Mexico’s Unbelievable Library: Biblioteca Vasconcelos in Mexico City

Mexico’s Unbelievable Library: Biblioteca Vasconcelos in Mexico City

♫ ♫ ♫ [DAN] Hello, friends! I’m here in Mexico City at the library… …the Vasconcelos library. How’s my Spanish? Did I get it? And guys, you’re probably wondering why I’m standing outside such an average looking building. But you know what they say: “Beauty is on the inside”. So I’ve never been here before, but I saw some pictures of this library, and that’s all I had to see to know I had to check it out. If you don’t know what’s coming next, you’re in for a treat. So guys, when I first came in, the security didn’t want me filming, uh… I had to talk to the library staff and explain about my channel, and thankfully, they did let me make this video. They gave me a visitor’s pass, but they said “no talking”. So I just stepped out to the balcony for a moment to tell you this. That’s why I’m not talking in this video. And it makes total sense, you know. Everyone here is studying. It’s a quiet place. They don’t want a goofball like me talking to my camera. But, yeah. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I am enjoying making it, because I have never seen a place like this. This is incredible. ♫ ♫ ♫ And after all that, come to the top floor, go to the balcony, and you get a beautiful view of the city. You’ve really outdone yourselves with this library, Mexico City. It is… It is something special. As always, guys, I’m Dan, from The New Travel. See you next time! ♫ ♫ ♫

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  2. I have a recommendation for you that you like nature, you must go to the desert of the lions is right here in Mexico City and it is amazing and great you will not regret it.

    Ex Convento Desierto de los Leones
    Carretera México-Toluca s/n, Cuajimalpa de Morelos, 05020 Ciudad de México, CDMX
    01 55 5814 1172

  3. Hey Dan, you must visit some nature places in this city, such as Desierto de los Leones (in that place you can visit a beautiful monastery in the middle of the forest), Ajusco (the most high place in Mexico City (12,894 ft), Cerro de la Estrella (in that place we have an aztec pyramid on the top with an impressive view of my city). There are some examples…

  4. Come to Puebla!
    You can visit some places like "Ciudad Universitaria"; "El paseo de gigantes"; "Parque ecológico"; "Los Fuertes de Loreto" or you could take a ride on "La estrella de Puebla" alsoooo you could visit Cholula 👌🏻👌🏻
    We'd love to have you here

  5. I know this is kinda weird, but seriusly, you should go to a concert in Mexico (small or big one) because the public here is very different to another contries, for real. I think it can show something about our energy, because the public here is always…. well, I can't really explain it (a cheap and close one is Declan's Mckenna on El Plaza Condesa) And yeah, again, it's kinda weird and probably crazy, I know
    Amazing video, by the way I love that library

  6. One of the most beautiful libraries in Mexico, just as data; Behind the library there is a ' tianguis ' called ' El Chopo ' is urban, there are rock bands playing live, music, politics, clothes, and other intetesantes things you can find there. The atmosphere probably frightens you or is a little weird but it is worth knowing, Dan! Another excellent and GREAT video! Take care of yourself and Naria! Best regards!! 🌞🎆🎶🙌🎊🌈🌟🌎⛅❤🎉🎈👐

  7. Amigo me rifa que te guste México! me ofrezco para darte un tour por Tepotzotlán, está a 30 minutos de la ciudad de México. Es tiempo de que le entres a los pueblos mágicos!!!

  8. This is what Trump and Hollywood are trying to avoid people around the world knowing about the real Mexico. Hahahaha this place looks legit..

  9. Hubieras grabado un poco de los jardines de la biblioteca y sus bellas terrazas. La biblioteca tiene árboles frutales y gran cantidad de flores y veredas por las cuales puedes salir a caminar en el segundo piso.

  10. Dan, thank you so much for showing us a hidden jewel. That library is awesome!! Your mom must be very proud of you. ❤️❤️

  11. I Love that library. Ever since your Chapultepec video got viral and was shared by my aunt on my whatsApp family group, my mom asks me to play your vlogs to her. We love how you show our city to the world, so thank you for that. Great spanish by the way.

