like and subscribe for more mukbang asmr videos! Ronald Mcdonald has blessed us thank you for this gift Ron but I do not need your napkins RON we have a feast they made the fries good this time!!! my mcdonalds usually messes up the fries THANKS RON a pile of potato and a pile of meat what a treat! double quarter pounder with cheese burger Triple cheese burger with mcdonalds cheap patties bbq fried chicken sandwich this triple cheeseburger looks sad that is how i feel about it if you can read sign language praise lord Cheezus Crust Cheezus has blessed Ron and us with his liquid gold cheddar cheese goodness and we will spice up his blessing with hot sauce and ketchup Ronald and Cheezus are a team for the ages oh Cheezus the flavor is delicous. On these fresh crispy fries I love it let us dip and partake of the godly gift oh my we are chosen my children to receive this great blessing sometimes Mcdonald’s can be a bit dry NOT TODAY and Ron yes I love your new thick burgers they taste so much better than your thin sad joke burgers that shouldn’t count as food This double cheese burger is the first thing I’ve ever been ok with at Mcdonald’s let us be honest it is not amazing alone though with the cheese it is delicious Thank Ron for his meatty vehicle for heavenly cheese I have high hopes for this chicken Mcdonald’s has stepped up their chicken game in the past year the chicken is actually crispy and the sweet sauce contrasted nicely by the raw white onion on the sandwich Thank you Ron you are doing your best and I appreciate your efforts praise Cheezus for taking you to the next level if you find yourself at Ron’s restaurant please try the chicken and smother it in cheddar sauce now we are onto the triple cheeseburger weirdly much smaller than the double quarter pounder it is such a sad tiny burger with barely melted cheese hmm even with cheese sauce it tastes dry it doesn’t even taste or feel like beef this is a styrofoam burger shame on you Ron at least the fries are ok you should not be offering those sad burgers to anyone though they are a curse not a blessing and your bad meat has tainted the Cheesy fluid of Cheezus Crust Almighty


  1. dips cheeseburger in cheese takes one bite puts down cheeseburger eats fries pick back up cheeseburger still soaked in cheese re dips in cheese

  2. This guy is awesome he goes hard! Not like all those other pussy mukbangers with their little bites and little cheese dips.

  3. Its a very very very much, this video make me a remember mi infant i am eat and me lambs for all parts of my mouth kkk, you is..incrible! You have a brazilian like!

  4. Свинья. Это вообще не красиво. Как бв людт смотрят. Ага, да

  5. Idk if they have this in nyc but if u ever come to North Carolina try Dario's it's a diner it's so good and they have interesting ice cream flavors too one time I had blueberry 🥞 🍦 it was so good 😫

  6. Imagine just his doorbell rings

    Then he opens the door and his face be covered in cheese
    I would be like
    You got some for me

  7. Hello from Russia, I like your videos. 🤩🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍟🍟🍟🍟🍗🍗🍗🍗🍖🍖🍖🌭🌭🌭🌯🌯🌯🥙🥙🍕🍕🍕

  8. here in Brazil is the same with McDonald's, so I prefer burger king … the hamburger is giant in the announcement of two burgers and the two real life burgers is the same as the last one … 😒😒

  9. So what let him enjoy his self do his videos who cares about that u must care how about u go in make a messy video so they can post it now shut to mouth and mind yo Business and I don’t even know why are you watching him if you gonna be saying all that stuff

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