Large family Meal prep for week…GATHERING my FRAGMENTS

Large family Meal prep for week...GATHERING my FRAGMENTS

hey guys hope you're having a great day today all right today is a gather up your fragments weekly food private day so I've been doing those instead of doing it once a month cooking I just did my meat and certain things but today is gonna be like a weekly thing I've been try and do that once a week make most of my meals for the week so that I have an easier we can just throw them in the pressure cooker or throw them in the oven or whatever I'm choosing to do so we're just gonna go along with our day we've got some school to do some house to clean up we got some little I got my outlet plugs I'm gonna put on the walls because I'm a fan I picked those up yesterday so it's gonna be a good day so you guys just come along where I say we're gonna make alright guys like that little shirt that was for Chris shirt I'm like whoo that's a cute little funny joke if it is for coffee even though I haven't even had more than him I had a cup today so I've enjoyed my Smitty today so there's all done curls oh she just had to go spray her kitties that's her job I said you bring those cat song you were gonna flee prevent them so we use our spray this this is the good stuff member the national care from Walmart not sponsor I just bought it but it works so good and all-natural this is the same drops we use on Ruby and Maxine and it works awesome and what is this about pepper it's like you'll be your head limit winter pan who is really like it for the next seven years but they won't they smell just watch if you get sorry I bring them seven CAD Lauren I'm like I'm Adam and I'm like Lauren your spray the kiss they're so mean cuz you gotta hold it there so you got a link right and they're all ready to cry so I'm like Lauren that's yours yeah I can't be mean for kitties so then they take off the B don't see him for half the day today so they'll come back tomorrow so we only just once a month awesome though very good great stuff so doesn't that seem right for lunch we are doing leftover I still have tackled me and refried beans we're making Mexican girl cheese pizza for lunch super simple okay so we're finally done with all of our stuff for the day like school all that kind of stuff so now the girls are gonna work on downstairs welcome to keep plenty in there downstairs because the guy's been working outside the garden tracking it a lot of dirt so they're doing like a really good clean up there then I'm gonna go on the yard the little boys you can't kind of pick up the are because there's a lot of miss the yard so I'm gonna be in the kitchen here doing work so what I'm gonna do today I was making my list of things I'm gonna make so what I'm gonna make today I'm gonna make some snooty pops because we're out waiting we really like those chocolate popcorn because they love that I make some hard-boiled eggs just to munch on cuz it's quick and easy for you for Steven for whoever would like them and then for my meals I was looking someone gave me a beef noodle broccoli I want to say whatever dumb Rio Grande Lilly this this is your recipe so I'm gonna put some beef I have fullness B from sticks let me put those in my pressure cooker and give that cooking and then you put some spices not how you want to do this I'm gonna cook that in there I'm like a high pressure so it cooks real tender and then my other one I'm gonna make some hard-boiled eggs right now and then I'm gonna make sweet sour chicken I think somebody wrote and wrote down something because I'm I fell enough to look so we gave you a recipe for sweet sergeant for a grunt do that so it's maybe two meals third meal is gonna be macaroni and cheese and hot dogs because we have a lot of those hot dogs the fourth one is going to be I'm gonna cook the bacon for club sandwiches and run a potato soup with s so that'll be four meals say it's Tuesday would be Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday that'd be plenty and then I'm also for myself I have some chicken that I made last night no rush but heard it was so good so I'm gonna chop some of that up and make a little bit of rice black beans corn that was delicious so that's what we're gonna make taste for Cinco lawns and put my beef in your first and my eggs got my turkey bacon here to go in the oven this is gonna be for club sandwiches and that also have a container of chicken enchiladas do you remember what I did my once a month my largest freezer meal cooking day that one was my biggest viewed video ever everybody thinks we eat like the whole time we do not so this was just one of the recipes I still had leftover I that was the last one in my freezer downstairs so I put in the frigerator yesterday to thaw so I'm gonna bake it and leave it something that we did some time okay so the Bacon's cook in the beef is cooking I'm gonna start to enjoy tea perhaps now that will take some time I mix those up right now it's gonna be yogurt bananas and berries that's easy no sugar which is awesome so the kids man eating these like crazy this summer I've gone through so much I haven't even made yogurt ISTE we just keep mixing in