Man insults restaurant customer who has Down syndrome l What Would You Do

Man insults restaurant customer who has Down syndrome l What Would You Do

[Narrator] The smell of barbecue is in the air at the Minuteman restaurant and pie shop in Morristown, New Jersey. [Lauryn] Hey Peter, you all by yourself today? [Peter] Yep. [Lauryn] Sounds good, right this way. [Narrator] And this hungry regular can’t wait to order. [Lauryn] Here you go. What can I get for you? [Peter] Maybe a burger? [Lauryn] Always a good choice [Narrator] As Peter makes up his mind… [Peter] Actually, can you tell me the special list? [Lauryn] Well, we have a delicious pulled pork sandwich… [Narrator] Our diner decides his time is up. [Mike] Hello. Hi, excuse me, miss. Yes. How long do you think you’re gonna be with him? [Lauryn] I’m sorry. What? [Mike] Well, it just seems like it’s gonna be a…slow process. [Narrator] It happens more often than you think; people with down syndrome being bullied and treated unfairly. If you overheard this man being impatient and indignant with a customer who has Down syndrome… [Peter] Is there a problem, sir? [Mike] I wouldn’t expect YOU to understand. [Narrator] …what would you do? [Peter] Uh, can I have uhhh. umm [Narrator] Peter is not having trouble deciding what to order. [Peter] Actually, can you tell me about your sandwitches [Lauryn] Sure! We have many- we have wraps if you’d like a wrap instead. [Narrator] While the surrounding tables don’t seem to mind… [Lauryn] Hamburger? Okay, how do you like that cooked? [Narrator] Our impatient customer certainly does. [Mike] Excuse me, miss? Hello? Hi? Yeah. I’ve been sitting here for like fifteen minutes. [Lauryn] I’ll be right with you, sir. [Mike] He’s so slow. Can you please take my order first? [Lauryn] I’ll be right with you, okay? [Mike] He probably can’t even read the menu. I’m in a hurry. [Narrator] This woman does her best to tune him out. [Mike] Please, can you come over and take my order? This is so stupid! [Lauryn] Okay, I’m gonna put this in and I’ll be right back, okay? [Mike] Don’t people- [Lauryn] Sir, I’ll be right back. [Narrator] But when he redirects his anger from Lauryn… [Mike] People with Down syndrome have a guardian; where’s your guardian? [Peter] I’m trying to enjoy my night. [Mike] Well, you’re slowing everything down. These people haven’t received an order, these people haven’t received- [Narrator] She decides she’s had enough. [Mike] None of us have gotten any- Are you talking to me, ma’am? He’s taking forever. He should have somebody with him. [Narrator] And just when we thought it was over… [Mike] Why are you defending a retarded kid? [Lady] First of all… its ‘mentally challenged’ [Mike] Ma’am, I am in a hurry. I have a business appointment- [Narrator] Turns out for her, this situation hits close to home. [John Quiñones] I’m John Quiñones. They’re actors. [Diner] I used to teach mentally challenged children and … …I’m sorry I’m shaking, but I don’t like to have confrontations with people, but that..really bothered me. My number one motto: Treat everybody that the way you would like to be treated. [John Quiñones] The golden rule. [Narrator] We roll again… [Lauryn] They have Arnold Palmers, so it’s lemonade and iced tea. *slight chortle* They should be. [Narrator] How will they react to Mike’s tasteless behavior? [Mike] Miss, can you- can you just- take my order