Lip-smacking Biryani places of Bengaluru | Bangalore Biryani Restaurants

Lip-smacking Biryani places of Bengaluru | Bangalore Biryani Restaurants

Its aromatic, scrumptious and heavenly! It’s among the most loved delicacies across the country! it is a complete meal by itself! Still wondering? I am talking about Biryani! Today, I am going to be taking you on a tour to some unique places to try Biryani in Bangalore. Biryani is incomplete without the mention of the Fame, Paradise Biryani. Paradise Biryani has travelled from Hyderabad to Namma Bengaluru, making a grand entrance to the garden city’s culinary extravagance. Paradise is located in Koramangala and has 5 more outlets in the city. The dum biryani here,is made in the most authentic way. The chicken & the mutton biryanis are particularly famous. The brand has a legacy of over 64 years having served millions! From Celebrities to the common man,everyone has enjoyed Paradise Biryani. The dishes are cooked with pure ghee,the rice and the meat used in the Biryani are among the finest. The aroma itself is so mouthwatering! Dining here is a unique experience. Unmatched service standards and bountiful Biryanis along with delicious Kebabs – making it a wonderful experience. The mutton pieces just melt in your mouth -I must admit that this landmark biryani is super delicious. Be sure to come here empty stomach so that you can eat to your heart’s content! If you love Biryanis,then Paradise is a must visit! One of the best places which serve Biryanis, is Hyderabadi Biryani House. I love Biryani!!and can’t wait to dig into it! This fabulous biryani chain has 6 branches across Bengaluru. This is place is primarily for non vegetarians.The Mutton and chicken biryanis are the best on the menu. The Biryani’s taste has definitely ensured I would visit here again. Authentic spices from the western ghats!and fresh ingredients to prapare lip-smacking Biryani prepared on the flames of firewood – This is Firewood Biriyani on Richmond road. Here the most popular dish is the -Islamic Dum biryani which is specially prepared on firewood. They have a limited menu but every dish is prepared with great love, summing up to a fresh meal for office goers in the area. The restaurant receives many orders for delivers and serves to offices and homes in central bangalore. The food is heaven for people who live away from family and miss home cooked food. A meal here has got to end with their desserts which is as loved by people as their Biryanis. This pineapple kheer looks Yumm!!! Many cities of India like Hyderabad,Awadh,Kolkata -all have Biryanis named after them. What is not so known is that Bangalore too has its own authentic variant of biryani, called – Bengaluru Donne Biryani. ‘Shivaji Military Hotel’is one of the most popular places to try the authentic donne biryani. Wondering what Donne means? ‘Donne’are the big cups made from eco friendly palm leaves (some are made out of papaya leaves too), and this local marvel is served hot and fresh in these leaf cups or ‘Donnes’. Excellent non vegetarian biryanis are served with an onion and cucumber salad. The place is also popular for its side dishes like pepper chicken,mutton roast and more! It is not easy to find a table for your self here and you surely have to wait a couple of minutes. Often you may have to even share your table as no seat can be left vacant! But from what I’ve heard -the wait is absolutely worth it!! Please do subscribe to our channel and comment below. We will love to hear from you.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this video. However I too feel you have left out many authentic Bangalore biryani places like Chichaba's Taj , Rahhams..etc.

  2. Hyderabadi Biryani Restaurant near Richmond Circle is very unhygienic and the taste is not that good. Quality of the food is also pretty bad

  3. this vedio is fully biased according to me … because the father of all the restaurant's in the vedio is Meghana foods… undoubtedly they serve best biryani in the city

  4. You must get out of the safe zone of air conditioned restaurants to taste the real and heavenly Biryani. One such place is Khazana food paradise near Fanoos in Johnson Market,Richmond Town. The beef biryani they serve is the best in bengaluru.

  5. U missed Meghanas Biryani! That's sad.Rahams biryani is also one of the best biryanis. Pls do more research before u upload

  6. Please mention the old places in Bangalore , most of what you mentioned apart from Shivaji is not from Bangalore, try covering Meghana , rahhams, Samarkand , Chickpet Svs etc

  7. You gotta be kidding!!! You showcase Paradise Biriyani? That's the worst for of Biriyani, we have so many local varieties of Biriyani in Bangalore and you guys showcase something that's not even worth mentioning. Shivaji being an exception, you just wasted an episode. Bangalore is home to varieties of local Biriyani and you guys showcase Paradise, a dying restaurant.

  8. These kind of food vlogs abudant with pretty looking faces but d taste..i mean dis is all about food..n a common person can't connect itself like dis.she barely ate a single bites in whole video ..go n watch mark wiens..u should learn something with dat man.

  9. lip smacking is only BISI BELLE BHAT,a karnataks pride. This healthy dish should be made global.
    one suggestion that more vegetables but cooked in low salt and masala

  10. This is the most bogus and insane review of Biryani places in Bangalore. Paradise is a overcharging restaurant, which is absolutely showoff, the Biriyani they serve is awful.with rotten meat odor. There are so many far better places like Meghana Foods and Nagarjuna

  11. Oh this is really nice! I love Biryani and had the opportunity to cook it sometimes too. It would be really nice to try it out at the places mentioned. That's on priority list from now on! 🙂 Thanks.

  12. Thanks for sharing this amazing video. I am also a small youtuber interested in cooking.. i did a recent review on Cafe Noir Cargo, which is on the way to the Bangalore Airport. Please do check it out

  13. We went there for Eid….it's not good at all..taste was too bad no more delicious…and high rate fr everything…kababs😨😞😤😤😤😤😤paradise bangle was not good at srvce an all…and food too

  14. The neck band you are wearing there is totally unappealing and not for the occasion. It is making me uncomfortable tbh! It is like you are in a bondage clip.

  15. SHE KNOWS NOTHING!!! This channel and it's host know nothing about food….let alone biryani. Biryani is like a faith. It's an emotion. It's almost religion. She has no clue what's the diff between Awadhi, Daccani, Luknawi, Malabari … The nuanced flavours and variations. The type of rice used…. and Biryani in Bengaluru… Here… take the list (in random order) : Mrs Khans (Cox town), Samarkhand (Infantry road), Savoury (Malabari all over town), Taams (Queens Rd), Rahhams (Cunningham Rd), Taj (Shivani Nagar), Lazeez ( Kolkata style Kora), Ghardi Ustad (Shivajinagar)….. Seriously?????

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  17. Bakwaas, among all the biryanis shown. It is only the Shivaji miltry hotel where U get the authentic iconic biryani. Rest are just for advertising. Hyderabadi biryani to some extent yes it is ok.

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