you’ve heard about meta-gene you’ve probably heard about a blotto but today I’d like to introduce you to Laurel as [Music] Maya settles I’m back in med Aegean and that is the Jacuzzi jacuzzi which is in one of our three-bedroom units here in Morales it’s a new prep that we’ve just released and I’ve gotta say our designs are getting better each time there’s eight furnished units in this building some of them are smaller which is a bit more affordable around the $40 a night range link in the description if you’d like to book one of these eight furnished units so if you’ve heard about meta-gene you’ve probably heard about a poblano the most popular place for foreigners to stay in marriages but today I’d like to introduce you to Laurel as the second most popular place to stay in managin it’s a beautiful day so I’m out with Camilo I just rented a bicycle the biggest one they had for three thousand pesos an hour or $1 per hour it is the way to get around Laura Ella’s it is one of the most active flat bicycle friendly parts of metazine so why not it called Loretta’s because of the hundreds of laurel trees that make up the area the area was based off a Parisian design with arcing streets coming out from the parks the original plan for this part of meta-gene was to be the working-class part of town prado central was the upper class the workers city plan was eventually abandoned and by the 1960s Marella’s became the strata six living of meta-gene in the 80s and 90s when those turbulent times came through medicean many of the people started moving to a Poblado and the apartment towers with the security guards at the bottom for more safety but as the situation started improving around the year 2000 people started coming back appreciating the wide open flat spaces of Marella’s and now you could say it’s returning to its former glory bicycles cafes Italian restaurants it’s got all the signs of a suburb that’s improving [Music] so Mireles is really supportive of a healthy lifestyle you guys may remember Chris from episode of 38 being here about three years are you staying healthy during the meta-gene winter it is really easy see you hopefully around jet love fried food around the weird thousand fine right now yep excellent video chat well excellent restaurant with lots of vegetarian option there’s lots of good healthy options right [Music] how many cafes are you working out of these days I would frequent here where I live 45 is elections its rewards to describe blow – chill peaceful is really nice just to walk around that and the cafes restaurants increased really quickly we’ll have six to twelve months well this is the Sports Complex of Berlin law realisms is position between two sports centers so within ten minutes you could be doing football outdoor gyms cycling rollerblading swimming tennis BMX beach volleyball archery micro football a big reason why Lorelai’s is perfect if you want a more active lifestyle in meta-gene we’re on the way up to Pablito paisa but our bicycle plans have been derailed by a derailleur so the Gipper wasn’t stabilizing the battery was dying the derailleur has given up completely and I now cannot pedal and I need Kimi lows hit force it’s only two K’s back to the back of the shop get up perfectly fine the day goes on that’s the one dollar an hour rental bicycle at the skate park that’s a tree with skateboards in it and that is the stadium Sports Complex [Music] all right I’ve just had a quick shower in a two meter tall shower this is a zebra and this is the poblano Suites one of the eight furnished units here in Loretta’s link in the description let’s go see what happens in Loretta’s after doc wrote a picture – yeah is this a superbug maria maria’ gene [Music] Morales as you can see it is pumping I believe that Loretta’s is returning to its former glory as one of the prime zona roses of men Aegean we’ve come into our Poblado it’s still the heart of the night life after me eating after the dining it’s only 10 minutes from Morales a three to four dollar taxi ride in terms of real estate investment were paying a lot of attention to floor Ella’s in terms of a place to stay the business to been Aegean we’re also paying a lot of attention because of what I’ve shown you today in this video I’ve got a flight at 8:30 tomorrow morning back to Bogota but it’s Friday night and there’s still a little bit of my life to be had so we’ll see you guys in the next video my name is Sam Miller I’m part of a group of real estate entrepreneurs that are creating turnkey investments as well as taking the Airbnb experience to the next level it means we turn properties like this into properties like this it’s gonna be a wild ride click the like button on Facebook subscribe on youtube right and so yeah


  1. Hola Sam yo soy Jorge y escribí en el vídeo de ayer en el que obtuve una respuesta y volví a escribir pero no la obtuve.que pena molestar.quiero hacer parte del equipo de trabajo

  2. Another great video sam, i changed my utube name i was adam have inspired me sir,first usa travel..last stop Colombia. Still working out the math on shipping the campervan from Panama to Colombia.

  3. Esto no es nuevo. Un extranjero enseñándole a un local cosas que ni sabia que existían. Me sigo quedando con el amarillismo de las noticias, que le vamos a ser!

  4. Como seria ver a Sam en otra vida donde por cosas de la vida no hubiese tenido Educación, preparación, apoyo emocional – sicológico etc… y que en ves de ser Australiano fuese Colombiano y que en ves de ser grande con un cuerpo atlético fuese pequeño y gordito y que en ves de ojos verdes ojos cafés color miel di ta. Yo me lo imagino y es que no si su opinión sobre Colombía y sobre sus habitantes fuese la misma y si su capacidad para relacionarse con los pringaos de más poder adquisitivo fuese la misma* No se pero creo que la palabra u opinión de este hombre sobre todo me parece un poco sesgada.

