Meal Prep – Indian Lamb & Cauliflower Rice Recipe

Meal Prep – Indian Lamb & Cauliflower Rice Recipe

what’s going on guys and welcome back to
the fit men cook kitchen for today’s meal prep recipe we are whipping up
something that is Indian inspired we’ve got a low-carb lamb and rice dish
now Indian cuisine tends to be very spicy and very robust in flavor but this
particular recipe today is streamlined to make it much more accessible and
relatable to meal prep and to our global audience also today we are cooking with
lamb now lamb does not get as much love as beef and chicken at least here in the
States but it is a great protein source for your meal prep but also for those
following a lower carb diet because it tends to be a little bit higher in fat a
lot of the properties in lamb have been known to help out to boost your your
immunity but also to help out with the nervous system function and it is packed
with a whole bunch of healthy fats such as omega-3 fatty acids and clas which
you may have seen in your health food store it stands for conjugated linoleic
acid can’t believe that I got that right the first time and it’s very similar to
the omega-6 fatty acids and that it helps to basically turn your body into a
fat-burning machine by helping to manipulate your metabolic rate but
besides the fat burning it also has been known to help to regulate your
cholesterol levels so consider trying out lamb in your own diet now for this
recipe I’ll be using some lamb stew meat which tends to be pretty lean but if you
can’t find that no worries what you can do is just get some lamb sirloin and
trim off the fat since lamb has less marbling than beef
and it’s much easier to trim away the layer of fat that’s around the lamb so
you can better determine how much fat you’re going to be putting into your own
diet alright guys if you are ready to roll up your sleeves for this tasty
spicy meal prep then let’s get started first spray a nonstick skillet with a
little olive oil and tossed in lean lamb stew meat sear and completely cook the
lamb about 8 to 10 minutes remove the lamb from the skillet then add a splash
of olive oil garlic and chopped onions caramelize the onions with the garlic
for about 3 to 5 minutes then at dawn masala blend cumin and
turmeric bloom the spices in the skillet until it’s fragrant about 2 minutes then
add in cauliflower pearls or rice carefully mix in the spices then pour in
some low-sodium chicken broth and tomato paste
mix everything together then add a pinch of sea salt and pepper then cover and
cook for 6 to 8 minutes remove the spirit from the heat and
immediately stir in the cook lamb let the flavors melt together then garnish
the freshness for your meal prep enjoy each meal with Greek or plain yogurt and
spice and red pepper to taste alright guys that is it for today’s video I hope
that y’all enjoyed it if you appreciate videos like this and if you want more
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to comment below any suggestions and tips that you have for this recipe
especially if you are really versed and comfortable with Indian cuisine we all
want to pick your brain to make our own diet that much better also you can get
this recipe from fitmin cook calm and on a monthly basis I am adding all new
recipes to the fit and cook app for iPhone and Android so you can share it
you can manipulate the portion sizes and make it much easier to meal prep and
organize your own diet alright guys thank you all for watching until next
time I want try to keep it healthy but what
of course never ever boring Oh bye guys

38 Replies to “Meal Prep – Indian Lamb & Cauliflower Rice Recipe

  1. So like , i grew up in an indian household… you pretty much just made a low carb breyani … only thing missing is some halved boiled eggs and some crispy potatoes

  2. 'Spicy' means adding more spices or the heat factor? I really didn't see anything that's spicy! Where's the chilly man?

  3. Loved this! You always have such great ideas and I can’t believe this can also be a Keto meal! Thank you!!! 😍

  4. I would personally cook lamb in a pressure cooker with all the spices and leave the fat but not add any cooking oil. Once the lamb fat is just separated I would add onions, garlic and ginger paste and let them cook with the lamb once it's raw nature is gone, I would add all the spices you mentioned along with tomato paste or fresh cut tomatoes while they cook and discoloration had occurred I would add low fat Greek yogurt and cook it under pressure for 3 – 4 whistles once done garnish it with coriander and have a side of brown rice with yoghurt mint blend sauce / chutney.

  5. love the video tho the music in the background is very distracting and makes it hard to hear what you're saying

  6. A little too low in carbs for my athletic needs. Also, couldn't care less about fat loss. Why is everything about fat loss these days anyway? Looks delish, though, so how can you add some muscle fuel/energy to this?

  7. Lovely, Just subscribed. Please can you do more indian style that are healthy. Also are the meal prep recipes freezable?

  8. Absolutely brilliant idea and love the recipe. I’m using goat meat instead of lamb and it’s brilliant for meal prep for the week

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