KITCHENER- Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder, 2/3 HP & 3 Speed

KITCHENER- Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder, 2/3 HP & 3 Speed

This was the Kitchener Heavy-Duty 2/3
horsepower #12 Electric Meat grinder. Before using the meat grinder
disassemble all grinder heads and wash each part thoroughly in warm soapy water
and dry all part before reassembling. Insert the girding head into gear
housing, be sure the feeding tray throat is facing upward. While holding the
grinder head place locking knob into the hole on the side of motor housing and
tighten it clockwise. Insert the auger into the grinding head aligned with the
drive shaft model. Placing the cutting knife blade onto auger with the flat
edge of the blade facing outward. Place the desire girding plate to the grinders head and align with the indicated notch Last, firmly screw ring cap onto the
grinder head. Insert the meat tray onto the grinder head throat. Load hopper with prepared meat and
feed meat into the grinding head opening. For sausage stuffing, removed the cutting
blade from the grinder’s head and attache stuffing plate with a stuffing tube follow
by the ring cap. Place artificial or natural Intestine onto sausage tube. Feed
meat into the hopper opening. Turn switch to stuff position. Hold a casing in one
hand and slowly let the meat pull the casing from the tube. Twist or tie the
sausage into length as desired. If jamming occurs switch to the off
position then push switch to reverse for five seconds. Do this for four to five
times until the jam is released.

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