KFC® | SPICY Mac & Cheese Bowl Review 🌶️🧀🐔 | Peep THIS Out! 👴

KFC® | SPICY Mac & Cheese Bowl Review 🌶️🧀🐔 | Peep THIS Out! 👴

a comfort food classic takes the
spotlight here at KFC so let’s hit that drive-thru and set ourselves up
welcome to peep this out reviews with Ian K stay frosty actually peep this
out I would let’s go for that mac and cheese bowl the $5 Fill Up but the spicy
one with the Nashville hot sauce please let’s go Diet Pepsi today oh no that’s fine that’s it beautiful beautiful thank you man so creamy mac
and cheese popcorn chicken and some hot sauce how bad could that really be I
mean seriously hey good how you doing thank you thanks so much nice nice can’t beat that you know what
let’s go for it just in case Thank You Man I appreciate it you too stay frosty
we’ll see ya alright so without further ado let’s
peep this out so here we go with the spicy mac and cheese bowl from KFC
featuring that Nashville hot goodness drizzled all on top of their popcorn
chicken here guys tiny morsels of white meat that are battered up and fried to a
crispy golden brown there’s a decent amount of them here got a three cheese
blend that it’s got as well and that’s all on top of a bed of their creamy mac
and cheese and we see if we can go underneath here and take a look as you
can see we’ve got that elbow noodle action in there it looks pretty
plentiful guys as I’m going around here it definitely feels very very heavy this
is really a nice sized portion for five bucks here for sure and that’s what that
five bucks is gonna get you a cookie and a drink to go with but very excited to
see how the spicing is gonna be with everything here it’s kind of reminiscent
of like buffalo sauce on mac and cheese which is pretty awesome but I’m
definitely diggin the presentation of this one and again there’s definitely a
decent amount of that mac and cheese let me just give you another close up as
much as I can here we’re definitely gonna get into this right now
I’m thinking this is gonna deliver the flavor it definitely smells like it’s
gonna up so let’s just find out right now this is the all new spicy mac and
cheese bowl from KFC let’s peep out this flavor
yeah this thing is definitely packing some heftiness for sure just like
they’re regular famous bowls there’s a lot going on in terms of the weight with
this even though the ingredients are a little on the lighter side it’s only
three ingredients with the mac and cheese the popcorn chicken and the hot
sauce the guys I’m diggin what this is working with already so before I dive
into this and as always if you guys are fans of high quality delicious looking
food reviews make sure to hit that subscribe button down below and don’t
forget to tap that Bell icon so you could be notified as soon as new content
drops every week so let’s go for a little bit of everything which is really just
the main two things here since there’s plenty of that Nashville hot sauce Wow
here we go guys it’s the mac and cheese bowl with the Nashville hot goodness
here at KFC a little bit of the sizzle but nothing crazy
well it’s beginning to build though but it’s nice it’s really nice Wow you know
what that Nashville hot sauce is actually overpowering the flavor of that
popcorn chicken and the macaroni and cheese guys I mean I’m tasting that I’m
eating them all together but I’m not really getting a lot of flavor from
anything except in Nashville hot but the creaminess I’m tasting and the like
crunchiness of that chicken as well let’s keep going and here’s a nice chunk
of everything mmm let me just hold the bowl up again to give you another aerial
view this time with a closer look at that mac and cheese and it’s feeling
like it’s got about maybe 2 scoops worth so like two sides of mac and cheese if
you were to get a regular meal I kind of like the smaller ones and then it’s
topped off with that popcorn chicken the shredded blend that you see it over the
cheeses and then of course the Nashville hot sauce but guys not a bad combination
of goodies here and the flavor is decent and while I get that they need to offer a
spicy version because it’s actually very simple to do I think the regular version
might be just a little bit better because you make it more of a flavor
contrast with everything else that it’s got I mean it’s just macaroni and cheese
in the fried chicken so how bad could that be
but the Nashville hot is a little strong for this I have to admit I was thinking
this might be something reminiscent of like buffalo sauce and mac and cheese
which is a pretty nice combination because of what those flavors bring and
naturally the heat is there but with this it’s just a little too strong in my
opinion but the flavor like I said is fairly decent mmm and of course the
popcorn chicken is pretty nice as well some pieces are a little small some are
pretty medium sized there’s a couple of big ones in here but guys
you really can’t go wrong with what this is classic chicken over here at KFC the
breaded goodness just in little mini form mmm let me see if I can just try a
little bit of the mac and cheese on its own with not too much of that sauce
let’s give it a go well I guess that’s a no bueno situation because there is a
lot of Nashville hot sauce all throughout this here guys so the spice
is definitely there if you like Nashville hot you have a lot to look
forward to with this one but like I said it is gonna overpower slightly at least
in my opinion it is very very strong well like I mentioned earlier it’s got a
simple ingredients list but it does get the job done for the most part I mean if
you do like the popcorn chicken and the mac and cheese here at KFC you already
know what to expect but just be prepared with this Nashville hot sauce it really
does take things up to a different level in terms of the flavor not necessarily
in a good way in my opinion only because you can’t really taste everything
together with the exception of that oil based
Nashville well I gotta say because it seems to be the theme throughout this
review right now that the flavors on this were a muted just a little bit more
than I think they should have been considering the Nashville hot being what
it is I know it’s gonna add some heat I know it’s gonna add spice but it really
did at least in my opinion drown out the flavors of that macaroni and cheese on
the chicken and that’s really what I wanted to taste with everything together
evenly so unfortunately it’s gonna lose a point or two strictly because of that
but guys what I’m getting is a pretty hefty bowl and I have to admit for five
bucks with a drink and a cookie you’re gonna be full after you have this
I have a feeling so with all that said I’m gonna have to give the spicy mac and
cheese bowl featuring that Nashville hot goodness here at KFC just a pretty
decent 7.5 out of 10 and I think that’s completely fair based upon
my breakdown right now it was pretty much what I expected it to be but I just wished
the flavor was just a little bit more even across the board like I said and
now the all-important question are you gonna give this one a shot drop those
comments down below and let me know if you’re gonna give any of these mac and
cheese bowls a shot over here at KFC and if you are are you gonna go with a spicy
one like I did right now or are you gonna stick with the original drop those
comments down below and definitely let me know and with that this is Ian K
closing out another episode of peep this out bringing you brand new content every
single week here on my channel so while you stay tuned for that next review
coming real soon in the meantime stay frosty yeah definitely no Nashville
hot the next time out on this one for me but now that I think about it maybe I’ll
bring a little buffalo sauce alright everyone until next time I’ll talk to
you soon but hey real quick before you go in just in case you haven’t already
take a look at the last review that I put out right up over here a long
I think YouTube’s gonna recommend for you to check out as well as always I
think you’ll find something to like in both of them and I’ll definitely catch
ya in the next one see ya

