Mexican Beef for Tacos Burritos Nachos ~ Mexican Ground Beef Recipe

Mexican Beef for Tacos Burritos Nachos ~ Mexican Ground Beef Recipe

Hi everyone I’m Tess and welcome to my
cooking channel. Today i’m making some Mexican beef to use in tacos and
burritos and nachos. Stay tuned! In a pan on medium heat I’m
adding in a little olive oil and the onions. Cooking for about two to three
minutes until they’re translucent and then I’m adding in my ground beef. I’m
using an 85/15 blend so I don’t have much fat. Cooking and chopping until the
beef is no longer pink. You will be able to find this recipe and the list of
ingredients in the show more section below. If you click on the words “show
more” it will open and reveal this recipe, links where you can purchase some of the
items that I use and much much more. If you have a chance please check it out.
Now for the spices. I’m adding in some minced garlic, salt, black pepper, oregano,
paprika, cumin, chili powder and some onion powder. Giving that a good stir for
about a minute to get all those spices blended with the beef. It is smelling
really good! Next, I’m adding in some water and tomato
sauce. Giving that a stir… bringing up to a simmer and cooking for
about 10 minutes or until the liquid is reduced. And that’s it! Cool and store
in a lidded container in the refrigerator and, this Mexican meat mixture really
freezes well. It’s so nice when you want a quick meal to have the meat ready and
you can throw together some tacos or burritos or nachos. I hope you give this
easy Mexican beef recipe a try and thanks so much for watching. If you like this video recipe please hit
the like and subscribe button. Remember to hit the bell next to the subscribe to
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friends and family. And until next time… Much Love!

19 Replies to “Mexican Beef for Tacos Burritos Nachos ~ Mexican Ground Beef Recipe

  1. All good maybe trying it this weekend. Only thing I whined at was when the metal spoon entered in frame. I got the same pan.

  2. Mmm Mexican food is so good, I love Mexican flavours especially in burritos, nachos and tacos. Love how you seasoned the beef Tess thanks for sharing hun ❤️

  3. A really simple and delicious recipe excellent for tacos. I'm a new Subscriber to your channel recommend by Ray Macks kitchen and Grillin . From Trinidad and Tobago.

  4. Whenever I make "Taco Meat" i double, or triple the recipe to freeze portions for Later…for nights when I don't know what to cook, and people are hungry….Thumbs Up for your recipe.

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