KING OF CARNITAS in MICHOACAN, MEXICO + Fruit Salad on STEROIDS | ULTIMATE Michoacan street food

KING OF CARNITAS in MICHOACAN, MEXICO + Fruit Salad on STEROIDS |  ULTIMATE Michoacan street food

I’ve got a little friend he’s wanting to get
into my pork Don Jaime muy rico, gracias, muchas gracias we’re in Michoacan Mexico and we’re here to eat we’re taking
you to the heart of this state’s street food, indigenous food all the food in this
incredible state Michoacan’s food culture is distinct bold and absolutely
delicious this is our second video from Michoacan and we’re eating some of the
state’s tastiest food we start off with Michoacan’s most famous food carnitas
we travel to Quiroga the heart of carnita’s country to eat succulent pork
from the king of carnitas, devour a fruit salad on steroids, sample the state’s
enchiladas and eat a dish which is the definition of ugly delicious in this
massive Mexico series we’re eating where the locals and sharing with you some of
the country’s best food from iconic street food to heritage recipes you
don’t want to miss this series get ready for some mouth-watering food I’m Thomas
and I’m Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate we hope you’re hungry let’s eat for this
video we’re in the state of Michoacan and we’re in the city of Morelia which
is the capital of the state so most of the video is going to be all around this
city however we are starting with this state’s most famous dish which is
carnitas and carnitas is you’ll get it all over the city however the town where
it began and the town where the real heart of this dish is is about 40, 45
kilometers outside of town so we’re going to get a couple of buses to get to
this much smaller country town to have some of the most incredible carnitas
you’ve ever seen I’m so pumped about this video because we
get to start it with carnitas, carnitas is Michoacan’s most famous food
carnitas are pork which has been slow cooked in its own fat and we thought if
we’re in Michoacan we may as well make the effort to go into the heart of
carnitas country and that is to the little town of Quiroga, Quiroga is famous
famous for its carnitas these are the best carnitas in the world
we’re actually right in town now and we’re standing in front of the plaza
there’s one two three four something like ten stalls lined up in front of the
plaza all selling carnitas I am super excited to get into these carnitas
this stall that we’ve got on our list to visit is rammed with people there’s about
five deep of people on either side of the stall so there’s not really a line as
such everyone’s just sort of crowded around the stall and then shuffling
their way forward I can see the carnitas and they look tender as anything muchas gracias so I’ve been waiting in line and I got
given a sample oh my gosh so I’ve got this really fluffy warm tortilla and
then look at the meat holy moly so that’s the pork which has been slowly
confit really I’ve got a little friend he’s wanting to get into my pork so the
carnitas is pork which is sort of slowly cooked in its own fat so confit style really all this little taste of the carnitas has done is just completely
whet my appetite I’ve got to get in for some more si gracias it’s really neat because everyone’s lining up really patiently but they’re
giving out samples to keep everyone happy so everyone’s just munching away
and waiting for their turn I managed to just put my order in so I
ordered four tacos I’ve just been given a whole plate of carnitas I ordered surtido which is a mix of lean and fatty bits and oh
my goodness look at that fatty bit of pork
I’ve got a few tortillas there and then they’ve got a whole load of pickles
and also some chilli and some nopales which is cactus right up there so you
can just help yourself I think I’m gonna get some jalapenos and
also some pickles alright so I’ve got a huge jalapeno here so I’m gonna grab that might
get a couple actually oh bottom of the barrel that was the last of it and also
some pickled onions and also some chili these are really gonna be great oh muy rico wow gracias oh my gosh I just got given some more so we were admiring a huge huge huge pile of carnitas that were there and I was sort of loitering about and then got given some
more to add onto my pile look I’m just gonna get into this I’m not even gonna
bother with the tortillas yet I’m just gonna get a bit of this meat and also
some of this fat here look at that it is so gelatinous all right unreal completely phenomenal the meat
is so tender the fatty bit of skin that I ate was a little bit gelatinous
holy moly I can see why they have such a crowd of people
so this stall is super famous because they are a fifth generation family
business they do the whole process from start to finish so they raise the pigs
they slaughter the pigs they cook up the carnitas then they bring it
out here to the plaza in Quiroga to sell and this is such a cool atmosphere
because people are yelling for everyone to come to the carnitas stand people are
tucking into the food on this street it is wild and so worth coming to the heart
of carnitas country in Michoacan to eat this famous food so carnitas is slow-cooked pork pork which is
cooked in its own fat in these big copper pots and you can get any cut of
the pig that you like so you can go for lean meat you can go for the fatty
meat you can go for offal you can even ask for uterus if you like I go for the
surtida he mix of the fatty meat and also the lean meat it is honestly
melt in your mouth I want to find a nice fatty bit as well under here ohhh look at that so
there’s a nice bit of skin which they’ve all cut into the lovely shape to get all
that fat in there when it’s been cooking and I’m gonna have a little bit of the
the leaner meat with that oh my god oh oh it’s so juicy
hmm it melts in your mouth it’s really salty as well in a good way so it’s very
well seasoned I’m gonna have some jalapeno to chase that whoa yum so pickled
