Most UNIQUE Food in Iran – MASSIVE 60KG Lamb RICE Platter + AMAZING Village Cooking FEAST!!!

Most UNIQUE Food in Iran – MASSIVE 60KG Lamb RICE Platter + AMAZING Village Cooking FEAST!!!

100 Replies to “Most UNIQUE Food in Iran – MASSIVE 60KG Lamb RICE Platter + AMAZING Village Cooking FEAST!!!

  1. Thanks a lot for watching our Iran series! This is the playlist link: Make sure to follow Mr. Taster here !!Thanks so much for watching! Please leave us a comment below!!

  2. Trevor, sometimes you are just too nice for my liking. But the world could use a bit of your nicety in this age. You have become a cultural icon now. Hope you do some real good with this status.

  3. I proud Baloch here, thanks food ranger for showing our culture to the world. Has for us guests are not less our own brothers or sisters from the same family. Enjoy the food 😃

  4. proud to be iranian , we got crazy yummu many varieties of dishes. south to north, east to west. we welcome everyone

  5. Mr.taster is so funNy guy…a love to watch of alL your iranians episodEs with trevor and mr.taster….the plaCe is so clean…😍😍😍

  6. Hey he applied that mud just like a multani mati. its actually protect the skin from the sun. Great journey & gud traditional foods in iran thats really amazing. Well done keep rock it😍😍😘

  7. Being a Baloch, living both side of Pakistan and Iran, I must say thank you for exploring Greater Balochistan, From Quetta to Chabahar, you captured our culture, cloth, land and hospitabity. <3

  8. i thought that he was in pakistan but it is iran really surprising from food , tea , dress even the method to coke food same as in pakistan

  9. This is one of the great things about YouTube, you can produce your own videos and series without waiting for some editor in NYC or London to approve the trip and content. This is pure democracy. You don’t see this part of Iran. You only see revolutionary guard and ayatollahs making speeches and troops marching. Nothing about the actual people. The fact that Iran is a massive country. Nothing.

  10. i enjoyed and loved the whole series. In the last episode the guy who cooked the whole meat is good. The people in iran are good and friendly. Miss u Mr.Taster. Love from India.💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  11. Ting holding that giant watermelon 🍉 was the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while☺️☺️☺️☺️
    Love u guys keep the vids coming I’ve bingewatched all of them and I need more!!!

  12. Irani Bloachistan looks the same as Pakistani Bloachistan but possibly more developed.
    good to show us this part of the world that not many vloggers have gone

  13. Please feature more about Iranian dishes. They really look very delicious. And the host family is very kind and sweet to their guests. Lovely people

  14. Trevor James I am eternally grateful for the content you put on YouTube. I get stressed and panicked really easily and your videos help calm me down.

  15. I guess Trevor got his recognition from India and him getting Pakistani stamp in his passport is gonna end his future visit to India.Feel free to roam in Middle east.

  16. Hi
    I m ur big fan and i wrote a poem for u…
    Hey food traveller, hey food traveller..
    …… (i am working on it)……..
    …. Will tell u when its complete…
    Ur big fan from india
    JD the Boss….. Realy foodie of delhi….

  17. Omg this part of Iran looks completely like Pakistan from the people, the place (Baluchistan in Pakistan) to the food and culture. Can’t see any difference!

  18. Salam Trevor Can you translate your videos into Arabic language because it is very enjoyable, especially the videos of Iran because they show the beauty of Iran and their delicious food. I love Iranian goverment and Iranian people

  19. Hi Trevor, love your food review. I just smile away how you can make us feel like we just stand next to your vlogging. I hope this year 2020 Shillong will be added in ur bucket list.

  20. Absolutely wonderful series. This covered so much, but you know what? I want to see more from you! There isn't as much professional coverage of authentic Persian cuisine, and these videos are super inspiring and insightful. Thank you for such amazing content, and I hope to see more in the future from Iran!


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