a smoothie pop so okay so many one more batch this would be three quarts of yogurt smoothies – my fries and the good form so okay my ex just got done had a moment of pressure cooker explosion that explosion blowout I guess it's the one this one was all fine this one started going like making like a high siren noise like babe and I'm like oh my goodness and steam was kind of going out of the sides and so I am like okay right away I might get the kids out the kitchen every other kitchen and then I immediately took my I should shut it off of course took this quick release and flung it off really quick so it would do a real quick fast release of the steam cookies it's gonna explode or something's gonna be wrong you need to get the steam out of here otherwise it will explode or can't explode so after I did that that that was finally took it off and I just we had made the see it make sure this feels good maybe there was some kind of someone's stuck in the sea I don't know but then turned it back on it's good to go now so these are my eggs I'm going to take these and put them in the sink right I'm gonna use the pressure cooker again so let me move out my stuff here so all I do not too hot you can take your butter in this thing and then I go freeze our over here let me get the freezin just hold the ISO just easier bring you back here and support my top that's my method of eggs and it works I have try you've seen in my old videos like I cannot do eggs I don't know what I do wrong it seems like they appeal and I always have to pull the edges off it what a mess even moving here was like so bad and so I'm like I did the pressure cooker and those have a whole lot better when Matthew was here one day Laurens fiance and he's like I have put what about putting the sink into my side and I'm like okay he's like just what I'm sick but I'm still they cool in that start peeling I'm like okay Matthew are you sure you know what you're doing and he did and that's how I do it so thank you Matthew you're gonna be you're gonna be the new deviled egg or an angel egg when you come to family get-togethers I bet this stuff that's done let that cool right now I'm going to pour the rest of it that I can of a smoothies here and I move on to something else okay on my timer I put 30 minutes because I will forget to put popsicle sticks in those smoothies because I always do that I'm like I'm trying to shove them in there so 30 minutes to remind myself okay be the still cookin can't do the chicken because I need the pressure cooker smoothie pop like we did you Marian cheese no I'm too soon let's get two pots go in and do macaroni cheese and okay I got the water boiling for the potatoes and tsunami mix kind of potatoes I'm only got ten potatoes last time I did that many and that was really good number four stupid kiss number I'm trying to downsize on soup these are good potatoes so I will be saving the skins on this one I don't always because they're usually disgusting that I would not give it to my family so I'm going to do that and then since the oven is arms go in the oven and bake oh hey Google okay Bacon's done I'm gonna put this out and then we'll put the up shade of skins on here okay decided to do my cream cheese for dinner tonight so instead of put this if they're dreaded the rest of me I'll put in for Jenna for another couple days so I'm just a confident it's not completely melted I'll put in the oven here when the oven gets free of one dish the trusty chef Jensen over here we are gonna mix up sweet sour chicken a long time ago Nicole Nicole Nicole up banister that's it either irony I've been hit ring sorry she gave me recipes to the craving like so we are gonna try out so I caught the chicken love that chicken from the bargain actually that was congealed school or markets bargain foods best chicken ever I go back no it'll have two freezers I'm gonna get a bunch of it cuz it is so good so what we're gonna do we're gonna make a marinade you know what a marinade is I think of marinades for chicken marinate some meat to get the flavor infused in the meat he thought I said manage so we are gonna eat her recipe is 2 teaspoons of soy sauce 1 teaspoon of rice wine vinegar pepper salt and sesame now why new fresh mine it's called rice wine vinegar no we don't have wine know it so we're gonna marinate that for 20 minutes it says and then we're gonna make a sauce which is 8 tablespoons of rice vinegar or a tablespoon of sugar 2 teaspoons of soy 6 tablespoons of catch and we're gonna mix it up and then I'm going to hers was to cook it a walk and have a walk I had a walk us to keep it because don't keep more things than I need and so we're going to put in the air so I'm gonna fry it and see what it does I don't know we're gonna do that it'll be good so we're gonna do that right in that or it makes up a marinade so we're gonna go up to the fridge ncbi's soy sauce let's state I might get a new one though we do need this ketchup there's a kitchen I'll get ketchup we're gonna do things a little bit anyway cuz I always do you think Amy's way so what we're gonna do that's it put it shut that door okay so we are going to do some mason suggests we're gonna