Most Mexican in Mexico

Most Mexican in Mexico

[conversation in background] [Susan] You guys,
I am so jealous. [Susan] You two are flying
to Mexico tomorrow. [Susan] I mean, Jack and I have
just been dying to go back. [Jack] We had such a great time
when we were there in October.
[Susan] Oh yeah. [Julie] Susan, you
guys travel so well. [Julie] You’re just
always so in the know. [Julie] You have to tell
us what your tips are. [George] But food
tips first, please. [George] We have a
Frommer’s guide. [Susan] George, Julie, I’m
telling you right now. [Susan] Throw that book
in the trash can. [Susan] There is only one place
you need to go [Susan] for really good,
authentic Mexican cuisine. [Susan] And that is a place
called Senor Frogs. [Jack] Oh my God
yes, Senor Frogs. [Julie] What’s Senor Frogs? [Jack] I can taste the salsa
right now. [Susan] Oh my God. It’s this
tiny, hole-in-the-wall [Susan] Mexican joint. The name
means Mister Frogs. [Susan] And I’m telling you
it’s the real deal. [Jack] Chips, guacamole, salsa.
[Julie] Oh my God, the salsa. [Susan] But don’t ask them for
the recipe because [Susan] they’ll never
give it to you. [Jack] No, we tried. We tried.
It was like we go in the kitchen [Jack] It’s like get out of the
kitchen senor. [Susan and Jack laugh] Adios. [George] That’s good bye.
[Julie] It really is though. [Susan] It’s all the salsa
you can eat. [George] All you can eat?
[Julie] Yes. [George] Sign me up.
[Julie] Aw George, you fag. [Jack] It’s the chips and salsa.
You gotta get it. [Jack] It’s spelled
chips y salsa however. [Jack] on the menu.
So keep an eye out for that. [Julie] How did you find
somewhere so authentic? [Susan] Oh my God, we totally
lucked out. [Susan] Jack and I were just
walking along this [Susan] secluded beach called
Sandal’s Resort. [Jack] Um hmm.
[Susan] Suddenly I’m starving. [Jack] Starving.
[Susan] Don’t interrupt please. [Susan] I’m starving, I’m like
I wanted us [Susan] to find a little pueblo
with some authentic [Susan] honest to goodness
Mexican food. [Susan] And like an oasis I
look up [Susan] And I see Senor Frogs.
And I’m like [Susan] why not, right?
[George] And the locals just [George] welcomed you.
[Jack] It might as well [Jack] have been Cheers,
where everyone knows your name. [Jack] That’s a towny bar
in Boston. [Jack] The locals were so
welcoming. [Jack] And I guess there’s
a huge, kind of [Jack] white looking population
in that part of Mexico. [Jack] And no ones over the
age of 22. And it is just [Jack] so authentic.
[Susan] So authentic. [Julie] My stomach is growling
just thinking about it. [Julie] Guacamole. Margarita.
[Jack] Yeah. [Susan] Maybe they have drinks
but you don’t go there [Susan] for the drinks. You go
there for the food. [Susan] And the culture.
[Jack] Oh my gosh, yes. [Jack] Oh and the art work.
There’s all these different [Jack] representations of this
Mr. Frog character. [Jack] I don’t know if it’s
native Mayan or Aztec or… [Susan] Something.
[Jack] Whatever but the Mexicans [Jack] definitely worship them
and it’s definitely authentic. [Julie] I love stuff like that.
Love, love, love, love, love [Julie] love.
You know we’re not touristy [Julie] types. We like real
stuff. You know we walk by in the middle of the night
and I’m just like [Julie] spit on it. [Susan]
Yes, yes, we’re not either. [Susan] But I was like if we’re
going to a different [Susan] country, then we’re
gonna play by their rules. [George] Me too.
[Susan] I just wasn’t expecting [Susan] the rules to be so
tasty. [they all laugh] [Jack] Salsa please. [Susan] Jack ate the salsa with
a spoon. [Jack] you know, I did.
[Julie] Why? [Susan] It’s hard not to though.
You have one bite of it [Susan] and it’s like boom. I’m
a Mexican now. [Jack} Ole.
[George] Are you really Mexican? [Susan] No. I’m half frog and
half Pacific Islander. [Julie] So cool. [George] You look
really white, so [Jack] It’s a sad movie until… [Jack] the pool boy shows up.
[Man] Do you remember
the director? [Jack] No, but it’s funny
you actually see him. [Jack] Like he actually pops
in a frame a few times. Hello, Hollywood lingo man.
[Jack] I get Entertainment
weekly. [Jack] Hi, if you like
the video you just saw [Jack] please click
and subscribe to our videos from
Above Average. [Susan] And we will
formally kiss for you. [Jack] All right. Is this your
first foray into four way? [both] No.

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  1. Senor Frog's!  Hilarious!  If you're unfamiliar with the actual Senor Frogs tourist-trap chain, look it up and this video will be that much funnier!

  2. I'm not saying that every video on this channel is great, but I still can't understand why the channel has so few subscribers. Especially considering the amount of videos on here.

  3. hahahaha so funny, as a latino i see people like this…AAAALLLLL THE TIME!!!…awesome to see them made fun of haha and if i ever hear another white person say "una cerbesa, por favor"….i will kill you.. 

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