LATINOS TALK: Mental Health – mitú

LATINOS TALK: Mental Health – mitú

– If you’re, like, first generation, like, your parents bust
their ass to, like, survive, to take care of you,
you know, to be there. You never wanna make it seem like they failed you as a parent. (soulful music) – [Female Narrator] In
2015, Hispanic students in grades nine through 12, 18.9% had seriously considered attempting suicide. These rates were consistently
higher in Hispanic students than white and black students. – [Male Narrator] Hispanic
adolescents are half as likely than white adolescents
to use antidepressants. Hispanics have the highest uninsured rate, compared to other rates, at 24.8% in 2016. – Well, I think as, like, Latinos, if we have a problem, we
just speak to our family or we kinda swipe it under the rug. – It’s seen more so, like, for lack of a better term, more of a white thing. – Even when we speak to our families, we’re told to be super strong. – “Get over it” is the one. Like, you hear that a lot,
I think, in Latino families, especially if your parents
grew up, like, in Mexico, like mine did, where they
really just had to get over it and just kind of not
worry about mental health. – And a lot of times they’re not there physically, or even mentally, because they’re trying to,
like, support everyone. I didn’t want my mom to worry about me. – Yeah, that was my biggest thing. – Like, I didn’t wanna
make them feel guilty for some of the decisions and sacrifices they had to make on behalf of the family. – When I got to a point
where I was just like, I can’t do this essentially alone, like, I need someone who I know
is kind of gonna get me back on my feet, I brought it up to them. I will say, it was hard, like, telling my parents that
I was seeing a therapist, because I didn’t wanna,
like, disappoint them, that, like, I essentially was
not strong enough to do this. But instead it was kinda turned to, like, “You’re strong enough to actually “seek a therapist,” you know? And even my mother,
what’s so crazy is that, like, her and I connected
on even a deeper level because she was like, “You know what, “all of the feelings that
you had or have been feeling, “like, I’ve felt those too,” she was like. But, I mean, it’s never been a thing in my family to seek out. You just kinda deal with it. And so, like, that’s why to me, my mother’s, like, the
strongest person I know, because she’s been through so
much through her childhood. On top of that, she dealt with depression and everything else, but she
always dealt with it on her own because she was like,
“This is not something “that we do in our family,” you know? – I went to therapy after I came out. I went for my mom,
mainly, because she wanted to make sure I wasn’t confused. – Oh, I had to go through that too. – As soon as I walked into the office, there is this giant portrait of Jesus, and next to it was this portrait
of the tree of mortal sin, and then the branches
said different things, like “adultery,” and
“homosexuality” was on one of them. – No! – And I was like, “Oh,
why did I agree to this?” I learned after that you shouldn’t go to therapy for other people. You have to go for yourself. – And, like, hearing your story and knowing what I went through, like, I think that’s another problem with our community when
it comes to therapy, is you go, like, if something’s wrong. Like, something that we can’t handle, you have to go and get
it handled by somebody. And then, like, it turns us off of it, ’cause we’re like, “We
don’t wanna be here.” Like, what’s going on isn’t something that needs to be fixed. It’s a real disservice to the profession, and to us, and to the community to, like, try to force us
to go just ’cause we’re gay. Like, that’s dumb. It’s dumb. – If you get to a point
where you feel like you’re no longer really in control and all of the things that
kinda once helped you before to get back on your feet
or to make you happy kinda feel forced or aren’t
really working anymore, which is kinda the point
where I had gotten to, I think maybe that’s when
you should consider it. – And I think it’s so beneficial to have someone to just blah-la-la
at, you know what I mean? – Yeah. – Like, just, it helps, it works. (soulful music)

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  1. Call me crazy but when I see Latina women I start to salivate… So refreshing and delicious. The way the gesticulate when they talk is like being around a person who IS alive.

  2. WTF are Latinos? Are these a new species? What are they? These people look weird. I thought mexico was just a desert. Is there a real science behind Latinos? Where did they come from? There are only Black and White people? Are these the product of Blacks and whites mating? WTF?!

  3. I do have to say that this is different for each society. Saying Latinos is just to broad of a spectrum, that's like expecting that a person from Louisiana is gonna behave the same way as someone from Maine.

    I am from Argentina, thus Latino, and I have never heard someone saying that going to a therapist is a sign of weakness. Not every Latino country has the same culture.

  4. How about fuckin latinos talk about BIRTH CONTROL ??? When does that video get made ?? Can't afford 1 so y'all have fuckin 5. IT's disgusting. Try using some fucking birth control. Latino breeding is repulsive.

