¿Mejor comida thai en Chiang Mai?

¿Mejor comida thai en Chiang Mai?

Good morning, y’all! Today I’m gonna show my favorite dishes to eat in Chiang Mai Be careful tho You’ll get hungry if you have eaten Let me finished the coffee and let’s go! So we are about to eat my favorite meal the infamous Khao Soi Joined by some good friends It’s yellow curry with coconut milk with chicken legs and noodles Kraig haven’t eaten this one before Pierre and I did already I want to see Kraig’s reaction lol He’s sweating haha As I said, I love Khao Soi So goood But now, let’s check meals in another place I’m in the basement floor of Maya Mall there’s like a small market area with good prices and food options Check it out This is Papaya Salad It’s spicy but delicious Good, but really spicy lol Now, it’s dinner time… I’m in a very famous spot all because of my friend Daniel This is the lady of the cowboy hat that was seen in Anthony Bourdaine show And I love eating so here we are! It’s a simple recipe: only three ingredients Pork on top, rice and one egg But the sauce is so good Almost like mexican sauces Thai and mexican are so alike And there’s some chilis on the table and garlics that add up so well So good Second round? Of course! By the way, it’s crowded today! There you have it, Thai food is delicious This market are open most of daytime Really, food in Chiang Mai rocks Hope you liked the video I’m so full, will pass out for sure I’d totally recommend all the place I showed you! See ya!

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  1. Hola Sergio! Yo llego a Chiang Mai en unos días, así q muchas gracias por los consejos! Y ojalá te vea por allí y así puedo saludarte!

  2. Hola Sergio! El Khao Soi donde lo comiste? Deberias hacer un video sobre recomendaciones para el Yi Peng Festival!

  3. He puesto en la descripción, los lugares pero acá los dejo por si llegan a ir:
    Khao Soi en Khao Soi Mae Sai – 00:28
    Papaya Salad en Maya Mall – 01:17
    Khao Kha Moo en Chang Phuak Gate Night Market – 01:54

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