– [Narrator] This week five-time
Formula One racing champion Lewis Hamilton launches
a vegan burger chain. Meat consumption is down 20% in Europe. Another vegan meat brand might follow Beyond Meat and go public, and find out how animal
testing and trophy hunting could soon become illegal in the U.K. All that and more on Live
Kindly’s Weekly Vegan News. Five-time Formula One race
car driver Lewis Hamilton launched a vegan burger chain. The vegan athlete announced Neat Burger, an international vegan burger
restaurant, in late August. Beyond burgers and Violife
cheese is on the menu, dressed up as vegan versions of fast food classics like the Big Mac. “I’m very passionate about
being kinder to our world, “and also really respect
Neat Burger’s commitment “to more ethical practices and
supporting small businesses. “So this is something I’m
also really proud to support,” Hamilton said. The first location opened
in London on September 2nd and sold out in less than two hours. According to co-founder Ryan Bishti, Neat Burger’s expansion will be quick. 14 locations will open in the U.K. spanning London, Manchester, Brighton, Bristol, and Edinburgh. New York City will follow. Bishti plans to open at
least a hundred restaurants by 2025. “We’ll be on every continent,”
the entrepreneur said. “We’ve had interest from all over, “and we’re about to
sign a major partnership “with a high profile drinks brand. “Expansion is going to be fast. “To begin with, in the U.K. “we’re concentrating on major cities. “You could say we’re aiming “to be the vegan Five Guys, yes.” Finland urged the U.K.
to ban Brazilian beef. The Northern European
nation holds the presidency of the Council of the European Union. The presidency’s role, which
rotates among member states, is to chair meetings of the
council, decide on its agendas, implement a work program, and encourage discussions
between EU institutions. Finance Minister, Mika Lintila condemns the destruction
of Amazon rainforests, and suggests that the E.U. and Finland should urgently review the possibility of banning Brazilian beef imports. Brazil is one of the
world’s top beef producers. Lintila added that he will raise the issue with the E.U.’s Finance
Ministry this month if no progress is made. The Amazon is the world’s
largest rainforest. It covers an area of 5.5
million square kilometers, has been ablaze for more than three weeks. Destroying the rain forest not only strips the oxygen
source from the planet, but also releases carbon
dioxide into the atmosphere. The fires are said to have started by intentional land clearing
by the beef industry. 80% of deforestation in the
Amazon is for beef production. Novelist John Green
spoke up about the impact of the Amazon fires. – [John] Fire is not a
natural part of the ecosystem, and because of that, many trees in the rainforest can’t survive what we would, in the U.S.
consider a trivial burn. – [Narrator] The Amazon fires have captured the attention of the world, including Leonardo DiCaprio and reality TV star, Khloe Kardashian, who asked her 98 million
Instagram followers to ditch beef. Coming up: San Francisco’s airport
bans plastic water bottles. Coming soon, Apparel by Live Kindly. Sign up using the link in the description to get 10% off your first order. Porsche’s 2020 Taycan has a
vegan leather interior option. The luxury brand’s new electric car offers Race Tech’s microfiber, a vegan leather partly made
from recycled polyester fibers. The cruelty free leather
generates 80% less CO2 than it’s animal based
counterpart, according to Porsche. The Taycan’s flooring is made from econyl, a fiber made from recycled fishing nets. Offering a vegan interior
follows the lead of Tesla, which removed all leather
seating options in 2016. The electric car company
announced that its Model 3 is now completely vegan, following up on a promise
made by CEO Elon Musk at a shareholders’ meeting last June. The only non-vegan component of the car was the heated steering wheel. Musk explained the struggle with making the steering wheel vegan. “I believe we were close “to having a non-heated steering
wheel that’s not leather. “There are some challenges “when heating the non-leather material, “and also how well it wears over time.” Musk noted earlier this year that the Model Y may
also be vegan by 2020. San Francisco International Airport banned single use plastic water bottles. – SFO is no stranger to sustainability. It’s installed solar panels and xeriscape, but now the airport is
taking it one step further. If you fly through SFO
starting August 20th, you may want to bring your
own reusable water bottle. – [Narrator] Restaurants, kiosks, shops, and vending machines
will now sell bottles made from more sustainable materials like aluminum, glass, and
certified compostable materials. It won’t be enough for water
to be labeled eco-friendly or sustainable. Anything up for consideration will be thoroughly investigated by The Biodegradable Products Institute. The move is part of SFO’s
five-year strategic plan, launched in 2016 to become a zero waste to
landfill airport by 2021. Nearly a hundred water filling stations launched ahead of the plastic
bottle ban announcement. Restaurants may give
customers single use items, such as condiment
packets, only by request. Single use plastic water
bottles are recyclable, but whether they end up in the
right bin is another story. A Guardian investigation last June revealed that only 9% of plastics
in the U.S. are recycled. More than 70% of America’s plastic waste, the equivalent of 68,000
shipping containers, is exported to poorer countries
to be processed each year, but those countries may implement bans on foreign trash in the coming years. The change highlights the
need for Western countries to move away from single
use plastic bottles. The airport hopes its move
towards sustainable materials sets an example for water brands. Meat consumption dropped 20%
in Europe in just three months. A representative of New
Zealand’s red meat sector addressed the decline while
visiting London ahead of Brexit, the U.K.’s exit from
the EU, on October 31st. – Consumption in meat
has dropped by about 20% in both continental Europe and in the U.K. over the last two to three months. – [Narrator] The representative
named changing attitudes surrounding meat as the
biggest issue in front of us. He noted that Europeans are motivated to do their part for the
environment by ditching meat. An increasing number of consumers are choosing to adopt
flexitarian lifestyles, significantly reducing
their meat consumption. Research from U.K.
