Meal Prep for the Week | Zero Waste Breakfast | Lunch + Snacks

Meal Prep for the Week | Zero Waste Breakfast | Lunch + Snacks

hey guys and welcome back to another meal prep video the one they put up I think last week or three before was so popular so I thought I'd put up a another one and this week is gonna be a little bit lazier because I'm a lazy vegan and I honestly don't have the time to be spending hours and hours and hours making you know food for the week as I'm sure you don't either so this week is gonna be a really simple really easy meal prep and I hope you like it so let's just get straight into it if you like this video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more and leave me all your comments in the section below so if your breakfast I'm going to go for something that's similar to what I did last time it's like an overnight oats ball but I'm gonna try and make it a bit more autumn inspired in something that's a bit you know more hearty than before so this week I'm going to be using oat milk which I'll put down below a whole bunch of apples that I got in my odd box which I need to be using then it's obviously just some oats some nuts and seeds to go on the top and then maybe some maple syrup it depends you know if you want to use it sometimes I like to have just a bit of it now the first thing I'm going to do is I'm actually gonna make stewed apples stewed apples is just such a nice way to use up lots of apples if you don't really know what to do with them and to prevent food waste from allowing them to go off and having to compost them instead so what I'm gonna do is I'm just going to chop these up into quarters or just half it depends if you want to keep the skin on or not I think it's a bit of a waste to peel them so I just keep the skin on and then I'm just going to put it into a really big sort of deep saucepan and then when I fill it up with water I just kind of fill it up until the apples are covered you don't really need to fill it up much more than that and then all you do is turn it on and you just wait once they start to boil down they start to reduce that's when I want to put in some cinnamon now all of these measurements are just by eye it's all of how much you think that you can eat in a week so I love cinnamon so I'm gonna just sprinkle on probably too much so just be careful and think about how much you want you might just want one teaspoon you might want just one tablespoon it all depends on your tastes once you've mixed that in and everything has boiled down you just set it to the side and leave it to cool now to actually make my breakfast what I do is I have a Tiffin set which is a lunch box so I use these little silver stainless steel bowls and now I use them for my breakfast my lunch and my snacks so to make my breakfast I'm just gonna put one cup or just under a cup of oats into my tin then I'm gonna fill it up with oat milk the recipe for that is down below if you want to see but it's much cheaper and much more sustainable than almond milk which is why I'm now using it because I am – I just fill out the milk until it sort of covered and then I give it a nice mix once this is done then I just put a couple of tablespoons of the apples on top i obviously it's better to wait till it's cool because you don't want it to be warm in your in your tin and then once that's done I'm just gonna sprinkle over the top sort of any nuts and seeds that I've been able to buy that are zero waste or anything that is cheap which is what we love and then I am done when you start to eat it obviously I like to mix it in and if you don't like overnight oats you can always warm it up but I personally love cold overnight oats and this is just a really simple a really quick and a really cheap way to eat your food and then I'm just going to put a bit of maple syrup over the top because it's better to put it on top Rudman in the mixture because you can taste it a lot more okay now moving on to lunch this is something that is so delicious and yet so simple and so easy to make last week I was able to buy Boca couscous in a zero-waste form from a place called the store cupboard put their Instagram here and down below I really would love you guys to go and support them and just give them a follow because they are nonprofit zero waste pop-up so they're trying to you know help help the web and doing it just cuz I want to so go give them hello so I was able to buy chriskiss which is wonderful and then I got lots of vegetables in my odd box so I'm just going to be using whatever vegetables came in my box which are local and seasonal and unpackaged so this week we have these weird like parsnip roots or parsley root I think sort of like parsnips but they are so delicious so I'm just gonna be using those a carrot some onions and some peppers so all I'm gonna be doing with those as I'm just gonna be chopping them up and roasting them now because I do like quite plain food I'm gonna add a little bit of oil to this to give it a bit more flavor and once I have added the oil I've mixed it all into the vegetables and I'm just gonna put that in the oven it all depends on how big you like the sizes of your vegetable jokes so if you want them tiny chopped them up tiny if you want them large chopped them up large it's completely up to you so once I have put it in the oven I'm just going to leave them for a good twenty five minutes to to really cook and just make sure whilst they're cooking that you go in and you like turn them so they don't get unevenly cooked now it's time to make our couscous so I'm going to use two cups of couscous because I know that that's how much I can eat over five lunch times at work please remindful of how much food you can actually eat because it's important that we know our own kind of eating habits so we don't waste food unnecessarily so I'm going to be putting two cups into a bowl and I'm gonna put some vegetable stock in with it just to give her that extra flavor and once I've mixed that in now I'm gonna put the hot water in I'm just gonna put the hot water until it kind of just and a little bit extra covers for couscous and then I'm going to put a plate over the top and leave it for ten minutes that's why this is such a great go-to speak because it's so lazy so easy and so simple when your couscous is done I'm just going to be putting in my tin again some raw kale and I'm gonna put some of the cooked couscous in there while it's still a bit warm so that the raw kale does sort of suffered a little bit again because that's easier than having to cook it once you've put the couscous and the kale in and mix it all around I love to put just a little bit of lemon you can either squeeze some lemon on or you can put some lemon slices in just like I have now when your vegetables are cooked because these two things are going to go together I'm gonna put the vegetables in a separate tin so that you can mix them as you please with the vegetables I'm just gonna put in as much as I think that I can eat for one of the meals and then I'm gonna top it with a little bit of tahini I love to hear me and I feel like it makes any dish just a little bit more interesting and I'm even gonna put some sesame seeds on top because I love the novelty that I was able to buy these zero waste if people are wondering the shops that I used to buy food zero waste in London are the store cupboard which is a pop up at Crystal Palace food market on a Saturday I also use bulk Market in Dalston but that's a bit far away and a bit more expensive so I don't tend to go there too often and then also hold food on High Street Kensington but my friend is opening a zero-waste shop in Clapham soon called Hetty underscored UK go and check out her Instagram if you're interested and you live in the south and who really would like somewhere that's actually closer to you I'll put all the links down below so that you can you can also go and check them up if you're interested in buying unpackaged food so now that my lunch is done and my breakfast is done it's time to move on to the laziest snacks you could possibly ever imagine last week I just make some bliss balls and while that is great I didn't really have time today to make sure that I could go and make something like that so I just decided instead to have some fruit I'm gonna have some fruit one of the oranges that I got in my god box a pear and then I'm just gonna use some mixed nuts and dried fruit that I was able to get I'm not claiming this to be the healthiest meal in the world but it's pretty healthy compared to you know what I would eat if I hadn't have prepared all my meals now the best thing about this is that I can stack all of these tins up into one manageable and transportable little device also the this Tiffin I got was 15 pounds for all of these things whereas online they could be quite expensive so I got mine from an Indian restaurant down in Lewis and East Sussex so really shop around if you are interested in getting stainless steel stuff if you don't have any yourself obviously for the rest of the food is going to be put in bigger containers and put in the fridge and then every day I'm just going to put it into these little containers and then go and because it's so simple the recipes it's so easy and quick just to put together and take away even the overnight oats you can do the night before so that's just ready to go from the fridge anyway I love to Babylon when I do this videos so I'm gonna leave it there please leave me your comments down below and let me know if you do like these meal prep videos because I'll try and make one at least once a week or every other week as always if you liked it please give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more and I'll see you guys in the next video as always let me know what videos you'd love to see and I'll see you next time bye