first, please? [Lauryn] Just give me one second, sir. [Mike] Just come back to him, he won’t care. I have- I’m in a hurry. [Peter] Can I have your Chicken Caesar Wrap? [Lauryn] Chicken Caesar Wrap? [Narrator] When the waitress steps away… [Mike] You have no guardian with you. You’re by yourself? [Narrator] He offers Mike a tip. [Mike] He’s bo- I mean… I- I’ve been sitting here- I didn’t even know that people with Down syndrome could even go out by themselves. You’d fire me? Heh. Alright, that’s it. I’m- I’m not gonna patronize this place if they let people like that in here. [Narrator] And after he leaves…he gives Peter one more sign of support. [John Quiñones] Hi, how are you, sir? I’m John Quiñones. [Diner] How are you? [Quiñones] You defended a stranger. [Diner] So what? He needed it! It was not fair what he was doing. [Narrator] And he wasn’t the only one. Throughout the day, customers refused to ally with Mike. [Diner] I think you should apologize to this guy. [Mike] I should apo-
[Diner] Yeah, I think you should. [Diner] Why don’t you find another place to eat? [Narrator] And they advised Peter to pay no mind to this hostile diner. [Peter] That man was so mad at me. This guy is really annoying me. [Diner] Don’t worry about it. Just sit down and relax. [Peter] I hope I’m not bothering you… [Diner] Not at all, not at all. Good to see ya’ buddy. [Narrator] We roll one last time. [Mike] This can take all day with somebody like him… He’s obviously mentally challenged. So… [Narrator] And right away, this woman makes a bee line for the manager! [Narrator] Now, with her sister’s help, she confronts Mike directly. [Mike] I’m sorry, I’m in a hurry, and this guy’s taking forever- [Narrator] They’re met with reinforcements. [Diner] Relax, will you? Relax. If you’re in a hurry, get the hell out, okay? He’s here. He deserves good treatment. You know!? Relax! [Mike] He’s taking forever. Well, you know? Walk out! [Narrator] Our inconsiderate customer does just that… [Mike] Thanks anyway. [Narrator] …but not before sharing some parting words. [Mike] You should have somebody here with you, alright? You should have a guardian with you. You should not be in here by yourself. [Narrator] But, he’s cut off as the restaurant rallies around Peter. [Diner] Would you leave the guy alone? Get the hell out, okay? I am leaving- I’m leaving. [Diner] Go ahead! [Mike] But he should not be here. [Diner] We’re gonna miss you, okay? This is a family restaurant. I never saw such a behavior in my life. Okay? [Mike] Yeah, well I won’t be back here either.
[Diner] Good! [Diner] Well, you could sit with us if you’d like. [Narrator] Time to calm their nerves.
[Quiñones] I’m John, can I sit here? [Diner] When my sister came in, I said, “I don’t know what to do.” [Diner] For sure, he sat there and he heard what was going on And if- if that really happened… [Quiñones] It was that touching to you. [Diner] Oh man! [Quiñones] You threw him out, you told him to get outta here! [Diner] I might have used some foul language. I don’t even remember, but… [Quiñones] What was your message? [Diner] You gotta be kind to everybody.
[Quiñones] One in every seven hundred births is a Down syndrome child. [Diner] My boss has a Down syndrome Niece and… …They’re human beings; we all are. [Jeremykat124] I hope you learned that you should respect all human beings, even if they have Down syndrome.