supermarket chain Sainsbury’s notes that 91% of it’s U.K. consumers now identify as flexitarian. An increasing body of research, such as the largest ever
food production analysis, suggests that a vegan diet
is the most effective way to reduce one’s carbon footprint. “It is far bigger than
cutting down on your flights “or buying an electric car,” said Oxford University
researcher, Joseph Poor. – And we wanted to try and understand how could we find solutions to agriculture that represented the
complexity of this sector. – [Narrator] Agriculture is a sector that spans all the multitude
of environmental problems. Really, it is animal products that are responsible for so much of this. Coming up, Sir David
Attenborough’s latest documentary will make you consider
becoming an environmentalist. MorningStar Farms might be
the next vegan meat brand to go public. – [Announcer] Carolina
thinks plants are delicious when they taste like chicken. – Nuggets! – [Narrator] The Kellogg-owned company is the largest meat-free
brand in the United States, and it may have its own IPO, according to financial
analysts at The Motley Fool. It says, “Watch Kellogg’s
stock in the future.” Thanks to British politics, reinvestment, and a changing product range, the company could show healthy earnings over the next few years. A potential IPO for
it’s MorningStar brands could drum up even more excitement. MorningStar Farms would
follow in the footsteps of California-based Beyond Meat. The plant based meat brand
went public earlier this year, resulting in the biggest first day IPO in nearly two decades. According to CNBC, Beyond Meat’s IPO left every other debut in the dust. MorningStar Farms is eager to keep up with the $4.5 billion vegan food market. The vegetarian brand
announced earlier this year that it would remove egg
whites from its products, making its line completely plant based. It has also launched a
new range of vegan meat called Incogmeato. The brand wrote across
its social media channels, “When it looks like meat
and tastes like meat, “it’s not meat incognito,
it’s Incogmeato.” Find it in your local fridge in 2020. The range includes burgers,
chicken tenders, and nuggets. Sir David Attenborough’s documentary, “Climate Change – The Facts” will make you consider
becoming an environmentalist. – Standing here in the
English countryside, it may not seem obvious, but we are facing a man-made disaster on a global scale. The film carefully examines the science behind climate change. It features individual stories of people already affected
by the climate crisis, and interviews with leading scientists. The film explores the solutions
that must be actioned, both personally and globally,
to prevent any further damage. Attenborough is a natural
historian, writer, and presenter, best known for his work with
the BBC’s Natural History Unit, and particularly, “The Life Collection.” In recent years, Attenborough
has been increasingly vocal about environmental concerns. – One of the things
Darwin’s work has taught us, is that we break nature’s
connections at our peril. Yet, break them we do,
at ever-greater speed. – [Narrator] And his
recent Netflix documentary, “Our Planet,” also explored climate change and its affects on the natural world. “Because it costs money,
in realistic terms, “dealing with these problems “mean we have to change our lifestyles. “We cannot be radical enough
in dealing with these issues,” Attenborough said. Animal testing and trophy hunting may soon be banned in the U.K. The Labour Party introduced its
new Animal Welfare Manfesto, which outlines potential
animal welfare policies. As well as phasing out animal testing, the party would ban
trophy hunting imports, the sale of snares and glue traps, and electric pulse fishing. It would also commit to
preventing the return of commercial whaling. Keeping primates like chimps
as pets would be banned, and the use of whips in horse
races would be reviewed. Wild animals would also be included under animal cruelty laws, which currently only applies to pets. The Labour Party worked
with party members, the general public, and
animal rights organizations to come up with its
new 50 point Manifesto. That’s it for today. What do you think about the
Labour Party’s proposition? Do you think MorningStar
Farms will go public? Let us know in the comments. Remember to subscribe and
hit the notification bell. We’ll see you again next week for Live Kindly’s Weekly Vegan News.

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