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  2. What a twisted day in age we live in that we have to "warn" people that these foods don't contain animal tissue. SMH man.

  3. SO proud of these people for taking control of their health and also for empowering a community! This is my hometown and I'm so stoked that this place exists! My family has eaten and here and love all of the food and the environment.

  4. This is a couple years old, but I just saw it on Facebook this morning! I guess I'll have to drive over there and try it! It's almost an hour away with traffic though.

  5. Most mexican restrauns have vegan food and most people do not know it exist.The restraunt i eat at has the Dr Mcdougall menu which is vegan.Happy Healthy Eating.🍎❤

  6. I wish there were some vegan restaurants where I live, heck I wish some would offer healthy vegan options rather fried everything (Central NJ)

  7. I'm mexican and I prepare all my favorite mexican dishes of all the time as vegan. Vegan pozole, vegan tlacoyos, every thing is very delicous and whole. I believe mexican food is very veganizable. Also I improved my cooking skills as I became vegan because I learned about ingredients I didn't know. Some times I even believe that the vegan version is way better than the traditional one.

  8. This guy is awesome. He listened to his doc and did the right thing, even tho it might change his business. That's brave. Congrats to him for saving lives.

  9. Mexican food is one of the easiest things to veganize and it so incredibly delicious! Glad to see he's getting support. Looks amazing!

  10. A big step in right direction. Fantastic. As a stroke survivor I would also suggest looking into whole grains and eliminating oil. I lived in California for the first 25 years of my life and love Mexican food snd still cook it at home even though I live in Japan. Burritos and humus "quesadillas" are my favorites. All made with whole vegan ingredients; corn tortillas, beans, rice, greens, salsa.

  11. I love that the fast food industry is changing in this direction. I have been vegan for a year and a half and have converted my favorite recipes away from using any animal products, and they all taste great–you just got to practice a bit and make sure you add your healthy fats and favorite seasonings with lots of veggies!

  12. It would’ve been very difficult for this family to change, good for them for persevering. Thanks for sharing PBN ✌️

  13. Vegan junk food vs. omnivore junk food. Which is less detrimental to your health? We don't know… But we DO KNOW for sure it causes far less suffering & premature death to animals. So people should ALWAYS pick the first one!!!

  14. I been to El Palote a couple of times…..it's good!😄😄 The place is small and a little to far for me, but a Vegan Mexican restaurant I love it!!❤🌮❤🥙❤

  15. The first time I visited el Palote, I had been vegan for a couple months. Tasting their delicious tacos and tortas motivated me even more. I’ll be there this evening 😋

  16. Heading in the right direction will be difficult for a lot of people, but if they try for one week they will be hooked. High carb low fat low oil is where it's at for the win.

  17. This reminds me of Cesar Chavez, the civil rights activist that went vegan to align his moral compass while also fighting injustice.

  18. I love Mexican food and I’m aware that they have a lot of health issues, comparable to the kinds of problems that we African-Americans face. I’m happy for him and it reminds me of the shift to healthy soul food.

  19. 💖💙💛💙💜💙💚💙💝 🥗 🌯 🥒🥙🌽 🌮 🌶️ 🥗 💝💙💚💙💜💙💛💙💖

  20. Actually, the traditional daily diet for Mexican peasants consisted heavily of beans and corn and fruits and vegetables….only recently, with greater prosperity and the lower costs of producing animal products have Mexican diets increased animal ingredients, and that has mostly to satisfy the US market. The result is that today's Mexicans are suffering many of the same health problems that US citizens are suffering…obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, kidney disease, diabetes, preventable cancers, etc. America seems to often have a malignant influence upon other cultures, especially when we insist that they satisfy our bad lifestyle habits.

  21. Absolutely stupid. We are animals and we eat animals for replenishment of vital nutrients. It’s the fake foods (grains, corn tortillas, trans fats, fried foods) that cause diseases. This man should eat bacon, steaks, eggs, butter, and whole milk for proper nutrition. It is much like the breast milk we receive at birth to help us grow. Veganism is a deadly cult.

  22. I love going to this restaurant and so does my omnivore husband. We are so lucky to have them close to us. I'm so happy the owner is still living and thriving

  23. MD X 42 years
    ornish.com shows plants no meat
    can reverse heart disease prevent cancer
    Lancet 1990s
    No meat or lard is great
    I follow bluezones.com
    Adventist approach

  24. !!!!!!!!! I love this. I’m Latina and so many people in my family and others have been so surprised that I’m vegan because our lifestyles are so centered around meat. It’s been so detrimental to the latinx community so I’m really happy to see a business owner promote the vegan “diet” and make people realize that food can still be amazing with meat! ❤️

  25. I’m so glad I can take my mexican family to a place we can all eat at, so happy to live near Dallas too 🙂

  26. I don't know what's more amazing, the food in this restaurant or the fact that Drs actually knew and told person animal products were killing him. So glad things are changing and people are coming educated! I wish I could go eat at this place everyday. Everyday.

  27. I have vegan seitan chorizo where I'm at and I cook it up with rice, beans, habanero peppers, corn, salsa, guac, and lime tortilla chips. It's so good. Better than meat. I'm not Mexican, but I love Mexican food.

  28. This is amazing! Brought tears to my eyes! Change is possible! Being hispanic this brings a joy to my heart

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