  5. Love your vids bro. Im a young 20 y.o black american and I do plan to move to medellin. All of your vids are very informative.

  6. Sam, you forgot to mention how dangerous this neighborhood it really is. Car theft is rampant, sicarios killing innocent citizens, cell phone theft is rampant, pre pagos all over. Please mention this info on your videos….

  7. Sam- Love the Vid! Laureles has always been my favorite because of it's quiet tree lined streets. I have not been there in years, but on my short list to check out fore retirement. The cyclo-via in Medellin is also an added benefit to get around…are e-bikes common or Legal?

  8. Actually I think Laureles is way better than El poblado. Bc it is a calmer neighborhood, in Laureles the life is not completly full by the hustle, bustle and noise unlike El Poblado, which is a place where the life is a little more faster. Plus personally steep places were not made for me.

  9. I love Laureles and try to go there at least once or twice when we visit. However, we prefer to live in the hills of Poblado/Envigado for several reasons, VIEWS! Fresher air, great pool to swim after a hot day and there is also less traffic noise where we live. Laureles is too close to Centro for my liking, there is literally no views and most buildings lack a pool, which is a must in my book. It does have great bars and restaurants though.

  10. lived there for 5 months, it was a very awesome experience! Looking fwd to go back for a 2nd season. Cool video, thanks! I did not know about the sports complexes and skatepark!

  11. En medellin hay muchos lugares para quedarte no solo El poblado tambien lo esta sabaneta, envigado y laureles, america y ahora llano grande pero este ultimo ya es rionegro y rionegro tambien o el oriente de Antioquia

  12. Eres un extraordinario y adorable ser humano, se te puede ver en tu cara y espero estés siempre en Colombia. Gente como tú son los que hacen grande una nación. Xxx

  13. @Sam-lifeafar I wish I came across this video last month I book a apartment already for couple weeks from now. But yours looks much better I would've definitely booked with your company

  14. Sectores muy distintos porque Laureles es más plano y tiene muchos parques y El Poblado aunque tiene su parte plana, tiene muchos sectores altos que se necesita auto en partes donde no pasa transporte público y aunque Unidades muy completas al estar en lomas no están tan cerca, pequeñas tiendas, restaurantes y lugares que si tiene Laureles. El Poblado si tiene mucho turista en su parte plana, muchos hoteles económicos y cerca al Metro al Exito es distinto a Laureles. También cerca de Laureles hay otros Barrios agradables como Conquistadores, La Mota, Bolivariana, El Estadio etc.

  15. We love Laureles. My wife is Paisa (Copacabana) and we live in the states but own a home close to nutibarra y jardín and travel there every 3-4 months. Great area that is extremely walkable/bicycle friendly. To me it is worlds better than El Poblado.

  16. Sam, I am going to Cali next summer to visit my friend but they tell me not to eat vendor food, Is this true? well CDC said so. Please help? Thank you!

  17. And if you eat like your friend with that plate it will cost you $14 USD. Too much for Medellin. Consider you pay a hotel the same price in Laureles. Most I pay is $14-16 USD. Thats a pretty good hotel too in good area. Go to Exitos grocery nearby to pick up food and drinks for cheap.

  18. Wow, Laureles looks pretty nice! I’m staying there this time when I go back instead of El Poblado. Glad I made that choice.

  19. If you look up safety of laureles vs poblado, poblado has about half of the amount of homocides reported between the two that to me is the most important factor

  20. People need to know that Medellin is fucking dangerous. I lived there 8 months. Make a video in El Cntro at night, it´s not far away from laureles, I lived on 66 street (I think) the street with the Exito store, near the train station. Laureles is probably one of the safest areas, the drug dealers and, prostitute and robbers usually go to El Pobablado since that´s were the money is. I´ve seen a lot of shit in Medellin, trust me.It´s a damn miracle that I am still alive. You need to understand that most people were knives and can stab you in your gut. My girlfriend was raped by a taxidriver, my friend witnessed a dude got stabbed to death outside the stripbar, I ve been locked up in hotels, got police escort when people followed me with knives, they broke into my hotel room at calle 70 last time, where you are, I can go on and on.

  21. yo he estado dos veces en medellin una en laureles y otra en el poblado y aunque fuí en la peor epoca a laureles me gustó mas que el poblado que fuí ahora.

  22. Walked with my wife in the neighborhood. Imagined living in one of the apartments ovelooking the street. The football stadium is also in Laurales along with a beautiful mall

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