Mango Cake By Indian Food Made Easy | Eggless Cake Recipe In Microwave

Mango Cake By Indian Food Made Easy | Eggless Cake Recipe In Microwave

Mango cake recipe is very easy, and fresh mangoes are easily available during summer time Kids love this mango cake, so make and store it at home Namaskar, welcome to indian food made easy Ingredients used in mango cake recipe are easily availabe So lets begin making mango cake For mango cake recipe we have pulp of a large mango, we smoothed it by using a spoon All purpose flour Curd Sugar Refined Vegetable oil Raisins Black raisins Backing powder Backing soda Salt And vanilla essence These are all the required ingredients to make mango cake Firstly add 1/2 cup curd in a mixing bowl Give it a good whisk Add 1/2 cup sugar and whisk well again You can use desiccated sugar too Add 1 + 1/2 spoon Backing powder Add 1/4 spoon backing soda and mix well Its necessity to use both of these together to make mango cake Put this mixture away for 10 minutes Now we will prepare dry fruits for mango cake For which we have 2 spoons raisins And 2 spoons black raisins Add some all purpose flour and coat dry fruits with it You can use whichever dry fruits you like in your mango cake, like almonds, pistachio etc. Add a little oil so flour could stick to dry fruits well For mango cake its important to coat dry fruits So that dry fruits could be evenly distributed in whole mango cake rather than sticking to the base of cake After about 10 minutes whisk curd mixture again We can see bubbles formation which is perfect for mango cake to get more spongy Now add pulp of 1 large mango To make mango pulp, remove mango skin and seed and mash with spoon, its very easy Whisk everything well together Now add 1/2 cup refined oil and mix well You can use olive oil or melted butter too Add 1/4 spoon salt And add 1/2 spoon vanilla essence and mix well We add vanilla essence in mango cake for flavor Now to mix flour we are shifting this to a bigger bowl You use a bigger and deeper bowl at first place so you don’t need to shift Add 2 cups of all purpose flour We will add a little flour at a time so no lumps could be formed in mango cake We have filtered flour 4 to 5 times By filtering flour mango cake will get more spongy and fluffy Flour has mixed well and it has good consistency too Now add coated dry fruits We have not used any food color at all, so mango cake will be natural yellow in color Mango cake mix is ready Now coat baking dish with some oil Coating is important so that mango cake could be easily taken out of baking dish Pour mango cake mix in it after coating it well Bake for 5 minutes in a microwave Mango cake is ready after baking for 5 minutes Using a knife check if mango cake is well baked from inside too Cut this way so it could be taken out easily Flip the cake this way on a plate It will come out easily because of oil greasing we did Mango cake is well baked And it is very soft and spongy This is very soft and it has good taste of mango in it It does not take too much time to make and it can be stored in fridge in a air tight container for 3 to 4 days. so go ahead and try this mango cake recipe at home If you liked today’s video then please press like button below And subscribe to my channel And press bell icon too so you don’t miss any new video by us Dhanyavaad

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  1. Very very very nice cake recipe hm ise gas par bake kar sakte harmre pass oven nai hai to ise hm gas par bake kar sakte????

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