LAVA SALSA AVOCADO – Molcajete Caliente Mexican Food at Los Sifones, Mexico City!

LAVA SALSA AVOCADO – Molcajete Caliente Mexican Food at Los Sifones, Mexico City!

– I hope you’re having an amazing day. It’s Mark Wiens. I’m in Mexico City. We’re in a taxi now, we’re on our way to a restaurant that’s called Los Sifones. The reason I’m so excited to go there, and why I’m gonna share
it with you is because they specialize in a
couple of unique dishes that look absolutely incredible. Oh I can’t wait to share lunch with you. (upbeat latin music) (speaks in foreign language) Hey that was about a 30 minute drive from the center of Mexico City. It’s a pretty nice neighborhood and we got dropped off
right at the restaurant. (speaks in foreign language) Yes. (speaks in foreign language) Yeah it’s a family kind
of sit down restaurant, but it has a really friendly feel to it and most of the restaurant
is almost full now except for this section
that we’re sitting in. And it is almost all families
that are eating here. The food smells amazing. This is a cool kind of like, almost like diner-style restaurant. Okay so this is the menu, but you also get a whole paper checklist that you can just check the
things that you like as well. – (speaks in foreign language) – (speaks in foreign language) (upbeat latin music) – And so what this restaurant
is most famous for, and why I was so excited to come here is for their Molcajetes which is a stone bowl mortar. And what they do is they take one of them, they put it on the hot grill, then they put all the ingredients inside then they foil it until
it’s sizzling away, and then they serve it to you. (food sizzling) (cooks speaking in foreign language) (upbeat latin music) That only took like five minutes to arrive and you can walk up there and watch them as they make the whole thing. They added in, what did they add in first? Oh they first added in the
nopal which is the cactus. Then they added in all the
bistec which is the steak. Sliced it all up. And what did they add? Oh they added on some green onions. They added on avocado
which is an awesome touch. And then they added in, oh we got both green and red salsa. And then they added on some cheese on top. And this is just bubbling, sizzling away. It smells incredible. It looks delicious. While it’s still bubbling hot, I gotta take a bite. Oh avocado with all that salsa and some of that beef. Oh it’s just burning hot. Oh that is just like steaming hot, almost like liquified
avocado with beef steak. And that’s just like lava hot salsa. Yeah I’m gonna need to blow on that. Oh that avocado. It’s just like that’s liquid avocado. Oh it’s so good. That’s truly world class. I love the taste. You can taste those salsas in there. Both the roja and the verde, which is the red and green salsa. It has a dry chili flavor. It has a nice sour taste to it. It’s so awesome because it’s kept so hot. It’s just burning and you can feel the heat just
radiating off of this stone. Next I will open up the box of tortillas. And they have the unique
square shape tortillas here. I’m gonna try and get a
little bit of everything into my tortilla for this bite. Get some of that. Scooping it up, the bottom of that beef down there with the avocado. Stick this into the tortilla. And then I got to go in
for some of that cheese. It almost looks like tofu but it’s cheese I’m pretty sure. Some cheese and some of that salsa. Next and then also some of that nopal. Yeah I just love how this piece of cactus, it’s just kind of draped
over the side of this stone like a drying towel. Some extra green salsa. Also some of the pico de gallo. And then finally just a squeeze of lime. Okay perfecto. Oh wow that’s juicy. I like it with that extra
tomatoes and cilantro, that pico de gallo that gives it an extra refreshing edge along with a squeeze of lime. You got the cheese in there. You got the beef. All of that wonderful just hot salsa. Oh that liquid avocado is amazing. That just dissolves in your mouth. I also could not resist
ordering some tacos here. And they also serve them
on the square tortillas which I’ve never seen before. And what’s amazing about this place, is that they mix the meat
with a bunch of avocado. So yeah I’m a huge lover of avocado. Avocado is one of my favorite fruits. And for this one I got the arrachera, which I think is skirt steak. So they cook the arrachera. They chop it into small pieces. It looks like beef guacamole. For this one I’ll try the red salsa to contrast that green. And then of course you
gotta squeeze on some lime. (upbeat latin music) That just squishes with avocado. Oh that’s just like straight up beef, but really tenderful, flavorful beef mixed with so much pure avocado. Like so pure, it’s such a good combination. It’s so rich from that avocado. And that arrachera, wow. Because we got the
Molcajete with the bistec. But the arrachera is
definitely more tender. They’re both good though. Next time I would probably opt for the Molcajete with the arrachera. Oh man that beef is awesome. I love the avocado in here. (upbeat latin music) The volcanic bubbling has now stopped, but it’s still really hot. You can still see the
steam coming off of it. I’m gonna try one of the onions. I just cannot get enough
of onions in Mexico. They’re so good in every
different form and shape. Oh that flavor. That just sort of popped with this crunchy onion texture to it. It’s a little bit chewy. Like the outer edges of the onion. The outer layers of that
onion are a little bit chewy, but then it gets like soft. It’s sweet. Oh man that’s delicious. It has a roasted charred flavor to it. I love it. (upbeat latin music) Such an incredible dish. That stone mortar, it stayed hot. I mean it didn’t bubble the entire time, but even after finishing, after clearing out all the contents of it, you can still see the steam rising off of that hot stone. So it stays hot throughout
your entire meal. – (speaks in foreign language) – When you’re done with your main meal, they come around with a cart full of really colorful desserts. And so we decided to try a chocolate cake. (upbeat latin music) It’s got like a, not the fluffy kind of cake, but it’s really like kind of dense, but really rich. Really chocolatey. That’s a good way to end this meal. I think it says 508 pesos. And we had all of the food I showed plus an extra quesadilla. We had drinks and then
we had that dessert. A full, complete meal. That was such a fantastic meal. The food was excellent, service was great. I like how it’s still a
sit down family restaurant, but you can watch them
as they cook your food right in front of you, and then they serve it
directly to your table hot and fresh. It has a very friendly feel to it as well. Fully enjoyed that lunch and if you have a chance to make it here when you’re in Mexico City, I would highly recommend it. Everything was good, yeah. Everything was good actually. So that’s gonna be it for this video. Thank you so much for watching. Please remember to give
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