Istanbul’s BEST Street Food Guide – TURKISH KEBAB NINJA + Authentic Turkish Street Food in Istanbul

Istanbul’s BEST Street Food Guide – TURKISH KEBAB NINJA + Authentic Turkish Street Food in Istanbul

[Music] what’s up and welcome to chopstick traveled does Europe this is our new series exploring this vast continent and all the fun things to do and delicious foods to eat today we are in Istanbul Turkey this is our first time here and we just arrived we are super excited and ready to eat we have a whole day planned ahead of us visiting some of the touristy sites but also eating some delicious food so let’s get started [Music] so today here in Istanbul it is six degrees it is raining it’s not that nice out but it kind of makes the city very picturesque and very beautiful so for breakfast today we are starting off our tour here in Turkey with just some really home-cooked bulk kitten style food so we are at a place that’s called a Logan’s Aussie if that’s like a very home-cooked just tons of different dishes they’ve got little pots of all kinds of different things lots of stews lots of meats and you can just kind of point and choose whatever you want so we’ve got three really good-looking dishes here so first off right in the middle here we’ve got a big chunk of chicken that is topped with cheese and it looks like it’s in a little bit of like a gravy and then back here we’ve got the grape leaves these are grape leaves stuffed with I think it’s either gonna be rice I’m guessing it’s rice and maybe some meat and then serve with a side of lemon and then back here we’ve got this one looks really good to me this is like a stew with it looks like a tomato-based stew with some potatoes some green peppers big tomato on top there and then these like little kebabs so these minced meat kebabs I’m not sure it looks like maybe one of them’s beef and one of them’s chicken and then served with the side of bread that’s just super super good and it smells nice and fresh so let’s dig it okay let’s dig right into this chicken feels like there’s quite a bit there oh and look at that I did not expect that but this is actually stuffed with vegetables so look inside there you can see all of those vegetables I see peas I see carrots maybe some mushrooms in there oh man I gotta get some of that it was not expecting that so let’s try this whole my methods water Oh not a super-good how those vegetables are so soft on the inside it’s a little bit salty and it’s actually a little bit spicy too and then the cheese when topped gives it a nice little kind of saltiness the cheesy deliciousness don’t ma’am I was really good it’s going for one more bite that is a huge chunk of chicken they definitely either meat right here try that our son fuchsia so at these low Kentucky’s you can get different hot dishes and cold dishes and I believe that this one is going to be cold so let’s squeeze the lemon on first well that’s a juicy lemon see what it’s going to be stuffed with okay so it does look like it is stuffed with some rice let’s try that Wow that is full of different flavors the rice in there is really soft and chewy and the grape leave is almost pickled so it’s got a sour flavor and then that want that lemon juice on top it’s very sour third and final dish is this nice looking kind of stew so I’m going to break a piece of one of these kind of meat kabobs and get a little bit of potato here maybe a little bit of tomato as well and all man everything’s so soft it’s just kind of falling apart see if I can get that all on my fork that is maybe a really big bite but I’m going for a tomato is so tart it’s really like a power holding tasting tomato really kind of encompasses the whole dish the potatoes nice and soft and then that kebab is a little bit of a sweetness to it actually I’m gonna take some of this bread now and dip it right into that broth this that’s probably my favorite dish let’s try that oh mama soaks up that flavor super hearty and delicious so we went from 39 degrees Celsius weather in Malaysia straight to Turkey today yeah it’s like six degrees there were some snow flurries this morning so it’s a bit of a shocker to the system but it’s really nice actually to have a change from all that so we have made it up to the Grand Bazaar this is a super famous if not the most famous site in Turkey and it’s right behind me you can see the gate this has been around for a really long time and you can find all kinds of different things inside like jewelry handbags perfumes tons of different things and you can practice your haggling skills inside so let’s go [Music] one of my favorite things about this Bazaar are all of the tea cups available they are sparkly they’re designed really well