Meat Free Meals | Indian Style Chip Butty, Aubergine Lasagne, Tomato Curry, Cauliflower Cheese Pizza

Meat Free Meals | Indian Style Chip Butty, Aubergine Lasagne, Tomato Curry, Cauliflower Cheese Pizza

Hey guys, hope you’re well. So I’m on the set of my new cookery show and I really hope you’re going to love this one. It’s got some
banging recipes and I’m gonna share with you just a few to get you going. Enjoy. We need to eat more veg and we need to start now. So whether you’re a full blown veggie or
just wanting to start eating less meat, I’ve got some easy and delicious recipes
for you. An Indian inspired Chip Butty. Crispy, spiced, sweet potato and potato
with an amazing mint yogurt. An incredible – Pomegranate Mango Chutney inspired by our trip and then crispy bits with Bombay mix. It is going to be
amazing. You interested? Let’s do this. It’s almost like a bubble n’ squeak that’s gone via deli. It’s completely bonkers, but I love it. A mango chutney, right but we’re gonna do it inspired by that Street food. The colour is insane. Let’s build this. Right, only one thing to do. Mmm… Come on. This makes me so happy, it’s all the flavors that I love. You’ve got spice, texture, crunch, softness. I dare you to have a go at that. This is my easy-peasy scruffy Aubergine
Lasagna. I know you love lasagna and this one’s gonna be a little bit different. The smell is amazing. As I push this around there’s sticky bits on the bottom, that are like the concentrate. See that on the end of the spoon? It looks like rubbish
it looks like a mess, but that is deep deep delicious flavour. All that caramelization
on the bottom will come off and flavour that sauce and now we can go in with
Parmesan and Cheddar. So I’m gonna use fresh lasagna sheets and all I’m gonna
do is literally tear them up and I’m not going to layer it up, I’m not going to
get it up tight and sort of do an architectural thing. I said it was
scruffy, right and it’s gonna be scruffy. Come on! Look at that. Oh my Lord.
Glass of wine, bit of salad, nice company, happy days. I’ve got a curry for you
that’s gonna blow your mind it’s so beautiful, colourful, quick, tasty. It’s going to surprise people. This my friends is a Tomato Curry. If you look in the water,
can you see how the skin is just shrinking back? Just squeeze it and out it
comes absolutely perfect. We’re not gonna put a big hunk of meat in here, right. So we need the veggies to have bigger textures, you know. The vegetables are the hero so let’s treat them as such. Ready to serve up. Look at that. Every time you think you’ve tasted it all it keeps on giving flavour. You have to have
a go at this, because what you can get from a handful of humble vegetables is
phenomenal. Homemade Deep Pan Cauliflower Cheese
Pizza. It’s two of the best things in my life- cauliflower cheese from Sunday Roast and homemade pizza. I really like the leaves in this dish. Florets, finely sliced stalks, everything. Cauliflower is going to immediately flavour the white sauce. You can go thin crust or you can cook it in a big round non-stick pan. Go thick crust deep pan. Get our cauliflower cheese, let this prove again for the second time until it’s doubled in size. You ready? Come on – I’m not sure if I want
to sleep on it or eat it. Look at that! It’s just brilliant.
Mmm oh my Lord it’s cheesy, it’s oozey, on a really fluffy crispy pizza. Welcome to
the wonderful world of Cauliflower Cheese Deep Pan Pizza.

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  1. Hello Jamie Oliver your super! Thanks you for the recipes everywhere I look and repeat ⭐🌟✨ 💗💗💗👍👍👍🙂🙂🙂🍓🍒🍎🍉🍑🍊🍍🍌🍋🍈🍏🍐🥝🍇🍆🥑🥒🌽🍠🥕🌶️🌟✨⭐

  2. When is buddy gonna do his next video he has amazing skill and very good in front of the camera and hope next time he is in his little chef jacket looks amazing on him

  3. This is what you call invention cause what the did the people of early age do.. they only had meat but by making vegetarian food it's literally an invention how a meal can be prepared without even killing anyone. I loved this video.
    Thankyou Chef

  4. Jamie please travel to India along with Russell brand, find out all about yogic food etc
    This might open up new opportunities for both of you, next book yoga and yogic diet …
    you really don’t have to lose anything here .

    God bless 😉

  5. OMG! Jamie… you had my at chip butty via India but the deep pan pizza slayed me. I already know it's good and you can make the pizza vegan, Bob's your uncle mate. Cheers .

  6. These foods are high in carbs, very bad for diabetics like myself. I am managing my diabetes without medication by avoiding carbohydrates. Jamie has put a lot of weight on and looks like he is becoming insulin resistant. It wouldn't surprise me if he becomes diabetic. LCHF diets out perform HCLF diets every single time.

  7. Why is this idiot still given airtime?
    He puts hundreds of young people out of work due to his total lack of business skills.
    A disgraceful person – just a total twat.

  8. Buying the book 😊 definitely… trying to eat veggie at least 4x a week…and with 5 boys 15 and under not done easily! This will give lots of inspo…kids will love the pizza and burger recipe 👌

  9. We recently made the indian butty. We COULD NOT get it crisp. Did you fry it? In the recipe it had no oil or butter. It was still mushy. What did we do wrong?

  10. I'm curious about this Veg book, seems to have a lot of recipes I would like. It also seems easy to cook that deep dish pizza in a skillet, I'd like to try that one.

  11. Probably gonna get down voted for this, but this is pretty unhealthy stuff. It's all carbs, cheese, veggies. A person would not get full eating this because of the missing protein. Too bad none of them had any beans or legumes. That would have improved all of them to a genuine vegetarian meal. These recipes probably taste great but most people would over eat trying to get their adequate protein.

  12. Great vid… but eat less carbs, not less meat! I love veg and veg dishes, thanks for making them exciting and different… 🙂

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