  5. I'm far from being politically correct or dividing people based on race, but for those wondering why this is addressed to Latinos specifically, clearly aren't Latino. There is a problem in Catholic-rooted cultures, of which Latino ones make up the largest, where mental health is taboo and swept under the rug. If you have problems, you just have to "deal with it" or "just pray". These are of course, totally wrong and damaging and leads to depression, alcoholism, and potentially suicide, the worst offense for a Catholic I might add. As someone who is half white, and half central american, I've seen both sides. The white parent would tell me to talk to a counselor if I need help, whereas the Latin parent would say to get over it. This is a problem endemic to Hispanics, and I'm sorry you have the anti-SJW stick so far up your ass you can't take the time to understand why this video needed to be addressed to Hispanics specifically.

  6. I'm Hispanic and currently I'm attending therapy. I was very young when I began therapy and I basically had my childhood ripped from me because of my anxiety and depression… I've nearly tried to commit suicide but luckily my parents were there to help me through it… I never noticed how lucky I was to have a mom that supports me and helps me with my struggles… I'm thankful for this video for making me realise how lucky I am to have a mom who supports me… if you are reading this right now comment about your day so far. I would love to hear about it.. anyways my love goes out to everyone struggling with any type of mental disorder, you can get through it. I know you can💜💜💜

  7. The whole ignoring mental health is so similar in ireland, my parents lived through the troubles and they never were able to show their own problems out without getting shamed for feeling anything. They have a complete lack of Empathy because no one showed them that


  9. Mental health diagnosis for latinos is get the chanclas, anything that cant be beaten out. Is possession by the devil.

  10. More serial killers and child rapist in south america than anywhere else… Check your local sex offender list and FBI sex offender list. Fix yourself, dont run for help in a place your kids will just be monsters anyway. Your problem, not USA's.

  11. great video, mental health is something that should be considered by all races especially latinos keep up the good work.

  12. whoah theyre wrong sometimes u need to let the parent know they are failing if they reaaly are it, fixes problems

  13. I work in Michigan, Indiana and Kentucky which growing up in California I grew up with Asians and other cultures which I am lucky to be multiculturalism. They are catching up. Presently working in waxahachie Texas which we need more Asian brothers to mix it up. Latino Asian

  14. what does this have to do with race. should just be a informational video on how to correctly deal with depression.


  16. there's so many races of adolescents in U.S. going through major depression. to focus solely on mexicans and whites is fucked up just because they are the majority. plz..

  17. i know for a fact no one gave a shit about my problems, asian adolescents and black adolescents probably have it the worst compared to whites and hispanics….. yet no one stands up for depression in asian culture or teaches society to care for them and let them be themselves.

  18. I am a middle age white man who only speaks English, but I identify as a 24 year old Mixtec woman who immigrated to the US and is currently undocumented. This video was extremely helpful in dealing the my mental health.

  19. It's culture and immigration. Most of the Latinos coming here work their asses off to survive and give their kids good lives, so they have to sacrifice and can't get things like being bi polar, or adhd, or clinically depressed checked out. Everything they do is for the good of their families so the families are very very tight knit. So they talk to each other about everything that "white" people don't. Those kind of things lead to stigma in those 2nd and 3rd generation kids where "family can take of everything" which keeps people from getting checked out when they have the ability to.

    Most immigrants coming from Latin countries are hardworking, extremely family oriented people with strong christian back grounds who want to give their children better lives and are willing to sacrifice everything, every hour of their lives to achieving that goal. They aren't going out clubbing, playing around youtube or facebook or tinder, they are working 14 to 16 hours days for weeks straight without a day off in 100+ degree weather. Unless you are around them for years, you don't fully understand their insane work ethic or how singularly focused on taking care of their families they are, even if their family is back in Mexico.

  20. Who cares if you’re Latino or not? That don’t effect your mental health more foreigners looking for attention Sml.

  21. "Our parents worked very hard to give us everything"
    "But they are telling us to stop whining whaaah!"
    Yeah, They are also telling you to stop being such a entitled wimp and get over it.

  22. these facts are music to my ear. love hearing that mexicans arent as good as whites or blacks. makes me happy. fuck spanish. dont end all your words in o xD

  23. "There's nothing wrong with homosexuality"
    Actually there is. That's a birth defect. Not a lot you can do about it. Homosexual males are far more likely to get STD and other complications linked to their sexuality than any other group.