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  2. I wonder when he says “peep this out” of “stay frosty” to these people in the drive thru…do they have any idea what any of that means?

  3. Way to peep this out looks good to know I'm gonna try it maybe you can order the regular with hot sauce on the side and add your own . And I always pack heat in my car with a bottle of Frank's

  4. Were the extra packets of “hot sauce”, they gave you, packaged Nashville Hot oil? Or something other?

    If it were, it would be great to order “regular”, then add your own amount of sauce.

  5. Great review. def going to have to try this. I'd for sure would go with the classic version, not much of a spicy guy myself. Kinda bummed we didn't get a bonus review of the cookie haha.

  6. I wouldn't get the spicy chicken Mac and cheese bowl from KFC I would for sure get the original bowl the spicy would mess the flavor up still a badass YouTube food review video it was classy

  7. I’d get the regular one and ask for their hot sauce in the packets. It’s not the Nashville hot, but It’s good.

  8. VERY nice job Ian! Nice breakdown likt always – I MAY or may not have filmed my review for this.. it may or may not be launched Monday ~ lol Thanks brotha!

  9. It looked ok I was thinking that it was going to mixed through like the popcorn chicken would been buried under the Mac and cheese. If we had a KFC I'd be there tomorrow but ours closed 4 years ago. Oh well til next time hope all is well with you and your family TTYL

  10. Order Chick-Fil-As mac n cheese and add an order of their bomb ass nuggets to it. You'll thank me later. Much better than this.

  11. Sounds disgusting to me. Mushy non crispy popcorn chicken no bueno. KFC mac and cheese isn't already any good imo 🤮🤮

  12. I give Daym Drops credit for creating this with Chick Fil A’s chicken & Mac n Cheese 🤷🏼‍♂️😂 looks good though lol

  13. I need to try this . Ways wanted to eat something like this from a fast food place lol. And great review . But may not be so good in my near locations lol.

  14. That looks pretty good I've never been a big fan of KFC's mac and cheese though I'll have to give it a shot thanks for a great review 🌶️🍗🧀

  15. I tried the mac n cheese from el pollo loco the other night, and youre right, its one of the best. even better than kfc.

  16. lol I live in Chicago , and the fast food drive through workers are nowhere as nice and jolly as it seems to be over there. Just a bunch of lazy workers with bad attitudes. Awesome vid!

  17. This reminds me of what I used to get from Chili’s or Applebee’s. It’s literally a meal with like honey chicken crispers on top of macaroni & cheese. The sweetness from the sauce on the chicken pairs with the Mac.

  18. Need to try! Finally tried Dominos Pan Pizza and that was a beautiful experience. No wonder you cursed when you tried it.

  19. I have been working at kfc for like 4 years I always get mac in Cheese and Famous bowl you should try Ranch in it is awesome with it

  20. I didn’t think this came out until the 26th! Gonna have to hit up a KFC and try the original one! I want to taste the cheese too!!

  21. Honestly I feel like their mac n cheese is very bland. Very creamy but bland. Not sure if "light" sauce would have made that much of a difference. I do like the famous bowl so I'd prolly check this out 🙂

  22. This looks great, but I don’t know if anything can beat the mashed potatoes. I’ll definitely be checking this out ASAP. You should try it with the Cheetos sauce on top of this.

  23. I can't do heat anymore. I like the flavor of hot sauces just can't stand the heat. For the most part, I always feel that overly hot sauces ruin the flavors and joy of eating delicious foods. Doesn't make sense to me

  24. I had the original version but it's like a simple concept they should of always had but absolutely fabulous on the original version since I always order mac and cheese and I do love the famous bowl

  25. I've been to KFC probably a hundred times or more in my life and never had that kind of customer service. Great employee at that location.

  26. Hey Ian! Thanks for the feedback with the bowl! Sorry we added too much Nashville Hot sauce! Thanks to your review now we know how to make it better! Thank you for all you do for the community letting people know an honest trustworthy review. Can't wait to see you next time!

  27. I blended my KFC Mac and Cheese and then drink it on my channel!

  28. I am going to give this one a shot. No to the Nashville hot. I wish they offered the Georgia gold or the Smoky mountain BBQ, they're more my favorite. I'll definitely go for that regular ones and the Mac and cheese. You get the drink, and cookie for 5 bucks, right? I want to thank you of course as always bringing us these quick info about these new items and I love your comments!! Your tastes are a lot like mine!!

  29. The Mac and Cheese itself just taste ok it could have more of a cheddar flavor but yeah the hot flavor does drown out everything else.

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