and I would like to pick some up hopefully before we leave this place is like a maze a lot of it is just kind of tourist trinkets but there is everything here barber shops restaurants jewelry stores banks everything you could ever imagine and it is just a network of these alleyways that don’t really make any sense they’re just kind of turning every once in a while you come to a dead end and it’s just very very unique there are a couple restaurants inside here I think we’re going to try one I don’t know what to expect it’s gonna be any good or not but the thing is we can’t find our way there so we’re actually just trying to smell it and then let our noses lead the way [Music] switches [Music] pocket so the restaurant that we picked is serving probably turkey’s greatest gift to the world of food and that is doner kebab we’ve got our donor wrap here and he’s got a massive thing of lamb meat this is like spiced lamb meat on a vertical split and it’s cooking on a wood fire so that’s part of the reason why I decided this place it looked pretty good cuz he’s using wood fire to cook this uses a massive sword to kind of thinly slice the lamb meat and then you pick how much you want based on the Koran äj– so you could pick 50 grams is smaller 180 grams and a hundred we pick two the 80 grams and then it’s or served you just like this you can see all that beautiful spiced lamb meat on the inside looks like there’s some veggies and stuff too I’m just gonna take a big bite I see a pickle in there as well so let’s try this [Music] so that rap on the outside is actually quite dry which isn’t really good and it’s not the juiciest meat ever I’m sure this isn’t the best kebab that we’re gonna eat on this trip to Turkey but I do like that there’s a nice dill pickle in there it gives it a nice kind of sour crunch and the meat is pretty good it has a nice lamb flavor but just not as juicy as I’d hope and I don’t really like this wrap particularly on the outside start one more bite it’s a little bit dry so we’re not actually sure why so many local people are eating here it doesn’t taste that good kind of reminds me what you’re getting a snack wrap from McDonald’s there’s also french fries inside which kind of makes it more dry so it’s not not my favorite but it’s alright so not the best lunch ever right inside the Grand Bazaar you can kind of expect that it’s catering mostly to the tourists but that’s okay we’ve got some other doner kebabs picked out that we’re going to be filming in some more episodes here in Istanbul so now we are heading to a little cafe to get some tea and to warm up so we’re inside this little cafe now where you can have tea and coffee and also shisha from hookah which is a water pipe it’s kind of like a traditional Turkish thing to do when you’re inside these cafes and this cafe is really cool it’s kind of tucked away inside this little alleyway it’s warm it’s all covered we’ve got fish tanks behind us and I’m sure T’s coming right now Applejack yeah so yeah Sabrina mentioned we’re just about to smoke some shisha what shisha is is a flavour kind of herbal tobacco I don’t recommend to do it but you know when in Turkey do as the Turks do also right aside this little cafe they were selling some fresh roasted chestnuts so we have a nice little bag of chestnuts here and actually these are pretty big chestnuts and I break this one open thought we’d get another little snack to enjoy with our shisha and our tea let’s try this it it’s sweet very sweet and a little bit smoky nice and soft so this is Apple tea now we’ve never tried this before and we are really excited to try it out it was recommended that we try it along with the shisha and it smells amazing it’s so fragrant it actually smells like hot apple juice so let’s give it a try oh my car well that is so flavorful and hot Wow that is perfect that is so tasty okay this Apple tea just blew my mind it tastes hopefully Racal it’s like a hot apple cider a little bit sweet a little bit sour and nice and warming on this cold day so we just got served cuca you can see this big kind of like staff thing that you smoke out of here it’s pretty beautiful actually and then over here is our hookah you can see the hot coals on top and then the shisha tobacco is underneath the tinfoil there so I’m going to try it oh it tastes really good actually we got the apple mid so it definitely does have a little bit of like a refreshing sort of menthol minty flavor to it and then I can taste a little bit Apple it almost tastes like the Apple tea too good [Music] finished off with our Turkish cafe experience that was a lot of fun even if you’re not into smoking the shisha you should still go to this place to check it out because