jalapeno you often see them chopped but those are the whole jalapenos and that
is a beautiful zing nice little spice and cuts through all that fat and the
salt so really nice balance between the fattiness the saltiness and the zingyness
of that jalapeno and look at this place it is absolutely mad and it’s so
interesting like Sheena said that all of the other stalls don’t have a huge
crowd there’s a crowd at some of the stalls but this one is the
one to eat at it is absolutely going on off this fifth generation family
business has been around since 1898 that is so so phenomenal muchas gracias Don Jaime Don Jaime muy rico, gracias muchas gracias we’re now back in the city of Morelia so
we jumped back on the bus and I have to say how good it was going out to Quiroga
to have the carnitas so going to the home of that dish and that was not an
easy trip in the end so it was about 40-45 kilometers to get there and it took us
three hours on two different buses we got caught in the rain it was crazy but
so worth it because they were unreal but now we’re back in Morelia the sun is
back out and we are going to have gaspachos now gaspachos is not what I
think of here when I think of gaspachos I think of cold soup but that is not the
case here in Morelia it is a crazy dish which you have just got to see this
thing is wild when you walk into this gaspachos shop the smell hits now
gaspachos is all about fruit you can see up here there’s a tonne of chopped fruit
there’s rockmelon honeydew mango all sorts let’s go and order una normal litro por favor, litro? Si gracias, con todo muchas gracias si everything con
todo so we ordered a litre of gaspacho and we ordered it with
everything now this is a crazy snack come around here and look at them
chopping up all of the fruit so there’s papaya there’s pineapple there’s
all sorts of melons and the guys are going to mix that all up with a ton of
different ingredients so he did mention cheese and he mentioned chilli
so we’ll see what else goes in I can’t get over the smell of the fresh fruit it’s
like walking into a tropical paradise it is so strong and the guy’s just preparing
our one right now so there’s mango there’s pineapple there’s jicama
which is a Mexican turnip I suppose and then he’s adding some cheese wow
layers of cheese and fruit and hot sauce this is so crazy more chilli powder
more fruit oh look the piece de resistance orange juice wow he’s chucking on some fresh lime juice mandatory in Mexico bit of salt more cheese why not muchas gracias oh my gosh this gaspachos weighs a ton so a litre of fruit cheese
chilli sauce powdered chilli this is gonna set us up for the day this gaspachos is
totally nuts so definitely not what I think of when I think of gaspacho but
this is a regional specialty here in Morelia the shop we got this from has
been around since 1970 it was a really neat place buzzing with locals
going in there and getting their gaspachos feast for the day so we got a
litre so we’ve pretty much got a kilo here which is incredibly heavy
it’s hurting my wrist to hold it up so we’ve got all that cheese on top which
is the most interesting ingredient I think but so cheese it’s a hard cow’s
cheese we’ve got the chilli sauce the chilli powder is the brown stuff all of
the liquid is orange juice and then the fruit so we got there were two
versions this is the traditional version so there was a really colorful version
which had things like papaya and watermelon in but that’s not the
traditional one so we went with the traditional and it seemed that most
people were ordering this style as well I’m just going to dive in so we’ll get
some of that jicama we’ve got the pineapple there and some mango some
cheese some chilli oh that is good Oh spicy salty the perfect sweet salty spicy combo it’s
all going on that orange juice pulls it all together really nicely too look at
this spoon covered in all the good stuff that is so good it works so well I love
this sort of thing in Mexico and in Asian you see it a lot
fruits often tropical style fruit so nice sweet fruit with some sort of chilli on
them really common combination works so well and that added element of the
creamy cheese with the salt in the cheese works a treat will have a really
cool shop as well so much going on those huge piles of fruit looks so neat being
cut up Morelia is a beautiful town to explore
there’s stunning colonial architecture really ornate churches we’re just
passing through the zocalo at the moment the main square and we’re off to
find our next street food all along this stretch of road are a
number of stalls that specialise in antojitos which are small snacks so
we’re going to pop into one of them and grab some enchiladas so we have ordered
one lot of enchiladas the enchiladas placera here in Morelia are really
special they do them a certain way and then we ordered two glasses of atole
which is one of our favorite things to drink here it’s a corn dough drink and we
got chocolate flavored I love when you can get right up close
and see your food being cooked so she’s cooking up our potatoes and carrots for
the enchiladas placera and the smell is beautiful is it guajillo
chile? Wow you can see the tortillas being fried up in the oil she’s actually
dipped them in a guajillo chilli sauce and now she’s crumbling some cheese and also
some onions over it the smell is just intoxicating can’t wait to eat them ohhh what a plate of food so these
enchiladas placeras are a Morelian specialty so what they’re made up of you
will have seen what she did was she grabbed these tortillas and she
dipped them in a chilli sauce so a guajillo chilli and then she popped them
into the oil she sprinkled some cheese over the top
so the cheese is cotija cheese and it’s famous in Michoacan it’s a hard
cow’s milk cheese and then there’s a ton of cooked potatoes and carrots over the top
there’s some lettuce there’s some fresh onion to add a bit of crunch and
