Jealous About Restaurant Competition

Jealous About Restaurant Competition

Have you ever been jealous
about a competitor’s restaurant who might have longer
lines than you, or busier, or they’re expanding faster
than you are? We’ve all been there and I’m going
to address that right now. Hey, everybody. Ryan Gromfin here
– author, speaker, chef, restaurateur, and the founder of
the, as well as, and I’ve got a really fun
video topic for you this week. This is actually a user who
submitted this question – how do you deal with
jealousy or envy? It seems a competitor opened
up a new restaurant just two years ago and out of
nowhere, he’s opening up for more, how the fuck do
you do that? I can’t wrap my head around it,
it makes me jealous. They have such crappy
food and service, and yet they’re opening up multiple
restaurants, how do you deal with this? Well, it’s a really great question, but there’s
really three questions in there. So, the first question is how does
a restaurant that’s only two years old open up for more restaurants?
We’re going to get to that in a second. The second question is, how
is this even happening when they have reviews that say
their food and service is crappy? And then the third is, how do
you deal with jealousy? Well, the first thing I want to do is,
I want to address jealousy and whenever I feel jealous or
whenever clients or customers or guests or whatever you want to call
the people that I work with, whenever I see that, they’re starting to
feel jealous about something too, I ask a couple of questions, and
the first question is, is what I’m jealous
about real? Like is what I’m jealous about? Is it real, is it average, is it normal,
or is it extraordinary? Because it’s very possible that what you’re jealous of
is completely abnormal. I mean there are always going to
be companies or restaurant chains, or anyone or anything who
are the anomaly, the outlier, they just happen to
open at, the exact right moment, at the exact right time and the exact
right person happened to walk in and they exploded because of it. You really shouldn’t
justifiably be jealous of that because that’s
just an anomaly, but if what you’re jealous off,
or what you’re comparing to makes you jealous, the question
you have to ask then is, is it real? And if it is real, like if what
they’re doing is normal and average and expected
and not completely like abnormal like I just described,
then I move to the second question. And the second question
is basically, did I have a goal?
Have I put the effort in, where I can actually be feeling
this emotion of jealousy? See, usually jealousy
comes from we believe that we
should be somewhere at a certain point in time, we believe
we should be further along in a life cycle, we believe we should be further
along in a business cycle than where we are now, right? Like maybe
you’ve had a restaurant for four years and you feel like you should have
two or three locations by now, your competitors maybe have two or
three locations and you’re still at one, right? So you feel like
you’re behind on the business cycle, the growth cycle
that you set. So then the question that I ask myself,
or I want you to ask yourself is have you put in the work?
Do you have a plan? Did you have a plan? Day one when you opened, you may have said to yourself,
like, oh, I dream of one day, or it would be great one day,
or yeah, we’re going to have four locations in five years, but can you show me that plan? Can you show me in writing that plan? Can you show me your calendar that shows all the sacrifices
you made to get there? Can you show me the step-by-step
daily actions you were taking to ensure that happened or is it just something
you’re talking about, or you’ve talked about,
or you’ve dreamt about? One of my favorite Tony Robbins quotes
is something along the lines of, you know “show me your calendar
and I’ll predict your future”. What he means by that is…
another one of his quotes is “if you talk about it, it’s a dream.
If you planned for it, it’s a goal. If you schedule it,
it’s real. Alright, so basically like is
what you’re jealous of, is it even normal?And if it is normal,
have you put in the work for that? if not, you really can’t
be feeling jealous. You got to just go back and get back to
the drawing board and find out, you know what you
have done differently, and what should you
be doing different. Now, this brings up
the other questions, which is – how is a restaurant that’s only two years old
expanding to four locations? Well, I can quickly tell you that because
I’m working with a client right now whose restaurant is just
barely a year old and they’re going to open up
two more locations this year, how does that happen?
A couple of things. 1) maybe lightning in a bottle, right?
Maybe the right place at the right time, but also something
totally exciting, something totally unique,
something totally different, something totally buzz-worthy
to the point where they didn’t have the wherewithal
to open up a second and third location, but someone walked in who did, and someone walked in
who saw something different. They were a local business person, very successful, heard about the restaurant,
ate there, and they were like, wow! I need to talk to the owners,
there’s something amazing here. So, I often say, if you
want to get press, do something press-worthy. You know, the only way
you’re going to expand is if you’ve got something buzz-worthy, something people are
going to talk about. Otherwise, it’s just going to take a
long time and there’s nothing wrong with that, there’s nothing wrong
with putting together a long term plan, stashing away the cash
from the profits, and you know making a very
methodical slow growth, but these concepts that just go
from like 0 to 10 units instantly, they’re either very well connected financially,
or they did something amazing, something buzzworthy. And the second thing is how is this
happening when they’re reviews about their food and
their service or crappy? Well, I also want to kind of address that
one because a lot of times we say this, I talked to clients and customers
all the time who say our food so much better, it’s the
best in town, why aren’t we busier? Guys, I hate to say it,
here’s the thing – a lot of it doesn’t have
to do with your food. I mean that’s a given, yeah,
your food has to be great, and it’s a given that your
service has to be great, but sometimes it’s
more than that, sometimes it’s just a
great location, sometimes it’s something
exciting that’s happening. There are plenty of restaurants and you
can name them right now in your community that maybe have average food
and maybe average service, but they’re killing it, maybe it’s the location,
maybe it’s the ambiance, maybe it’s the place to
be seen. Whatever it is, you know you can’t
just rely on food. There’s so much more to
operating a restaurant than just food, and if you’re one of those
people that’s sitting here saying, well, our food is better and
our service is better, you got to start looking
further than that, you got to look deeper into it
and see why is that restaurant so busy and ours isn’t and give yourself
an honest assessment. I wish I could go deeper on this.
I could talk about this topic for hours, but I really wanted to
address that and I think my comments
here hopefully are going to help you on
your journey to becoming a highly successful restaurant owner and operator. I look forward to bringing you more videos
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7 Replies to “Jealous About Restaurant Competition