  24. My parents gave me good advice, Stop complaining, stand up for yourself because where not going to be here forever, never give up. Thanks mom and dad.

  25. I love how it presented as a brand like latinx! It's about time these creatures started dealing with their mental issues since they've been buying up America and forcing us to think they're sane nice community members instead of the borderline, narcissistic, arrogant, gimme, racists they are.

  26. First of all…If YOU WERE BORN in the United States, YOU ARE AN AMERICAN!!!!!!!!!! Second….. all of this affects every single person on the EARTH… no matter what RACE you are. The need for therapy has to come from the individual, If HE or SHE doesn't want it there is nothing anyone can do. And to Finish with this, If you really have issues and think of ending it all, I URGE you to think of all those people that really care for YOU!!!!…Mom, Dad, Son, Daughter, Brother, and Sister that will suffer because of the bad choices you might be contemplating. All I though of was my kids and family and all the reasons why I could not leave them alone…..Then 15 yrs later Still here and watching my kids grow and starting to make their own lives…..So happy I did not take the shortcut!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Ok this Video is soooo fucken dumb. You guys are not Hispanic, because Hispanic or Latino is not a Race its a culture. Your race from what I can see is indigenous aka Meztizo, aka Native Indian to your mother land. Races are white, black, Oriental, Mix etc. Race and culture are not one in the same. The fact that you refer to whites as whites and yourselves as Hispanics is insane. Canelo the Boxer is Mexican, but he he is white. Pittbull the rapper is Cuban Spaniard Decent and is white. Cameron Daiz the actress is Cuban Spanish decent and is ……. White! Spaniards are Hispanic and are mostly white especially in the Basque and North of Spain the South has more of a Morrish mix. You guys are not Hispanic and certainly not white. Call yourselves what you are, which is Indian and except who you are.

  28. fair enough but its hard for anyone with mental illness no matter what race u are so u should talk more proud not just one ethnic group

  29. This is amazing – more poc groups need to speak up and address the stigma to seeking mental health care. It is strong to realize we need support and ask for it – not weak. It is not a "white thing" to be in therapy, but a human thing. And we are fortunate that we have the understanding and tools for mental health self care that our parents and generations prior did not – so we should make the most of it. Healing and thriving begins with our generation! Keep up the good work.

  30. Blame it all on their parents, they are who have put these illegal immigrants through hell. Always on the look out for police, always feeling like outcasts because they came here illegally. I kinda generalize because a great majority of these Latino kids, are indeed children of illegal aliens. Sometimes is better to stay in your little hole, but knowing the system, speaking the language, and making an effort to contribute. Some of us who came here legally, can attest that you have enough stress with all the things you have to do and learn, why in the world would I put my children through hell, and scar them for life just so I can say I live in the US? Obviously, there are jobs in Mexico, Mexico should take care of their own people, pero los gobernantes Mejicanos son unos hijos de p, ladrones de m, y encima de todo, sinverguenzas que se aprovechan de la gente Americana.

  31. I was physically and mentally abused my stepdad when I was in kindergarten, and she refuses to get me help. I’m still trying to get help to this day, coming from a Cuban.

  32. Sometimes I feel like my dad swipes everything under the rug, he was abused as a child and his mother starved him for three days and eventually his dad finally fed him. He said that it was the only good thing he had done. Once he drunk himself almost to death and he was crying loudly about the beatings yelling out "why." He got his skull broken when his dad beat him to the ground and still has that scar. In his small town though, he always took the beatings for the children, and I admire that. He gets drunk if it catches up to him. I sometimes wish he could go to a therapist because its starting to get worse, hes been drinking a bit more. My Mom thinks going to a therapist means you're a failure, so I guess thats it, but my grandma thinks differently. At some point my aunts had anorexia and depression, my aunt would just drink tea and cry and the other would starve. My grandma helped them with it, I really love her.

  33. the solution here is to toughen up these soft ass kids, stop treating them like the world is flowers and rainbows. just my opinion

  34. Missed opportunity.
    Generations before us did not have the resources or understanding to objectively recognize or seek mental health due cost, accessibility, and the social impact it causes . Treating mental health has a dark horrific history throughout the world in all cultures that is historically worse for the poor, woman , disabled, and factors like parts of the world or country you’re in. African Americans in the USA is a factual example of the injustices that has fueled the existing mistrust for doctors and the pharmaceutical industry. It’s not just “ Hispanic Panic”

  35. As a white person who has spent years getting help/therapy/medication/counseling and going into hospitals, I can confirm that latinos have a higher percentage of having a mental health problem, especially in Texas where I live.