freshness and then there’s also some chicken get some of that cheese and the
lettuce and the onion and potato and carrot okay hmm I love this type of food because it
is just what it is the flavors are what you’re expecting
and they’re just so delicious the potato is smooth and creamy the guajillo
chilli sauce which the tortillas are dipped in it’s not that spicy just a
tiny little tangle but a really beautiful flavour I really really like
the lettuce and the onion on there because they add a real freshness and
zingyness time to get into this chicken so I’ve got a drumstick as well as a
wing so it looks super tender so grab a bit of the tortilla as well the
enchilada stuff some lettuce over the top hmm the chicken is super tender and I
love the cheese it adds a real saltiness to each mouthful this is
comfort food very very satisfying I’m washing down my enchiladas
placera with a mug of atole atole is drunk often in the mornings and it’s a really
warming drink it’s very hot but it’s beautiful it’s made out of masa which is
corn dough and so it’s got a really thick texture almost gluggy but in a
nice way and this is chocolate flavored you can get all sorts of flavors chocolate
flavor’s also known as champurrado it’s one of my favorites look at
it it’s got a great texture whoa something we haven’t stopped eating
whilst in Michoacan are paletas paletas are ice blocks and these ice blocks are
like nothing you’ve ever seen they’re ice blocks on steroids absolutely packed
chock full of fresh fruit now you can find paletas all over Mexico they’re
a very very common street food but we’re filming them here in Michoacan
because Michoacan is the home of the paleta the reason we love this paleta
shop is because their ice blocks are really jam-packed full of fruit so you
can get a milk version or a fruit version so I’m always so indecisive
because there are so many different delicious looking paletas ooooo una
guanabana por favor perfecto gracias alright I went with guanabana which is soursop and these paletas are just amazing
because they’re chock full of fruit like I was saying muchas gracias amiga hasta luego and they’re really really nice and thick so they have milk based
ones and also fruit based ones I find that the fruit based ones are really
refreshing you can see here it’s even got the
pits of the soursop if you’ve never had soursop before it tastes a little bit like apple
and pear to me and it’s almost got like a fibrous creamy texture really
delicious and super refreshing cause it’s little bit hot here today in Morelia next up we’re gonna grab some regional
food now I’ve seen a photo of this dish and I’ve got to tell you it’s not the
prettiest looking thing I’ve ever seen in my life
however the restaurant we are getting it from which is in this garage over here
in fact this white door garage gets incredible reviews locals have told us
this is the place to come and eat this regional food so I am very much looking
forward to trying out this dish here the dish that we’re here to eat is called morisqueta so it’s a traditional dish of the state of Michoacán it’s made up
of beans and rice and I think we ordered it with pork if I got my Spanish
correctly we ordered it with pork so beans rice pork and it’s cooked with a tomato based
sauce should be real good we’ve got the morisqueta and it
totally lives up to expectations of these photos I saw so it is definitely
not the best looking dish in the world so what we’ve got is some rice under here I
think there’s some frijoles you can just see there it’s underneath this tomato
sauce that’s all over it but so I think it’s doused in frijoles and then doused in
this tomato sauce and I believe it’s actually beef not pork so these chunks
of meat on the bone that’s the entire dish so I think this sums up quite a bit of what our channel’s about actually we’re about just finding those really regional or local things
really getting to the heart of the food in the place we’re visiting so we’re
clearly clearly not here because this is spectacular or click bait-y it’s just a plate of food but it’s a real
specially here and this place is really interesting this restaurant so it’s a
garage like I said it was it’s just a concrete floor with lines on the ground
actually where cars can park and it’s very full there’s a lot of people
here they have quite a big menu that everyone is eating this dish and this
dish alone so it’s incredibly popular with the locals let’s just dive in and
get some rice covered in that sauce and frijoles first yum that looks so bland but it’s not it’s
got a really good chilli just real kick really whacks you
quickly with a sharp spice a lot of tomato in there so you’ve got sweetness and
acidity from the tomato we’ve gotta try and rip into some of
this this beef break that off oh there we go break a little bit off
there so we got some beef just a hold lot of everything yea it’s good it’s not incredibly tender
or anything like that it came away from the bone but with a little bit of difficulty but then it’s not chewy and it’s just doused in all of that sauce and the sauce is what makes this it
is so much better than it looks I’m really glad it is quite spicy it
builds and builds it just jumped down my throat I’ve dug into this meat a bit and had
some by itself I had a very small piece before and the flavor of that sauce is
very strong so I couldn’t actually taste the meat but I’ve had some by itself
it’s not beef at all it’s pork so it’s very nice pork this dish can be made
with beef or with pork depending where you are but that is definitely pork it’s
just a perfect sort of homely feel to it so very nice dish to eat and totally
what we love to hunt down and I really like this restaurant it’s quite neat
packed with locals sitting in what is a garage and everyone is just chowing
into this dish pretty much and it’s great it’s very very good and really neat to
have such a regional dish while we’re here in Morelia

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