  12. i recomend you a cultural centre called: Centro Cultural Elena Garro. The street is Fernandez Leal 43 is on coyoacan is a book store but is amazing i hope you can go there.

  13. In the little street next to the library, on Saturdays you can find the famous El Chopo Music Market. And on Sundays a few kilometers away you will find one of the oldest flea markets Its called El mercado de la lagunilla, those places will thrill you.

  14. you lost the garden around the library: / …

    The bookcases are amazing, but could be good to show a closer view of the skeleton, and walk through the gardens

  15. Great video!!! One of my favorite places in the city. You should have visited the gardens, there is even a small artificial waterfall

  16. Go to nevado de Toluca is a hiking experience or Valle de Bravo or to watch mariposas monarca o luciérnagas o skydive Cuautla o a flytube en Morelos , todas son opciones cercanas a la ciudad

  17. Looks like at one point everything is going to start shifting and you are going to be transported to another dimension

  18. Visit the Palacio Postal, also in certain metro stations are some architectures or skeletons of animal that they discover while they were building those metro lines. Saludos de San Diego California.

  19. Mae. I'm from Mexico and I didn't know about this place!! Fuck men, this place is beautiful! Thanks, buddy because you are showing the real Mexico!

  20. Wow what an impressive biblioteca! So quiet and beautiful too! I appreciate that you left the sounds of the library speak for themselves 🙂

  21. you can tolk but you must speak quietly, I love that place, my frends and me go there
    se dice, (yo) estoy aqui 🙂
    I like your videos
    I'm learning english

  22. It is time to move a little bit further. Come to Querétaro and I can show you another beautiful city ❤

  23. I've seen other videos and they were allowed to talk during the video or they just didn't ask permission. They ask you to remain un silence but they use noisy cart to get the books back to their place. They should change the weels of their carts, use big robber weel instead of those small plastic weels. Every single gap on the floor sounds terrible. I love this library, it is huge, impressive.

  24. Hey Dan!, You're doing an amazing work showing nice places all over Mexico City, congratulations!, I recommend you to visit "El Nido", it's kinda birds sanctuary, located in Ixtapaluca, State of Mexico, around 1 hour from Mexico City. You will never regret. It has hundreds of birds from around the world, in a little jungle between buildings. Nice vibes!

  25. Great stuff dude! I saw that we're getting a lot of recommendations from this video and wanted to thank you! I wish there were more places that are quiet and calm like this. There's way too much noise and lights everywhere. Keep up the great work! Peace!

  26. ¡En esa biblioteca si me encantaría estudiar! En mi campus los libros son escasos, siendo que soy de la facultad de lenguas y letras :c Se hace lo que se puede con lo que se tiene… ¡¡Qué increíble biblioteca!!

  27. Quite a "bare" building.. I don't know if you can call it like this. Dan, didn't you find strange that in Mexican libraries you can't speak nor drink coffee inside? I visited some libraries in Toronto and I was surprised you can bring your coffee while you're consulting the books, I guess in Mexico we might do a mess if it was allowed 🙄

  28. Hi Dan: I love ( and are grateful for) your videos and how you portray other faces of Mexico often not showed in the mass media.
    I guide Walking tours in Puerto Vallarta, drop me a line and I´ll take you on a complimentary tour. I´d be thrilled to share with you our food and traditions.
    [email protected]m

  29. Another tip, the static electricity surprises you with a little shocks every now and then while walking looking for a book.

  30. Im a Mexican i love read & i never been there but for sure its in my list to visit .
    Thanks Dan for sharing all those beautiful places in Mexico .
    maybe after watching these videos people change their perpective about mexico.
    Its so much Art , history , incredible tourist destinations,
    Good people & of course one of the best foods of the worl .

  31. Esta genial pero igual y se escucha infinidad de ruido parecen puercos cuando están arrastrando sus trastes por comida jajaja deberían usar un mecanismo de transporte de libros tiene ruido de fábrica eso es feo hay bibliotecas muy de verdad silenciosas yo no veo por que no te dejaron describir tus sentimientos por estar alli

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