmmm. I’ve got hair. Yuck. You’ve been getting hair in your mouth. That is not a pre-approved ingredient. Mmmnnn. You’ve got to stop doing that. Oh, and and underneath these rolls there is
mashed potatoes. Ooh. Mashed potatoes in a gravy. Oh yeah. So yeah, I’m really happy over here. I was going to say I’m really happy enjoying
my vegetarian meal but no it is all stuffed with meat. Hahaha. What am I talking about. It is not vegetarian man. That schnitzel is anything but vegetarian. No, not vegetarian over here. This is all really good. Would you like to try some? I would if there is any leftover. There is a bit. I can save you a bite or two. Oh yeah so I don’t have a lot left to choose
from. Hey you’ve got more than half I don’t know
what you are talking about. Okay that is true you did leave me at least
half. Okay. So look at that. You know what I can’t do that in one bite. Oh wow. I’d be chewing that for a while. I was like wow he’s going to eat one whole. I’m going to cut that in half I’m going to
put an enormous amount of cream on it and I’m going to take a bite. Hahaha. Oh my gosh. Sam and food. It is so good. Yeah. What do you say? Like it is just the way it is prepared is
so flavorful and it for this particular you can’t call it tender but it is one it is so
soft. It is so moist and juicy. It is super juicy. Put it in your mouth and you barely have to
chew it. Haha. And you just love every moment of it and so
I’m going to go in for more because I just can’t get enough. Alright. Wonderful. Now there is still more. I’m going in for the grape one and I’m going
to take it for a major swim. Major swim here. And this is not like a this is a watery based
sauce here. Mmmm. And some cream. It is definitely good. It has got I mean the leaf wrapper, the grape
leaf wrapper sure grape wrapper it sounds like a candy wrapper. It is completely different texture from this
but if I had to pick between the two I would go for this one. The pepper. Yeah. How about you? Mmmm. You know what? I like both of them and I also like the cabbage
ones. I could eat anything. Apparently, they are both so good. They do stuffed onions but they were out at
the other restaurants. Oh yeah. Where we ordered them so we didn’t get those. Yeah. That would be interesting. But this is good. We’re going to take care of our main dishes
and we will be back with a dessert soon. A dessert. A dessert we haven’t tried yet. That is right. Well well it is time for dessert. Yeah. We did not stop at the mains. We always keep going. So for mine I also ordered a dessert I had
on my first night here. I believe it is pronounced tufahija (tufahije). Yep. So if you take a look. It is a poached apple that I think has been
cooked in like sugary water and then the apple is stuffed with the nuts. With the same nuts that go into baklava. Um, and then it has like whipped cream on
top. So yeah. That is what I’m going in for. Oh ho ho. Check it out. Woah. That looks good man. Mmmm. Yeah? Yeah, I’m going to try and show you. Let’s see if you can see the nuts. Actually it is kind of difficult to see. But it is like in the center of the apple. I guess the core or whatever you call it. Yep. It is just stuffed with nuts and it is in
like this sugary syrup. Oh yeah. So it is really sweet. Hits the spot? Mmmhmm. Hahaha. And she just keeps going and going. You’re like the Energizer Bunny Eater. You just keep going and going and going. It is just a wonderful dessert. Thumbs up? I’m a fan and Sam over here got baklava. We need to remember to pronounce it correctly
because we learned here it is not baklava. You’re supposed to call it baklava. Baklava. So that is Sam’s dessert. That is what I’ll be showing you guys next. I’m going to let you try it. So I feel like tonight they gave us an extra
generous slab. Like this is a big thick baklava already. Baklava. Baklava. And it is already layers galore. Like oh my gosh it is so thick. I can barely get into it. That is like about to fly off of the plate
Sam. Yeah, I don’t want to okay anyways. It is so thick just take a big big piece. I think you’re being too gentle with it. I am. Even use your hands. Here we go. Oh my gosh it is so thick. It is so good. There is a nice big piece. There. There we go. Mmmm. What do you think? Amazing. They know what they’re doing here. I’d say compared to normal baklava in other
places they are a bit more generous with the nuts. Mmmhmm. It is also a bit thicker than normal. So that just makes it even more delicious. Yeah, it is a really thick piece. It is just so good and yeah I’m very much
in my happy place right now. Yep. A wonderful way to finish off a spectacular
meal. Yeah. So time to talk about the bill. Yeah. So it came to 46 in local currency which was
27 US dollars or 23 Euros. Yep. And yeah, we got a lot. We ordered five food items. Basically the two appetizers and then the
big meat dish and then two desserts and that also included two glasses of wine. So in total seven items I’d say that was excellent
value. The food was fantastic. And it was just a wonderful way for us to
finish off our time here in Mostar. We’ll see you guys on the next episode. Tata. Bye.

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