  1. Jealousy is a humble reaction. It's a healthy reaction. The actions that follow after, from an individual, are what define whether it is coming from a good place or not. If it is coming from a good place one can learn from others. One can even reach out and congratulate an operators success. This creates opportunities. If it comes from a bad place we can get defensive and not appreciate others successes. Therefore closing potential opportunities.

    You are absolutely correct in saying that down the street is an operator, which is skating by, with questionable food quality/ presentation choices, yet is absolutely killing it! I appreciate the areas in which they are excelling and realize that it's something that I could learn and take with me. The poorest reaction I could have would be to not be a patron because, "… I could do better".

  2. Hay I have a question. I work in a restaurant and the stuff use there phone some time. The manager try to make the put it away and some of them do. But there some that sneaks there phone and text people when the on the clock.

  3. It's a tough business. I just opened my second concept last week and I've felt so much hate. Not really sure why but it happens. Grow some thick skin and keep your head down and work. Still want to meet you as soon add things slow down for me. @sangriaontheburg and @alamobiscuitco

  4. Thanks for the video. I absolutely agree that a restaurant is more then just food and service, it must be buzz worthy and solve a real problem. I am 31 with a wife and four young kids. I live in the Dallas metroplex and I feel there is a big disservice to young families when it comes to dining options. We are starting up a new Mexican grill concept that will target millennial parents. We are close to signing a 5 year lease, pray for us ya'll!

  5. I like watching your videos. I have a suggestion for you.
    When I show you le vids to my mom she dont catch a lot of what you saying.
    But if you can add close caption that will be great, because a lot people from all over the world watch you videos and a lot people can read English but they have trouble listening. Just a small suggestion

  6. Thanks for all the great content Ryan. My goal is to be a multi-unit owner, but I have a lot of catching up to do. First step – get out of the industry that's been great to me (but I'm not passionate about), and back to into the industry that I love, as an agm. I'm a sponge right now, thanks again

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