do a little bit different starting to contact we're gonna come down here Jensen oh I would just put that in here we are gonna put our scoop in that in there get one big scoop you need to I don't touch the chicken cuz it's gonna get stuck there you go okay then we're gonna add some ginger I'm gonna like this it's shiny easy that's that here's another counter and then we're going to ask onion wait that's not good here's the salt pepper you do this one I think it's not the pepper huh and then any sesame oil – just sesame oil get that covered pepper Jensen and I don't have wine vinegar I do have rice a little bit we're going to do with what we got I only got a little bit and soy okay that's good we don't hurt anybody okay or the head you put salt and pour that in do a little bit more looking fantastic I just don't touch it with that bomb all right okay that's good not see if I'll start it even fling any chickens everywhere it's kind of frozen it's not here it's more this i like sesame oil so i'm gonna add more to this before I plant and pour a bunch in there Joey okay don't touch the chicken okay there you go that's good for you let this sit on it go for this frigerator listen all right squeeze ketchup it says six people to catch up but we're gonna do it a little bit more red squeeze this in here kind of do sweet six squeezes okay traps in under good squeezes count six times roguish give a shaking ready it's count one then do nothing yeah yeah oh yeah it's a three four a little bit more because we're like doubling it doing good squeeze a little more muscles okay I'm going to add all this that's all I got get some sugar remember the ones that boy yeah anyway this is that okay right there hers was two teaspoons of soy were to do a little bit more of a head okay I'm gonna add some sugar okay step right there okay just gonna stir this really good here just carefully tsukitachi I know guys start really slow I do that one real slow it does it's the sauce this is the yeah I'm gonna add a little bit of vinegar because it had eight tablespoons I didn't have that much stir then stir that okay we're trying to see what tastes right rinses up noth-nothing you're done just a pond here that's not like to configure it so can i slick it a little sweeter do you think like I need a little bit more sugar beef here and I'm going to chocolate right it's not chocolate I mean he's gonna stir that I'm gonna take my beat it's nice this is a round roast so they are not super full apart tender that's hot smells really good yeah I'm gonna put a pan out on a cutting board here and I'm gonna need a chopper I'll use scissors chop up the pieces into tiny pieces chop up the pieces and tiny pieces imma chop the beef into small pieces okay okay this one she has adding garlic which I did an onion I put mr. white ginger with a little bit of powdered ginger in here her ground ginger powder or check crown let me get my soy sauce I hid it away okay okay so then it is this is gonna taste really good soy sauce sesame seed oil she has thickened with cornstarch I actually think ahead quick stir that's good okay so I'm gonna do is kind of make sure that was a clean pork stir this up okay like I said it doesn't it to get what I would dinner can let me try a little always try home oh so missing it good really good a little bit so what I'm going to do is put broccoli on top and then I'm gonna plan just give me some meat on here don't for the no that's what you can put broccoli on top and then my noodles I'm gonna cook more so put it all together self a brought food here I didn't ruin the keyboard oh it's so good sorry it's Chinese Jenson so I'm gonna add broccoli here not all the broccoli I have this broccoli I'll cook the rest for dinner I'm gonna put the lid on it and just do like a pig let that bake in there so that's good this is gonna be one second remake rights I think so we use this tonight I'll put this in a dish or tonight with our macaroni cheese feel for you can tell us like restaurant leftover food system nice and good and unlabeled visitors think it's F okay that's my beef news I feel weak for noodles let me see if the water is boiling so I'm going to add my fettuccine but I've angel your pasta let me clean my mess alright so everything's kind of cook in a wait for the noodles to finish so I can add it to the beef the sweet side she cannot get going a minute but I'm gonna mix up some meals for myself I know when I was doing healthy eating all that fun stuff I would eat like salads and soups I talked about that my video to speak about just how hard it is to you know it's not hard to get how you you do have to focus and you just have to make sure you make wise choices under food so I've been drinking my shakes I've been making them later in the morning and just making like a bigger one and then that kind of I drink a sip on that the breakfast and for my lunch and that works out really good that I'm not starving so and then I'm having to get dinner and so what I've been I was using my chicken fajita meat that's okay me it's then I bought those little chicken things to been making food with I just cooked it yesterday for dinner and the pressure cooker