Kevin Hart Got Rejected From a Fast Food Job | Ridiculousness

Kevin Hart Got Rejected From a Fast Food Job | Ridiculousness

(audience cheering) – Welcome back to
Hartdiculousness, give it up for Kevin Hart. (audience cheering) – Thank you. – Okay, at one
point in the movie, old Teddy Walker decides to
get a job at Christian Chicken. – Christian Chicken. – Okay, that’s a
fast-food joint, right? – [Kevin] Yeah. – Now, in your life,
in your journey, have you ever had the
privilege of working at a fast-food place? – You know what, I actually
didn’t get the job. I tried to get a
job at McDonald’s. It’s probably one of the
moments where I felt like I wasn’t a bright individual.
(audience laughs) You get moments
where you’re like, “Man, maybe I’m just
not that smart.” (laughs)
The guy told me to my face. – You’re trying to tell
me that McDonald’s- – Yeah, McDonald’s. – Turned Kevin Hart down?
– [Kevin] Yeah. – This ain’t the job for you. – He told me I wasn’t
McDonald’s material. (audience laughs)
– He was right. – Man, wow, well
look, here’s the thing about fast-food joints. They have a tendency to get
a little bit violent at night and our category Fast
Feud, take a look. (audience cheers)
♪ Fast feud ♪ – [Steelo] Hey bro, they
fighting, they really fighting. – [Rob] Oh (beep) – [Steelo] Hey bro, I
just want my food, guys. – [Man Recording] Damn, damn. – [Kevin] What’d I tell
you I was gonna do. (audience laughs) – [Man Recording] Damn, damn. – What’d I tell
you I was gonna do. – [Steelo] Somebody getting
fired. Somebody getting fired. – [Man Recording] Damn
(audience laughs) She giving that work, two
piece biscuits, no cole slaw. – Go back, listen, he’s like,
“you got a two piece biscuit, “no cole slaw.” – [Man Recording] Damn,
she giving that work, two piece biscuits,
no cole slaw. (audience laughs) – You forgot my stupid buns, ma. – [Man Recording] I’m tired of
it, I’m gonna fry something. I’m tired of it. – [Kevin] Now come on, now. – [Man Recording]
I’m tired of it. (audience screaming
and laughing) – [Steelo] Okay. – [Rob] He legitimately said
with his eyes, “I’m only here “if somebody robs the place.” (audience laughs) – [Rob] “Y’all wanna fight,
that’s your own business.” (fast rock music) (car honks) – You’re not getting
your drink, go. (drink splashes)
(audience yells) – [Steelo] She did
the right thing. I respect her. – Go back, go back. Was she like employee
of the month? (audience laughs) Start your career today,
unless you’re Kevin Hart. (audience laughs) (glass shatters) – [Rob] All right, hold him off. Hold him off, Terry. Bruh, he’s like, “hold
him off, call the cops.” Aw (beep) he’s in now. He’s in. – [Steelo] He macing them? What man just carries mace? (audience laughs) – And you know that was
like a simple, like, “Hey, sorry about that, we
closed five minutes ago.” (audience laughs) “The fuck you did.” – There’s nothing funnier
than the look back when people want help, but they don’t know
where it get it from. Just look at him. (audience laughs) – [Rob] Because he
knows this is bad he’s gonna get in,
he’s gonna get in. (Kevin laughing) – Hey, hey. – [Rob] Stop playing with me, G. I already (beep) broke
one leg in somebody’s ass. Who wants some of this action? (audience gasps)
Oh (beep) – [Rob] Okay, okay,
all right, he’s down. Okay, okay, he’s down. (audience yells)
– [Rob] He’s down. So now, big Charlie’s
on his back. I’m gonna keep you
pinned down, fella. I’m gonna keep you pinned
down ’til the cops get here. (Chanel laughs) – [Rob] Okay pause, pause. But there’s someone in the
back that’s got a weapon who wants in on the action, go. – [Rob] “Aw, (beep). I dun
ready to use my stun gun. “Step back, step back now.” – [Steelo] She’s tasing him? (audience gasps)
(taser sound effect) – Let me tell you about
her with the taser. She been talking about
that taser all day at work. “I’m telling you
it work. It work. “Is he down? I’m coming
out with a taser.” – No, no, no. She had to
go back to her locker, “What was it, 7-7-1-7-7, oh
(beep) here we go (beep).” (audience laughs) – [Rob] There you
have it for Fast Feud. We’ll be right back with
more Hardiculousness. (audience cheering)
(fast rock music)

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  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha lmmfao crying hehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehhehehehhehehehhehehe πŸ™‚

  2. Rejected from working there, but will likely advertise well above that dumbass store manager.

    From short jokes to car jokes. Can't wait 'til he's BACK on stage!

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