Jamerrill’s Beans, Rice, and Corn Bread Recipe | Large Family Cooking

Jamerrill’s Beans, Rice, and Corn Bread Recipe | Large Family Cooking

– Hi friends! A few weeks ago, during this busy move that my family and I
have been going through, I shared a picture on
Instagram, which I’ll post somewhere on the screen here, of me using my bread machines and I also mentioned how I was doing a nice big pot of beans
and rice for the weekend for a simple meal for our family. And several of you wanted
to know how I do cornbread in the bread machine and also, how I cook my beans
and how I cook my rice. This is such a simple
meal and it’s super frugal and actually, my husband,
when he was growing up, this was something that
his mom made for them once a week, sometimes twice a week. He loves beans, rice and cornbread. So, with the move and
everything else going on, all the major transitions,
the last couple weekends, this is what I’ve done on the weekends. I figured, he loves it, it’s easy for me and since I got requests, I thought I’ll do it again this weekend so I can video it for you guys. So this is how I do it,
how it works for me. So these little two pound bags of brown rice at Walmart, I think this was less than $2.00. It’s 32 ounces so it’s gonna
be four cups of dried rice. It’s gonna end up cooking
about eight cups full, once it’s fully cooked, ’cause rice, generally, doubles in size. So, for my moms out there, who are just learning how to cook rice if you put four cups in, you’re gonna get eight cups out. This big thing of pinto beans, I think this was $7 and some change and I’ll probably cook
about, this is eight pounds, I will probably cook about four pounds because it’s for my family of nine and we’re having company this evening. We’re having two more guests. Now, my favorite way to
purchase brown rice is, again, when I go to my
local, Sharp Shopper outlet, they’ll have 25 pound bags
of brown rice for $16.00. And you’ve seen, probably
in my older videos, we’ll get one of those huge bags and repack it into large
gallon storage bags and then I’ll have rice for, I don’t know, two or three months. I’m out right now so, just picked this up quickly at Walmart. Now, I don’t always use my measuring cups, just total cooking confession. But I know that some moms,
on here, are just learning. I’m gonna use my measuring cup just so I can show you guys. You know, if everything
was a perfect world a lot of times I just eyeball
it, you probably know that if you’ve seen some of my cooking videos. But, I got four cups of water and I’m putting in four
cups of dried rice. So what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna put in eight cups of water. So pouring in my four cups and we’re gonna go get
four more cups of water. Now here, weather-wise, we had a lot of rain, this
morning, in our forest. Now the sunshine is back out and this has made the
ground nice and soft. So, Naomi, Gabriel, Liam
and Emilia are out back here and they have pet shops and dinosaurs and sticks and stones and some wet dirt and they’ve been playing
for a nice long time. I’m gonna give you a quick peak. (kids talking) So, they’re pretty busy
out there, which is good. And I said, you guys, let me film my quick beans and rice video and I’ll give you all a stick of gum. So, if you wanna know the real world on how I get these vlogs done, usually it’s something like, play for a minute, I’ll give
you a treat and mama will film. What I’m gonna do is put this pot with eight cups of water on, on high with the lid on, bring it to a boil and then I’ll show you
what I do from there. In the meantime, I’m gonna
work with these beans. Now, again, perfect world scenarios you soak your beans overnight and then the next day,
you cook them however. A lot of times, I’m not that prepared to get my beans soaking the night before. So, I’m gonna rinse them thoroughly and we’re gonna do a quick boil with them and they’ll still be
ready in about two hours. When you’re on top of your game you can get them going the night before. You can even do them in the slow-cooker. I’ll have links for you down
in the description below, if you wanna do your slow-cooker for your rice or for your beans. But, I also use my stove
and my old pots a lot too. So I’ve got my bags of beans opened. What I’m gonna do is pour
about half the bag in here and we’re gonna rinse them. So, now they’re rinsing. So, the purpose of rinsing the
beans is it says on the bag and I’ve heard from other people that, the beans could have some dirt or even some little rocks in them. I’ve never found any, maybe that’s because I rinse them thoroughly every time, who knows. So, now you’ll see some real cooking truths with the beans. Whew, little loud here. So we’re gonna do the quick soak, the quick cooking method
with the beans here. I’m picking them out of my drainer. I’m gonna cover the beans in water, I believe, technically, you’re suppose to use a cup of water for every pound of beans. I just fill the pot half through, again, I’m eyeballing my cooking here. I’m gonna bring the beans to a boil, then I’m gonna turn the temperature down and let them cook for up to two hours with the lid cracked a little bit. So, I’ll show you how this works. Sometimes in cooking the beans and we’ll see how this pot goes, sometimes, towards the end, I need to add about four
more cups of water, or so. My husband likes the
juice that the beans make. So, I try to have enough
of that cooking in the pot. Over here, we have the large pot of about four pounds
of beans, on the stove. I’m gonna put my burner on high and we’re gonna let this boil. I’m probably gonna need
