Hey folks it is Barry here welcome to my virgin
kitchen today we are making some cheesy mashed potato balls with bacon and chilli and chives
my friends. Absolutely shiver me timbers stonkingly good you are going to love them hit pause
on the video now if you want to have a go at making them. They are so so good if you
want to put your own twist on them as we will discuss any minute now.
Alright so todays random shoutout goes to Dan walsh who is one of about ten people in
the last week who have requested this recipe. Except the one that he found was bacon wrapped,
now when I tried to do bacon wrapped things in the past sometimes it works other times
it unravels like a crazy lizard type thing. So we put bacon inside the balls, inside the
balls. So the first thing you need to do is make
your mashed potato if you made some say yesterday and have some leftover that is perfect and
you can skip this step. But I had some potatoes added some milk, pepper and butter just mashed
it all together that is how I make my mash. So do it the way you make your mash, the main
thing is you want to make it nice and thick you do not want it too watery or it will not
bond together later on. So you know you can get those ready made mashed potatoes in the
fridge section of your supermarket do not use that because it will go everywhere, you
do not want that. Into the potato you can add whatever you like,
so I went for some chives, chilli for some spank and also some bacon which I chopped
up all nice and fine it was lovely and crispy earlier on push that into the bowl and mix
through until merged and looking all colourful and stuff.
It is important to make sure your potato is nice and cool at this stage as we are adding
the egg now which will hold it all together otherwise you will make a mashed potato omelette
which could be pretty cool. Anyhow add the egg in there get it all nice and combined.
What you can do is just put it in the fridge to help it firm up even more to make the moulding
easier. So here is the messy bit with some cheese
that is cut about an inch by an inch square get it and push into the mashed potato mixture
roll into a ball then stick into the breadcrumbs nice light crispy breadcrumbs you can use
standard ones if you like. Get it all nice and rolled around and keep refrigerated until
ready to fry. And when it comes to frying I really hate
the smell of frying my kitchen stinks right now but anyhow you wanna get the oil nice
and hot carefully lower the balls into the hot oil it will only take ten seconds for
it to fully colour so put it in there rest it on some kitchen towel then repeat those
steps until they are golden brown ball goodness right there.
I hope you agree they are looking stonking once halved all that cheese will come out
all gooey with all that chilli bacon flavour in there so so good serve up with some sour
cream and chive dip and dunk away until your heart is content exactly what I am going to
do now it is so good if you want to have a go at this recipe send me a picture on twitter
and Instagram @myvirginkitchen check out my last video if you have not seen it already
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My mind is telling me no! Bye!


  1. Must try this with facon – but one thing you said had me perplexed. Just what is "leftover" mashed potato? Whenever I do mash, or my family does, it is the first thing to go, no matter how much we make. It is the food of the gods.

  2. Hello Barry!! I'm currently obsessed with your channel and I definetly gonna try to cook most of the recipes you've done here 🙂 I was wondering if you could do a spanish omelette? It is so so typical here in Spain and it also tastes soooo good 🙂 I'll leave you the link of the recipe so you can check it out..

  3. When my Home-Ec class cooks and they fry things… The whole school smells awful.. I hate it 😂❤️

  4. Barry, These look delicious!, I was just wondering how spicy you would say these are? from 1 chilli ? as I am not the biggest fan of spicy foods but can handle around a medium / mild

  5. @Ali Sajid Imami The perfect potato cake recipe? Just pan fry and flatten the balls a bit. Feel free to add the gharam masala, mint and white cumin. 😉

  6. These look so yunmy! Am going to try a gluten free version (as my son is alergic) by replacing the crumbs to a gluten free alternative and try cooking them in an air fryer. Thank you for the inspiration!

  7. I wish I'd seen this about 2 hours ago and then I would be having this with my dinner instead of boring mash.  Having said that – I think i put too much potato in for the mash so there'll be some left over…standby for tomorrow's lunch!!!!

  8. If you only cook it for a few seconds to brown it, is that enough time for the egg in the mixture to be safe to eat? I don't want to serve this to kids and have them get sick.

  9. I like watching you on ashens but found this video as a share on facebook. I have added this to my watch later because I hace to do this.

  10. You know, these would be as delicious if your chop the bacon small as you did, but instead of cooking them, and adding them to the potato, add everything else, then roll the potato balls into the raw bacon pieces, then deep fry them.  It cuts out the crumbs, reducing the carbs a little, and would taste magic.  I am gonna try it and see how it turns out.  Thanks for such a great recipe. 🙂

  11. I need these to go with a full meal, for breakfast, served with slice of ham, and eggs…was awesome, family asking for more.  Now how to use for dinner?

  12. These fell apart on me at first. Realized oil was not hot enough and not enough Panko. I used turkey bacon and was not as happy with the results. Not enough of the flavor came through. Overall good recipe.

  13. I hope you washed your hands before treating the food after handling the dog lol.

    All jokes aside, looks delicious!

  14. I don't want videos please just want print out recipes look great but ——- and can't afford to buy book struggle to pay for ADSL

    ooohh this REALLY put me off now ..ugk!

  16. Instead of resting them on paper towels, rest them on a wire rack over a cookie sheet to prevent them from getting soggy on one end. Otherwise, enjoy!!!

  17. In your mashed potato ball, you place a square of cheese in the middle of the potato ball. Can you tell me what kind of cheese that was, please?

  18. These look so cheesy good and oh so yummo. What a great way to use up left over mash. Definitely going to have a crack at making these for the kiddies to munch

  19. Not entirely sure why, but these didn't work for me. My mash potato mix wouldn't stick together and I couldn't get them into ball shapes. The whole thing turned into a it of a disaster.

  20. Will definitely try these.  My mum does something like this. She is from the island of Dominica. she uses mashed potato, chives, parsley and salt fish.  Kind of like a fish cake but yummier.

  21. Hi, I have tried making these .. but when i put them in the oil to cook, i lose all the bread crumbs 🙁 what am i doing wrong 🙁

  22. Don't eat bacon , it's cancerous! Check this please :

  23. thanks for the recipe , just made these bad boys with spring onions ,chilli, garlic, lemon zest ,and bit of lemon juice as well as the tattys breadcrumbs and cheese,they went down a storm with the family (i would of liked bacon in, but my wife hates bacon because the sun will crash into mars or something , i just think its weird not liking bacon)  🙂

  24. a tip for when you are making any type of balls or burgers try using laitex gloves that way the meat won't stick to your hands and you don't get any waste.

  25. I think this will be great to try for hot quick food at a party… I'll prepare this the night before and cook during the party!

  26. going to attempt a batch for thanksgiving. tomorrow is a trial run, wasnt thinking of making the mashed potato part but i like. 👍

  27. These are DELICIOUS oh my goodness. The perfect side for pretty much any dinner. Thanks so much for sharing this! I'm so glad I invested in a fryer pot and oil thermometer!

  28. I've just started watching your channel and all ready fell in love I've subscribed and like love this channel now keep up the good work

  29. Sorry to bother you, but I am allergic to Egg and I am doing this recipe to get into my School's Cooking Club, do you have any idea what I could substitute it with? I was gonna go with butter and milk but im not sure

  30. You probably won't reply but I'm asking these tonight for tea but my mum doesn't want to fry them so she was going to bake them, 1. Does it still work if you bake them, and 2. What temperature and for how long should I do them for if I was baking them? Thanks Xx

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