[M2] How boys and girls react to bed scene of cheese in the trap

[M2] How boys and girls react to bed scene of cheese in the trap

People react to this video Jung Joonyeong (A man seeking happiness) Youngjae (B.A.P)
Daehyun (B.A.P) Himchan (B.A.P) I’m starting it – Ok
Moon Heejun (H.O.T. forever) (Rainbow) Yoo Jung sunbae

100 Replies to “[M2] How boys and girls react to bed scene of cheese in the trap

  1. The difference is:
    Boys: find it cringey and cute because the guy is making the move
    Girls: actually dying inside just thinking about how the guy is above and about to kiss because he is making the move.

    If it was the girl making the move boys would be maybe having a greater reaction.

  2. To be honest , i would have the same reaction as the guys whether I'm being watched or not 😂 i seriously have no idea how to react

  3. Oh god. Isn’t the guy in the beginning that guy who recorded a bunch of women he had sex with… he looked creepy here and I bet no one noticed he was a creep till the scandal came out.

  4. Hi, can I ask a little favor? can you lend some time in watching this? this is SB19 the first ever PPOP group under Korean Ent. Thank you https://youtu.be/P4BR-Er60yw

  5. Guys:so uninterested…isn't this too forced?
    Girls:waaaaa…kyaaaaa….one more time
    me:well…now I know guys are not cuddle loving person (I am still having butterflies here,dammit!)

  6. Me almost at the end of the video: ou but I can’t understand, are there not subtitles ?
    see the subtitles good, so from the start… I’m really stupid

  7. Guys….. BAP were trying to control their emotions. We all know they would have screamed more than the girls if the camera wasn't there😂😂😂

  8. Dude a 1:46 I can imagine myself just saying god damnit I gotta go to work when the hell did u turn into a cuddle person. while struggling to get up from the bed

  9. 2016 : No
    2017 : I don't think so
    2018 : probably no
    2019 : N.O
    2020 : Probably put this in her recommendation after the scandal ,the disband of the group and yeahhhh I missed it
    LOL hahahahhaha funny YouTube I like when you recommend me 4 years old video

  10. "You should have just shown this to a woman"

    The women: *dying* OOh!!!…uWwAAaAAAAHHHHH!!!!…kYAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!! OMO! *squeals iNteNselY* >~<

  11. I love how the guys are not even phased by it and the girls are a screaming mess!!😂😂😂😂😂😂 now I have to watch that drama😍😍

  12. I cried of laughter when the guy said it must be a 15 then 😂😂. In my country you’d be called frigid for that 😭😭

  13. Before 2019 ends…i must say the gap between girls and boys are soo big😂😂😂
    Their Reactions are completely different😆😆

  14. meanwhile theres my reaction: laughing at how cheesy the scenes are and also because I no real comments other than to crack jokes

  15. The girls get so excited like, the girl in the movie/series almost looks displeased so I don't get what was fun about the scenes

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