Jane Carter Solution Nourish & Shine Restorative Butter #janecartersolution

Jane Carter Solution Nourish & Shine Restorative Butter #janecartersolution

hey guys so it's time for another review um if you notice there is something a little bit different about me I didn't cut my hair I cut it into a pixie cut and just let you guys know it is a hundred percent natural I did not relax my hair and I are going to be that proof that you can rock a pixie with natural hair it can be a little complicated sometimes you know but it's not working out so I'll give you guys a little side view here alright okay so let's get into the video alright so today I'm gonna be doing a quick review on a product that I have been looking at for a long time but have not purchased until recently that is from Jane Carter and I haven't purchased anything from Jane Carter in like almost over a year all right so the Jane Carter solution nourish and shine restorative butter and this is what it looks like sorry it's really cold in this back room so I think you can probably see how cold it is okay so it's very cold it's snowing outside and everything and I'm gonna done right now alright so this product has been out for a long time and I decide to purchase it because my mom got it and she was raving about it and I finally got a chance to try it and I loved it from the moment I used it alright so let me show you guys what it looks like as you can see I have been in this product alright and I have like my little notes my notes that I wrote alright so um it has like a bomb like texture but it's very smooth so as you can see see how smooth it is when I rub it it goes on very smooth so it's it looks like it might be hard but it's really not and it blends it just blends right into your skin so those of you who who don't know like whoever uses probably before and you're not like a hundred for a hundred percent familiar with this product this is for your hair and it's for your skin so you can use it on your skin and you can use on your hair which is great um what I do is I use this on my hair because um my hair needs a lot of moisture and I like to use this on my scalp and then I'll rub massage a little bit onto that you know like on top of my hair this adds a nice shine to my hair and it really gives my hair a lot of moisture as you can see like you see my skin I have this on my skin it's really really nice for the skin and it blends right into the skin easily this is not a greasy product at all alright I'm going to tell you guys the main ingredients in this product it does have sunflower seed oil it has mango butter shea butter and it has natural essential oils very simple it's a hundred percent natural and it's a very clean product so I really like it when I first the only thing the only thing I do have to say about this product is it is a little bit on the pricey side I got it for $15 at the hair store at the on like the beauty supply store but in some stores it will be going for like twenty one to twenty two dollars so depending on where you get it is gonna depend on the price but it's a really really good product it has a nice scent to it it has on the scent is like a buttery lemon you know and I'm not huge on lemon but this is really nice it's not like super strong or anything like that it's like a subtle like a soft buttery lemon scent and um I just take it and I rub it look how fast it melts right into the hands you know I've heard in my hair and a lot of times like I'll put it in my hair and then whatever I have left over I'll just massage it right into my skin alright so I just wanted to do a quick quick quick review about this product is for pretty much like natural hair curly hair kinky hair and he's gonna moisturize your hair really good I really really really really enjoy putting on this on my scalp it feels really good when I put it on my scalp so um a lot of times like I use this both day and night but a lot of times like before I go to bed I'll put it on to my scalp just so when I wake up my scalp is moisturized so this is a great product I really like it even though it's 15 to 21 dollars is really worth it and honestly a little bit goes a long ways as you see I'm like I said I've been diggin this because I really like it but I had this for like at least two weeks now but like I said a little bit goes a long way so this most definitely worth the price all right if you guys have any questions about this let me know and then on my blog beauty health and curls calm I do have a blog post and I'll have the link below alright bye guys don't forget to hit that subscribe button

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  1. Between this and the Alikay Naturals Shea yogurt, which is best for moisturize dry hair that is itchy, and gives shine?

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