Kelly Surprises Food Pantry Founder With Life-Changing Gift | Rad Humans | The Kelly Clarkson Show

Kelly Surprises Food Pantry Founder With Life-Changing Gift | Rad Humans | The Kelly Clarkson Show

– These are people who go above and beyond in their communities to make a difference. Meet Sharon y’all. (mellow electronic music) For nearly four decades, Sharon Straus has been the face of the Sunshine Pantry in Beaverton, Oregon. There, she provides food for the homeless, the unemployed and those struggling just to get by. The Sunshine Pantry turns no one away, and no questions are ever asked. Sharon’s selfless devotion to lift up those in need always comes with a warm smile. It is her life’s work and her passion. But sadly, after 38 years, the Sunshine Pantry recently closed its doors due to a lack of funding. Sharon is desperate for the pantry to reopen because she, more than anyone, understands how important it is to this community. (audience cheers and applauds) Please welcome the founder of the Sunshine Pantry, Sharon Straus, y’all. So the Pantry, it’s closed, right? It’s remained closed right now? – Right now, yeah. – Gosh well, before we get there, like how did it start? – About 40 years ago, my sons were in Cub Scouts. We decided to do a needy family project. I went to give the food out to the families. We did turkeys and hams and getting ready for the holidays. When that happened, I turned around and looked. The refrigerator was totally empty. It left such an impact in me that I thought, I gotta do something. This is not right. And so, I started feeding families, getting lists from people that knew other people that were having a problem. That’s how we did it. – Who does the pantry serve? – I serve everybody. They are always welcome. (audience cheers and applauds) I welcome them with open arms. – You serve people in need. – Yeah, a lot of times, they’ll ask me how they could qualify. And I said, “You already did that.” They go, “What do you mean?” I says, “You walked through my door.” (audience sighs) That’s the hardest thing is to walk through the door. – And ask for help. – That’s right. And so, when they come to us, we make it as easy as possible. – One of my favorite things, I will say that I read about the Sunshine Pantry and what you do. It’s very Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. You always have a little candy bars for kids. – Yes, yes. – I know that sounds so silly, but like, when you’re a kid and you’re. I didn’t grow up with a lot of money. That’s a lot, man. You’re like, you see all these kids at school with like, money for the vending machine or money, doin’ this. And you’re like, oh. And I’m like, searchin’ through cushions. (audience chuckles) I’m like, I gotta get that M&M package. – (chuckles) – So that’s so cool. So you do stuff like that for the kids, too. – Right. – So cool. – And it’s– – It’s something little they depend on, and it works out. – Yeah. – ‘Cause you know, a lotta kids, that’s the thing. You just gotta be there. There’s gotta be just constant, you know, just consistency. – That’s right. – And I think that, yeah. – One time, a gentleman walked into my pantry. He said that 20 years ago, he walked down to my house when he was a child, and I gave him a Three Musketeers bar. He remembered that. He hid it under his bed and cut it up in little pieces, so it would last. – That’s so cool. – So that was really exciting. – So see all these people you’re touching. So what happened? Why did it recently close? – Oh well, the landlord was doing an excellent business. He needed the whole building back. – Oh man. – So we’re workin’, trying to find a place that will be– – You want; you’re planning on reopening. – Oh absolutely, I’m lost without it. (audience applauds) – Yes, not only your loss, but I bet a lotta people will go in need. – Oh, it’s horrible. My phone doesn’t stop ringing. Are you open yet? I can hardly wait to say, “Yes, I’m open!” – Yeah. – I wanna be there. – Amen, yes. – So we need to be there.

90 Replies to “Kelly Surprises Food Pantry Founder With Life-Changing Gift | Rad Humans | The Kelly Clarkson Show

  1. The landlord's business was doing well so he took the building back to make more money and put a food pantry out that was feeding thousands. Boycott.

    Oh snap Beaverton Oregon this is in my neck of the woods.

  2. Omg this is an amazing story! I’m bawling!!!
    Kelly your show is going to move mountains!! Congrats!!!! 💖💖💖💜💜

  3. Wow Kelly, that took a lot of work to bring together.  You are now my favorite  person.  God bless you for this 🙂  Amazing.

  4. The show doesn’t air until 2 AM in Atlanta. How do I try to help fix this? It’s ridiculous and ATL is a huge market. I don’t like that they’re setting her up to fail here in Georgia.

  5. The story you presented got me emotional. It’s very nice to see good things happening when so many bad things are going on. Instead of materialistic Kelly took time from her new show to shine light on people in need. I like Kelly, a lot now.

  6. idk for y'all but it's my first time seeing her as a talk-show host which I was so excited because it perfectly works for her! omg!!!

  7. Kelly is so genuine and loving. She is so relatable and kind. Her show is wonderful. We need this kind of show. Kelly is positive and she let's others shine. Thank you Kelly! Love ya girl! 😊

  8. I was watching Ellen when they talked about how kelly never gives other people a chance to speak because she talks too much lol. I’m glad she’s doing better with that

  9. Growth & maturity is evident when we become selfless. Love your light Kelly. I bless your work and in that, your success.

  10. This first episode was great! Loved how you brought the whole group together to support this woman. It was beautiful. Also loved how you had the first responders there & made them feel special. I’ll be watching everyday that I can! I hope the show does well!

  11. After 39yrs living in Philly and Bmore I’m moving to Beaverton, OR in 2 months!!! My husband and I drove to Portland 3x now and we fell in love with the area… I can’t wait to support this lady when I get there!!! I love the people in the North West!!! Rad people there for sure!!!

  12. Kelly it would be awesome if you read this, you and your music has really changed my life, I love you and wish you the best with your new show, this was so touching, Thankyou for existing!!!♥️♥️♥️

  13. When I lived in Beaverton my family struggled and the Sunshine Pantry helped us out. I’m so happy that she got this help back from the community. It’s awesome to see.

  14. AWW SHARON STRAUSS I LOVE THAT WOMAN SO MUCH. She is such a gem in this world. I absolutely adore her. She always gives me big hugs and loads of advice every time I see her. I’m so glad she got some recognition finally 😭

  15. The thing with Kelly. She is not fake. We all know she is not faking this. Watch her very first American Idol audition when she was just a "normal" country girl. Same exact personality. I think this show will do very, very well. Just put a camera on Kelly and it's gold.

  16. This literally melted my heart! Omg you doing so good for them Kelly. Cannot wait to watch more. I don’t have cable to watch your show but I’ll watch on YouTube . I hit the bell and subscribed 🙂

  17. No Offence

    But if this is what ‘this’ talk show is built upon

    I’m sorry
    But MEHHHH
    I can not put up with such a narration

  18. Welp – This ruined my makeup. I honestly wasn't expecting that. What I love about the Kelly Clarkson show is that it started out with a mission to give back before it even really got going. Way to go Kelly – I think your show is going to go even further than you dreamed. 💞

  19. I luv every part of it accept the throwing out the donation money from the basket and they felt all over the table and floor. Yes, I understand they just wanted to show how much money they have collected and off course to surprise her. But I personally think the money that people contributed should be treated in respectable way.

  20. God bless those who serve their community, in what ever way the can and Kelly for bringing them into our homes with their positive messages.


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