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  1. I feel like there aren't that many full adults who would do this. This seems like more of a teenager who would make fun of a person with Down Syndrome. This hurt so much to watch.

  2. If you're in that much of a rush then its YOUR problem that your stupid ass chose to go to a sit-down restaurant. you can just fuck right off with that bullshit.

  3. That’s so rude , I think ( I know ) that everyone deserves to be respected and treated with kindness.
    That man looked so sad.

    My saying in life is , be treated the way you wanna be treated And if you have nothing nice to say say nothing at all.

  4. It takes a special kind of heartless coward to be unkind to people with disabilities. As someone who's been visually impaired since birth, I know what it's like to be on the receiving end of that sort of behavior. Peter seems like such a sweetheart. If I was there, I'd invite him over to my table and ignore the bully.

  5. there was this guy at a wave pool we were by he had down syndrome and he touched my private part ever since that i felt so uncomfortable

  6. Call me an ass, but I might side with the “bad guy” here. I’d have hella empathy for him. The dude with mental disabilities should have a dude with him helping him, so he’s kinda ignorant.

  7. actor to the old lady: "y r u defending a retarded kid?"
    that ladys face reaction… HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA she was hella angry

  8. My god sister has Cerebral palsy. When she went to school kids called her a retard and slow. This really hit close to home..

  9. I seen some lady charge a down syndrome girl extra for her haircut cause she didnt really understand the concept of her note ($50 bill, haircut cost $12 and she only got $30 change) i lost my shit when i seen her hand her $30 back and started going off on her. This bitch had athe audacity to say she didnt take her money. Stupidly i lost my shit and smashed all the gel and hairspray on the counter all over the shop, took the girl to the dairy (corner store) next to the barber and brought her ice cream and waited for police. I ended up getting charged for misdemeanor but id happily do it again. The cops didnt wanna charge me, and actually praised me but they had to do their job. All i gotta say is treat everyone equally, or karma will get you. Havent seen her cutting hair there since

  10. All I know is if I'm ever in one of the shows segments, there will be a lot of "bleeping" to do. Everybody deserves respect!

  11. I have a family member that has down syndrome and if I was on that show I would've punched the actor because I just can't believe people that would actually act like that.

  12. I might have punched that man and fyi im a girl and probably can be his daughter pfftt I have a soft spot for that guy that has special need (cause a good friend of me is like him she's deaf and can't speak well so yah I love her tho)

  13. The vid is not starting yet my tears are already falling. This just reminds me of my late cousin who also has down syndrome. He was 11 when God needed him to heaven. it happened for maybe 2 years ago. i just miss him hsbdhsbs

  14. This is bullshit, why do they make these fucking videos for?? I can imagine people with downsyndrome kids licking their lips thinking who they can sue! 🙄..

  15. Down syndrome.. These Down syndrome people aren't stupid by the way, one lives near me and he knows how to use his disability to get free meals!

  16. My uncle has down syndrome when he was in the hospital my parents where with him ( iam 15 I wasnt yet borned) he feels bad about it and wants to repay. He is the nicest man I have ever met in my life I cannot express how much he simply is kind

  17. me: [orders a steak]

    john: comes out with his cameras hi my name is john quinones and this is what would you do. why did you order the steak?

  18. This show is gonna fuck up one day and have someone like me around, who has nothing to lose, who would beat that old man into a bloody pulp. I know everyone is an actor but I'm still fuming.

  19. How come every time they do a video either someone has had it happen to them or like they worked with them before like I think it is all a act ain’t no way it is a coincidence

  20. This an people hurting animals literally makes me see red, i get crazy defensive and would scream at this dude probably kick his ass

  21. I kinda wish it wasn't a tv show and it was real instead because then I could see the what the kid with down syndromes reaction is.

  22. My local coffee shop has a worker with down syndrome and he doesn’t know how to count so me and my sister just let him keep the change

  23. My mother works at a group home helping the down syndrome one of them there is like one of my best friends. He's awesome people who do that is cruel. Smh

  24. If mike was not an actor

    That would not be the America i know

    The people who helped peter…THEY…they were the America I know…or knew

  25. the bad guy wasn't really out of line that much , he was polite and just made sense , most people are in a rush these days anyway plus he's was already sitting there for 15 min and not served yet , the waitress could have easily took his order sent it to the cook then gone back to work out what the other Down Syndrome guy wanted , would have been much easier and wouldn't have caused all the Frustration , these other people had already been served and not in a hurry so its very easy for them to criticize the other guy , the other guy was also told to relax from another customer , well to me the guy was relaxed anymore and he's be asleep , hope this doesn't make me a Prick too cause if so i'd go to another restaurant , another thing i've noticed is that family run businesses restaurants or bars have their own same customers if an outsider comes in and has the slightest problem they all attack , lucky he wasn't lynched from ye Old Oak Tree out back

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