with my little special seasonings basically it's a salad dressing mix packed like a ranch packet but it's it would be like the Italian dressing or whatever so I just put that in there was some water the chicken was so so good look at this it's all right here so what I'm gonna do because I enjoy eating this the other day I made some with couscous and had some that was some corn that I had cognate was really good so I'm thinking I'm gonna put together a little bowls yes that's not huge but this will be good with something else for dinner so I'm gonna make these put some chicken in it and I bought I know every okay I found out I do not love the cauliflower fake rice it's okay it just has I have this is the lemon one and I was thinking it was the lemon but I feel like it cauliflower days work I know my cauliflower just has been dancing to it so I'm gonna do is I have leftover rice and here's the cauliflower so in metal bowls I'm gonna mix it a little bit so don't get full wrist but I do get some of the cop car so I'm gonna do that with chicken is my favorite fresh salsa I'm gonna do this I just open a camp corn because I didn't want to cook a frozen corn and this is black beans that I cooked a long time ago it's been in my fries and I'm like I'm eating these up so I'm just gonna make like a little bowl of it I guess and then pour some sauce on top and then when I'm ready to eat it heat it up in the microwave so that'll be a really easy dinner for me okay with the leftover one I just made one big bowl supposed to be a really nice billing dinner tonight for me okay this is really good broccoli so thank you to Rios at Rio Grande Lily yes Rio Grande Lily this was awesome so I'm just gonna put a little bit of this to put this in the fridge and let it cool first before I plant for sure that's one more dish done I was supposed to use angel hair pasta and I was like no no that's a big possum I grabbed this spaghetti back was an accident I have some leftover but I also have some spaghetti sauce left over and great mine says so I'm probably gonna suffer there put some the noodles in with that so he can eat that as a meal so this is awesome one right here a Betty good love it let's get going okay so I got so much done I've got the smoothie pops oh let's do something else first with my I was inside a container here I'll talk to you what I'm doing so I've got my dinner the beef and broccoli if the noodles is really good memory and cheese in the oven I'll stir that a little bit I made the potato soup with ham cut up and then I'll have make that with club sandwiches and then I have a plate of spaghetti but Greg I actually have extra spaghetti noodles as well reporter what's those and then I made meals for myself get a little protein things there and made a big dish for tonight for me and then I also made a bunch of hard-boiled eggs as well so begin to munch on my go smoothie perhaps here and kind of stack it on because they're not completely frozen that's okay all right so I'm gonna put this in the freezer right now and then mix do the rest of the batches and then I'm starting the airfryer I'm India okay so the recipe had just using it in a wok and sautรฉing the chicken so I'm gonna just put in your parents see what it does I don't know I feel like it needs something else side to be crispy but I don't we're all new to this so I'm going to do that and then we're doing great with food how good cause okay so here will be my dinner for tonight here's a big ol place to get it for my husband the meats on the bottom these are the potato skins look how delicious everybody was money that was like right now cuz they're that good potato soup this is the chicken enchilada I think it's cuz it's actually really really good it tastes like salsa and cream and chicken soup basically so that's really good there's the beat one beat Possible's in there and here I've got my meals right here there's mine there's bacon and this is the left of a spaghetti so that's perfect and uh we get the macaroni cooking let's see let's see if we can look at it here's macaroni I just stirred it so it'll be good and ready a little bit Oh guys put my dishes away I'm like wait a minute I forgot to make rice or the Chinese stuff I just pulled up a pressure cooker again too much rice don't make it small checkups all right stupid small side okay so the only thing I'm gonna make is chocolate so what do you guys talking about the Sabri popcorn things without microwave genius awesomeness love it we were using the air popper because I was healthy going better cuz didn't like the Mike red stuff this is rigged so don't fill up this tremendous bowl okay awesome what you did not see was I just picked up half a gallon of kool-aid that I spill all over the floor of my frigerator that's classic I was gonna like Johnny carob but I was like so what I did is I put my little spout thing I had my glass jar usually put on the top shelf I'm like not put on the bottom shelf that'll be great well then I shut the door and the door hit this about so I'll sit here in like way so it weren't a common came around up students like mom there's water coming in through the ceiling it's on like what say