Japanese Fast Food: Gyudon 牛丼

Japanese Fast Food: Gyudon 牛丼

joseon’s organic chemists it’s for it it was custom I see a guy Jade it is that here oh hi found a friend we’re gonna go eat dinner together and there is a skia right here Kia is a very famous Japanese restaurant they have you don’t I guess you’d call it people in English so I will show you guys what that’s like I’m like lucky boy rocky Gordie II knew he always so nanny edgy soda and vanilla the muscle but first let’s choose real food what kind of cute own are you gonna get I want each of on Taco munechika um this is a critical ski Hahnemann type mail so no you’re too long okay cause I’m all phases she’s only she Oh mm minutes these are my shake you don’t like the move oh she put it on it diet dummy submitted Kohanga 9x don’t go on the corner 800 I did it Oh JA quite got every right to search them phenotypic happy know that you’re eating yeah you don’t like for this hi show them my tofu so the bottom is all just like a soft tofu oh so good I love it oh and it comes with like a like it’s not salad and then told you and then the beef on top and the sauce is like I don’t know it explains like a ponzu try and try it and explain the flavor of the sauce it’s different than a regular you know notice my karate go goodnight and this is mine cheese it’s got three kinds of cheese parmesan white cheddar and orange sugar you got to stir it up so the cheese melts so this size of you dong was 380 and there’s a buncha Nemec sizes mini nannies which is like regular to the Morty Oh Morty kokumo D and mega omegas huge but it’s still pretty cheap 710 Ian’s of this restaurant support oh my god if you don’t like you don’t leave also got curry of hamburger makoto makoto sake don’t they also have a heel feels kind of expensive never tried this year before I wonder if it’s good looks good hung in there for now Oh without going into like everything else that is awesome so this is what you would call like Japanese Kazuya McDonald’s and Burger places in Canada but in Japan is my favorite restaurant listen to you other ones like oh yeah Yoshi Liam yeah three main ones but I recommend putting this Jimmy space on your vue d’en makes it a little spicy but mostly just add some more flavor this is the view from the restaurant listen to Shinjuku Station gochisousama deshita always got that such a building on here don’t

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  1. ''fast food'' in japan looks so much healthier then what's in canada! and much tastier… that's it, I'm moving to japan! 

  2. Your Japanese is really good! How long did it take to learn?? I took Japanese for 3 years in my high school but i struggled so much! 

  3. I REALLY HATE YOU… one thing is saying how delicious japanese food is and the other thing is torturing people by watching you eat it with such pleasure (drooling all over my laptop) its just sooo unfair XD 

  4. I like your videos. I will probably never go to Japan in my life, but watching these videos kinda give me an idea of what it is like. Keep up the good work.

  5. I'm going to be coming to japan, and I noticed you using what is known I guess as a suica card….which from what I understand you can use for trains and buses.this seems like something that  makes things very easy for an american not having to fumble with cash and coins and currency ignorance and just hop on a bus or train…but my question is, can this suica card be used at restaurants also? or is there some form of bank card I can use? from what I hear they dotn accept american credit cards in japan…I would prefer not to carry too much cash and worry about currency ignorance as when something is charged or say taken off a bank card its so easy. just swipe a card and done.

  6. This is a little off topic but . . . . .
    Japanese cities seem so clean. Most of the American cities I have been to or lived in are so trashy and dirty looking. Here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, there is trash everywhere. Paper, plastic sacks, cans, bottles, fast food trash and the like are everywhere. – – Just something I've noticed about your and all your friends videos.

  7. Hi, Sharla. I started waching your videos to learn English  lately.
    Thank you for uploading some videos.  I ll never give up my English will get better.
    Don't give up too! You are great!

  8. Looks delicious! I'd probably eat the tofu one too, otherwise I'd never finish it T-T rice is so filling!

  9. Aww, you should've recorded how SUPER FREAKIN' FAST they serve the dishes after you order them. I'm sure your viewers would get a kick out of it. XD
    And you should also try the mega-mori with your friends!

    Also, in Sukiya they have a jug of tea-water that you can refill all you want in some of the counter seats so if you go alone you should pick the ones with them if you're the kind of person who drinks a lot of water.

  10. Wow is it me or those are really cheap prices? =o And I shouldn't be watching this…I'm getting hungry and with desires lol

  11. すき屋には一番大きいメガサイズの上のサイズがあるよ! メニューには載ってないけどキングサイズってサイズがあってメガよりも倍大きい! お持ち帰る事ができないシークレットメニューなんだ(。´ސު`。)

  12. I tried Sukiya few weeks ago when I was visiting Japan. It was really good and chep! I tried the one with green onion, egg yolk and mayo. :3

  13. does it always contain tofu? because i really dont like tofu but i would love to try this gyudon out… if it doesnt have tofu in it… 😀

  14. And suddenly even ordering in fast food became scary. Why is there so many size variants? I can already see how I'll say something stupid… 😀

  15. I love your vids about Japan and always looking forward for your vids ♥ _ Btw I see a ring on your ring finger 😮

  16. There is something about joneses food and cheese that just doesn't seem right…

    I'll try it next time I see something like this tho! 😀

  17. I love how they always have the big picture menus outside! No one does that here. We all wonder where to eat. Then once we decide and arrive we take 20 mins to order. We also usually only get descriptions. Sometimes when my food comes I don't recognize my plate…

  18. I think that compared with other Gyuudon restaurants,Sukiya has such a friendly atmosphere that women can easily go there even alone.I hardly see women eating alone in Yoshinoya and Matsuya.

  19. That chain restaurant Sukiya just opened a store here in Mexico and it's awesome, everything is reasonably priced and delicious I wish they were everywhere

  20. With my rice I like to have some cow cow cow.
    It tastes so very good I don't know how how how.
    It's my favourite form of chow chow chow EAT NOW.

  21. I hope when I go to Japan I can meet some other youtubers to help me around (:
    I don't know if I want to live there yet, but a holiday would be nice (:

  22. I hope when I go to Japan I can meet some other youtubers to help me around (:
    I don't know if I want to live there yet, but a holiday would be nice (:

  23. シャーラー おはし上手に使えるんだから
    おこめ ひとつぶたりとも のこしちゃダメよ
    おこめには 7にん かみさまおるで!

  24. That's so cheap !! Last time I ate at a japanese restaurant and order meat over rice it was 10€. I would love to have japanese fast food here TT

  25. wow, so weird seeing Sharla eating MEAT here seeing as how she's a vegan now. but the food still looks awesome!

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