to stir it a few times. Now another thing that I’m going to do, which, if you’re feeding young children, it just depends on, of course, how you feed them, how it works for you. But I’m gonna chop up a whole onion and I’m going to let that onion cook in this pot of beans over
the next two hours or so. And then also, whenever we eat, I will have regular, old, yellow onions and green onions cut. Because, I know my company
and I know my husband and I, even a couple of the kids, we like onions, so I put them in there and then the kids who
don’t care for onions, the onion is so cooked down, in the pot of beans, they don’t even know and they don’t have to put
fresh onions on their beans. Now another thing that I
do, is I add in some spices, various spices I have. I usually have a big
thing of garlic powder, so I’ll add in some garlic powder and then the other weekend,
when I did beans and rice, I actually added in a few
cubes of beef bouillon. You’ll have to so this
to your own discretion, your own food preferences. This is just what I did,
it turned out really nice. I’m also gonna add in
some salt and some pepper. Let’s see what else I have. You don’t have to add all this in, it’s just, I’m gonna throw
some of this in there. So, gonna shake in some garlic powder. Whew, dust storm. A bunch of pepper. Whew, a little salt, lots of salt. And then, next, a few sprinkles. And I know I’m gonna lose a few people by adding in five of these
little beef bouillon cubes. Again, do what works for you, you can also use other beef stock. This is just what I have on hand and I know that there’s onion powder and other things in these
little bouillon cubes, that I think just adds to the flavor, to this huge pot of beans. So, here’s what we have
now, this big pot of beans. The beans obviously need to boil. Got my onion in there, some other spices. And then I will check on,
quickly just give it a peak. Oh, whoop-whoop, yep, starting
to heat up over there. Gotta find my lid for
this, I know I put it, I left it over here on
the other counter, so. Put my lid on my beans
and get those boiling. As the water’s boiling, so, I’m gonna put this brown rice in now. So, I just put my rice in,
gonna put my lid back on. There’s a couple different
methods to do this. Some say to put the lid on and then turn the heat off and let it sit. I let it get back to a gentle boil again. Whew! And then I will, just turn the heat off and let it sit, without taking the lid
off, for about 15 minutes and then the rice’ll be done. So, I’ve got both my
bread machines over here. I have them pulled out
from the wall right now because we’re gonna load them up. This is my Breadman bread machine that I got, a little over a year ago and I have an unboxing
video on here of it. It was, I wanna say it
was close to half-price when I bought it and
then this bread machine, I found at the thrift store
and it works like a champ. And so this one, I think I spent like, I don’t know, $37.00 on or something. And then this bread machine, I
spent three whole dollars on. So, together they’ve been wonderful and so when I do meals
like this on the weekend, I’ll get two loaves of cornbread going. I’ve also been doing
a ton of banana bread. I know several of you have asked me for, for a video on doing banana bread and I’m gonna do some later tonight because what’s been working
well, at least again, during this busy moving season, is if I can get a few loaves of banana bread done on Saturday, then that can be a quick, running out the door to church, breakfast on Sunday. And then it’s also nice to have banana bread around as a snack. My other disclaimer is, I am new at this bread machine thing. I have only been messing with this off and on, really for the last, I don’t know, four to six months, I’ve actually been
using the bread machine, even though I’ve owned
one for over a year. So, you’re gonna see white flour, you’re gonna see cornmeal. Sometimes I’ve used whole wheat flour, I’m just out right now and I know, I know this with food because I share food things online and I know, you all, we’ve
discussed this before and chatted about this in the comments and on Facebook and everything. Food choices are so personal and you have to do what’s
best for your family. You have to make the best choices with what you have to work with. So, anything that I share, if it doesn’t fit with your preferences or your beliefs or your food choices, that is totally fine. We can still be friends and I admit, I am learning things all the time. So, do what works for you. I heard someone say, the other day, you do you and I like that. You do you, I’ll do me, we can all share thoughts and ideas and give me your thoughts and ideas. That’s totally great. So, just warning you, you’re gonna see white flour. You’re also gonna see sugar, here we go with the bread machines. So, I have both bread machines here. Now this bread machine came with a book, of course, this bread machine did not. But just to encourage you, if you find a bread
machine at a thrift store, especially like this one,
for three whole dollars, there’s tons of recipes online and everything I do in this one, I do it the same in this one, so, a lot of things are universal. Now, in a bread machine, there’s a little dough hook, you have to take that
out when you wash it. I just give mine a little spray whenever I’m getting a new loaf ready. So, I’m putting in a cup of milk and then next, each loaf needs four eggs. Now I only have four eggs left
from my hens this morning. So, I’m using four homegrown
eggs and four store eggs. And so, there’s the four
eggs in each bread machine. This is also why I like
having two bread machines now ’cause I can just double
everything I need to do. And then I have a third of a cup of oil and then I use half a cup