yes to curly the careful so put that in I just clean that off so now it's nice and clean I've already played it probably one big push or spot under my fridge are all sticky forever but hopefully it's good the right the chicken turn it awesome love the air for our chicken that way so I was thinking it after bread it but you don't Brooklyn's mix it up and then I'm going to put the rice which is down three minutes on top so I think it tastes good Oh sniffed it try it I'm a shy one which – yeah there's chicken writing sweet sour chicken oh that's definitely marinating there's also that it's really good they're okay they only need a deal one is that it's not crispy that's okay okay weird you popcorn I'm and mix up chocolate milk chocolate and put that on the popcorn okay so we're going to use our candy quick here I got this this one I think is from Walmart but I did get a bunch of this from the discount store so what I'm gonna do with that whole thing in here I'm gonna take about half this coconut oil yeah you you do yeah and I'm just a do it all Brooklyn we're gonna do it off okay put this in microwave and melt it and meanwhile we're going to put backers and then we got imitation butter flavored popcorn salt kids favorite snack mi okay that was way too much coconut oil that's her fault she said to do it no so what we did was we just put two more chunks of chocolate I know we're gonna have a lot of people outside one to make so she's just pour it put two more chunks in there she's just stirring it away all right all the chocolate you saw that mine was more fluffy because that isn't that Brooke winter and if that was me so she is over here she's like let's put there she's like let's put the M&Ms in rainbow cloud we could spy come on rainbow like I'm like what like that sounds fun to you she says absolutely so she is over there suffering the rainbow color or all the M&Ms and different colors and counting them on top of them so she's having math class right now just learn to have counted she doesn't do that she's okay and then she's gonna put a minute rainbow like so all my food is done the kitchen I'm finished I'm going to get out of kitchen put in here for about two hours half hours I think so I'm ready to get out of here it's been a good working day hair knocked it over to my desk and do a little work over there so if we're gonna do some of these M&Ms for you I like lookuprate Simon did you record them putting on just like hope so I did so look how beautiful they look look it oh wait it's a ball off counter look companies there's like a rainbow yeah very good they probably been very satisfying to watch you try out the colors Brooklyn right yes / Clinton failure next time now to feel a good job looking good look at all the kids okay I was like we're here isn't it you know what I think Mel C so we're good for these in Tampa the frigerator and just leave them out there I know kids let's pick on them at E and then this will be our snack so okay I'm gonna go over there you didn't do some work over there my computer okay all right so it's my first time coming outside what a great day I mean for a long day seems like a long day did a lot of stuff in the kitchen I was like you've been it's too white it's such a theory I'm just aback it's such a hot muggy steamy southern day today so again I can't wait to go back to the like hopefully this week we will be there I'm excited I'm needless swim Ruby Ruby's excited too so it was good day Meghan Oliver food I have all my meals done so no matter what I do all my dinners are done so this good way prepared for the week I like to do it during the middle of week which works out really good for me and then we have all our snacks to have which is good and tonight we're now they're having macaroni cheese and the hot dogs will they love that and I'm gonna heat up my rice cool my rice see chickeny Bowl whatever that is and it's gonna be a good day I set my computer and did a bunch of work a bunch of business emails I had to do and there's like a whole thing around the whole YouTube thing so I had to get a lot of that done get that finished do some check-in lots of good stuff so but it's good so now I'm like okay I feel like I'm done I took a few things I wanted to get done today that they did not moved him over to tomorrow's list so that I can do that because each day I have a little bit less and less like my week when I first looked at my calendar was completely I'm dude I'm like awesome well then Monday happens then I had to add a bunch of the Tuesday and so now today's Tuesday so I have to add some to Wednesday and then it'll be good though it's a great week so okay you guys thank you for watching thank you for watching or gather at fragment week and alright fragments I stuff so much stuff so thank you for watching my meal plan that's I'm a call thank you for watching my meal plan for the week kitty she's like under pretty kitty she's so sweet so okay you guys have a fantastic day and we are gonna see you guys again tomorrow with another day of something I don't know what but we will do something so okay have a great day bye bye you

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