20 Replies to “Meal Prep for the Week | Zero Waste Breakfast | Lunch + Snacks

  1. I used to eat overnight oats not cooked but I prefer to eat cooked oats so I cook mines, let it cool off, and pop it in the fridge. Gonna try cooking apples. Thanks!!

  2. Hi! Great video. Do you make all these meals at the beginning of the week and then store in the stainless steel for each day?

  3. For those of you who enjoy your apples peeled, the scraps can be turned into apple cider vinegar so nothing is wasted

  4. These are so cute and simple personally I would want bigger bowls๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜I need much more food than that

  5. I read this as โ€œmeal prep for the weakโ€ and I was like โ€œyes I am weak pls teach meโ€ ๐Ÿ˜‚

  6. Can you make a vegan curry recipe please? Unless you have already made one I would love the link for the video. Vegetable curry would be something I would miss but I am training myself on zero waste, but would love to make it for myself without buying a tin version. Many thanks for your videos.

  7. Curious about the tippan. Do you take this with you for the day? So not planning to warm any of this before eating? And do you put this in a cooler when out or not concerned as it is all vegan and will be fine for the day? Thanks, looks yummy!

  8. I'm not sure if you eat jam or jelly but if you're making stewed apple you can use the skins and cores to make Apple Scrap Jelly.

  9. If the apples are getting older you can also make them into apple cider vinegar. It's a great way to reduce the waste from transporting and producing the ACV because even if you are zero waste, there's a lot of waste involved in transporting and producing.

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