  37. There are studies that show that talking to a sympathetic friend is often better – and certainly less expensive – than therapy. And logically, talking to a friend is safer than the side effects of some of these drugs that actually increase the risk of suicide in depressed patients. Latino or not, it is important to find the sympathetic ear, but in the end there is a need to “get over it.” Immigrants face challenges. My German grandmother struggled with some mental health issues as an immigrant. A Lebanese woman of our acquaintance also struggled with mental health/social challenges because she could not acclimate to a safer neighborhood from being in an unsafe one, and to language barriers that were difficult for her to overcome. On the other hand, my husband (from Mexico) and grandfather and the spouse of this Lebanese woman thrived as immigrants. We are all different. There are other factors affecting mental health today – some political beliefs foster victimhood and feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. The world is reaching a state of both real and perceived crisis that is an ongoing background of doom. And we are all being affected by the changes in our food supply and the rapid and unhealthy increase in electromagnetic radiation of various types on top of a predominantly indoor, natural-light-deprived environment: and we need proper light signally to our eyeballs in order to function normally. We can’t control huge systems that are poisoning our world – at least not in time to enjoy childhood, high school and college. But I am encouraged that people like Mikayla Peterson and her father, Jordan Peterson (a psychologist) have found freedom from anxiety and depression and a host of other physical problems by switching to a carnivore diet. Crazy, huh? Apparently, a diet with other stuff in it doesn’t work as well in today’s environment. Research and listen to videos on the topic if you are interested in learning more. Kelly Hogan’s Zero Carb Diet (anxiety and obesity solved), Amber O’Hearn 9-year Keto-Carnivore pioneer (the diet fixed her Bipolar disorder), The Carnivore Diet Saved My Life (Andrew Donovan, severe IBS healed), Overcoming Psychiatric Problems by Healing the Digestive System – Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride (MD talks about Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet, also known as the GAPS Diet) – those are enough to get you started. Hispanics are particularly vulnerable to diabetes, and getting rid of carbs can help a lot with preventing/controlling it. An all-animal-product diet has historically been proven as well; I hope this helps someone realize that there are answers to mental health problems beyond what the “official” channels will tell you. Some find that they literally need to dig deep into spiritual issues, dig up the lies that they believe, forgive people who have wronged them, and create a new perspective on a lot of things. Others need to adjust their environment more than anything else: get away from wifi and screens and phones, sleep normal hours with the sunrise and sunset marking day and night. All are important, but which thing(s) are most effective depend on the individual’s weakest point(s).

  38. Firs generation Mexican here in the US, I also dealt with suicidal thoughts but I just dealt with it by thinking that shit was for weak people that can take what live throws at them and I got a dog and little by little I came out of it I sometimes feel depress but I star thinking that if I let that shit take me who is going to take care of my pet and soon enough I forget about it. I been doing so much better since I started thinking like that besides that is how I was raise by thinking that crying and bitching about stuff are all sign of weakness specially if you are a man and I know not everybody think the same and I respect that but I was also though compassion, understanding and to help my fellow people. I also spoke with my parent about it but they thought I was just being lazy and that I didn't want to work so like I previously said I wasn't going to go and talk with someone so that he would give me some fucking pills or charge more that $100.00 just to listen to my problems, like I said I dealt with it by my self and I get not everybody is like that specially second generations for some reason they think life is harder here in the use always complaining about school and job when they didn't have to deal with real problem back in Mexico.

  39. what social/culturally/environmental changes should be made to prevent the stigmatization of mental illness in the latino/latina community to further continue within generations?

  40. Okay, just to educate, Hispanic isn't a race. Latin culture comes from Europe. What cultures are latin? France, Spain, Italy and Portugal. Now in those countries what you see prodominately are white people. South American Hispanics aren't the Europeans of Latin countries as they once were. After years of mingling with native cultures and the American Indians there is a mix of Native and European descendents which do not represent Latinos in general, as a Latino who's family hails from Spain I can tell you I share zero solidarity with Latinos from South America. Their culture is backwards, their children experience this stress because savage cultures still exist in their societies that are rooted in their Native American ancestry. They need all the help they can get, but remember white people are the real Latinos, white people created Latin culture and English and Spanish speaking white peoples share the same race, even if their language is different. Which brings me to my first point, that Hispanic is not a race.

  41. Why listen to latinos talk about anything when their countries and culture blows. That's why they all want to come to the US.

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