of sugar in each loaf. Now I tried, a few weekends ago, to do cornbread, without adding sugar and there was something wrong. So you can, of course, sweeten it however you need to
sweeten it for your family. But I think it needs something in it, to sweeten it, whenever
you’re working with cornmeal. So, then we have our half
a cup of sugar in here and half a cup of sugar in there. And then you add in a teaspoon of salt. Next it’s gonna be two cups of white flour and then one cup of cornmeal. One cup. And next, I’m doing two teaspoons of baking powder into each bread machine. And so here’s what each
little bread pan looks like. Now on my Breadman, bread machine it has a quick bread
button that I’ll show you and on my other bread machine, that I found at the thrift store, it has an express bake button. So, these are the buttons that I use for doing these quick breads. So, on this machine, I
put it on number six, which is quick bread. I just hit this button
until we get to the six and then I hit start. And it’s gonna whip
around and do it’s thing. Another thing that I do,
with these bread machines, when they’re on the quick bread cycle, is I just take a little spatula and I run it along the inside
edges of the bread machine. So that there’s no flour that’s sticking to the sides or
anything, ’cause that’s never fun. So, you watch out for the dough hook and this is what I have learned to do. And then this machine is already mixing fast but I’m just gonna be careful and go along the edges. So, the bread machines are going now and I’m gonna give you a peak
at how this rice turned out because it’s done already. So, have a look at this,
I’m just taking off the lid and voila the rice is done. Usually when it gets those little craters that you see in the middle,
that means it’s done and I have just, I’ve had it turned off and it’s just been here soaking with the lid on and voila. So, with our beans, they
are at a rapid boil now and I actually heard that our company is gonna be here about an
hour sooner that I thought. So, I am just going to
leave these on a boil, giving them a little stir. They don’t need too much attention but just stirring them around just to give you guys a peak at how everything’s coming over here. The bread machines are doing their work. I love the whirl of a bread machine. And I know, some of my
viewers, they just prefer to make bread in the
oven and that’s great. I’ve just been messing around
with these bread machines ’cause it’s something I’ve
always wanted to learn how to do. I have not worked with yeast yet or got very complicated. Everything that I’ve been making is very simple bread recipes. Now another thing that we do is we keep a bowl on the counter or an old ice cream bucket or something and we take scraps to our chickens and I haven’t shown you guys yet, where our chickens are
set up, at our new house. So, Emilia and I are gonna
take a bowl of scraps, while we wait on these beans and give you a peak at the chickens. So, at this house, if you’ve
seen my house tour video, you know that it’s a
large forest around us and I wanted to have the
chickens closer to the house so that we could see them, make sure that they got
acclimated to the new area well and just that everything
was gonna work out fine with even having them here. Yay! (laughs) Hey girls! So, you can see, we have
their large yard set up here and we have their coop down there. I also, we have two doors on this coop and so, I can let them out to free range at different points during the day. Did you fall? Okay there you go, wow all the scraps. Say, come and get it girls. Whew, dump it over. (playful music) Our company just got here but I wanted to give
you guys a quick peak, just to see what I’ve prepared so far. These cooking vlogs are fun. So, here’s how the beans are doing, they’re still rolling,
doing a rolling boil. And then, whoop! And then over here I’ve got a bowl of green onions and a bowl of yellow onions, for toppings for the beans. And then over here we’ve got the cornbread, if it’ll show up, going. I don’t think that showed up but, going in the bread machine. So, dinner is on it’s way. So, I just checked on the beans and I notice that the amount of liquid has reduced down greatly and I’m gonna add another
four cups of water now. I might end up adding,
yet another four cups before it’s said and done. So, here’s how it looks and I definitely like
more liquid than this. So, I’m just gonna pour in. And here’s a quick view of
how the loaves turned out. Oh guys, here’s an overview
of our dinner table, with our beans, rice and cornbread. I just slice the bread down. We have, here is how the
pot of beans turned out and then we have the pot of rice. Now, I know some of you
will ask how we eat this. What I’m gonna do, I’ll go ahead and make my bowl real quick and show you. Not a full, not a trim-healthy mama dinner but a quick dinner for my family tonight. So, I’m gonna have some brown rice. I’ll do yours in a minute, sweetie. Got some brown rice and then over here, I have some of the beans. And then I’m going to
probably do some green onions and I like hot sauce so
I’m also gonna give it some splashes of hot sauce. So guys, that is how, that’s the mystery behind, how Jamerrill does beans, rice and cornbread, for my
family, for this weekend. We’re gonna have it for dinner tonight. Now tomorrow, after church,
I won’t have to cook. Dinner will already be done and then, if we have a few leftovers
by Monday morning, the chickens get the rest. So, I will talk to you
in those comments below and I will see you next time
with another brand new video. Bye bye!

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