it’s really cool and also you gotta try that Apple tea that was absolutely delicious so now we were heading to check out one of the most famous sights in all this temple [Music] so we have come to make a quick stop at the Blue Mosque which is right here behind me it’s a beautiful Blue Mosque still functional travelers are allowed to come after prayer time and it is free to enter so it’s definitely a must-see when you’re here in Istanbul we are gonna head to something that’s right beside this place the aya sofia museum so let’s go check out so behind me is the aya sofya Museum it is an extremely important and historical building for Turkey and the rest of the world it was built between the Year 500 and 600 and for 900 years it was a church and then it was converted into a mosque which has now been converted into a museum so if you do go inside you’ll see relics from the church relics from the mosque and all kinds of information about its tumultuous history it is an extremely cool part of Turkey’s history so both of these two major sites the Blue Mosque and the aya sofia are right in the same area you can actually see them both there looking directly at each other but we’re not gonna go inside either of them there’s a huge line for the mosque and then it’s I think 90 lira to go into the museum and is actually just about to close so I think instead we are going to take off and head to get some dinner we are on our way to the restaurant for dinner tonight and we’re in this really busy market packed with people and it just smells like spices and coffee in here and I think the restaurants just up ahead that before [Music] whose Becca Stan oh yeah whose Beckstead kashkin nice gotcha [Music] we are inside the restaurant now this is a really tiny restaurant directly inside the market they have some outdoor seating some indoor seating and they have all kinds of different meats grilled meats so we ordered up two different chicken shish kebabs and they’re grilling them on charcoal in the back all the guys here are really friendly it was just chatting with them a little bit and these guys are actually from Uzbekistan from Tashkent so they are bringing their who’s Becky style cuisine here to Istanbul so we ordered that up and then I spotted they have a dessert that we’re gonna order after dinner [Music] [Laughter] [Music] so our food has arrived this is just a beautiful looking plate let me move this piece of bread away here and you can see our beautiful piece huge chunks of grilled chicken grilled right on charcoal and those look super juicy got a big green pepper here nice and charred another tomato some onions with cilantro it looks like a little bit of chili pepper on there it’s just a little bit of lettuce underneath there and then you can see all this this is just cooked pilaf barley and it looks like it was kind of cooked with some spices and then of course served with our bread which is nice and toasty warm and on the side here we’ve got a dip and this is like a dip of it looks like all kinds of different ingredients I see some cucumbers and there carrots probably some onions some tomatoes and I’d imagine there’s maybe vinegar or lemon juice in there as well so let me just go in I’m just gonna grab a piece of my bread here and eat a piece of this chicken with it so break off a piece of bread and grab a piece of chicken here oh man check that out that is some seriously juicy succulent looking chicken let’s try that perfectly perfect little crispy bits on the outside but then the inside is so ridiculously juicy just check that if you can see the juices dripping from that chicken and then that bread kind of absorbs all that juice leave that oh let’s go for one more bite okay I’m gonna go in for a little bit of the veggies here don’t have to meet too much meat today but that might happen to you when you’re in Turkey so let me get some of this mixture of onions and chili tomato and some a pilaf barley Oh everything so smoky and I love the tomatoes here they’re so tart and juicy guys really go okay one more bite I was trying to get some of this sauce here and I’m not exactly sure if this is gonna be too spicy you said it would be a little bit spicy but I’ll put some of my chicken here but it’s not too much let’s try that Oh that’s definitely not too spicy it’s got a little bit of a sourness I think there’s probably some lemon juice in there and it’s cold but it’s crisp with all those veggies in there yeah it’s really good NRT has crops this is perfectly coated just the way I like it a chicken is super juicy just like bug said what I’m gonna try this the charred chili or ooh hopefully it’s not too spicy nope not spicy at all that’s actually just charmed to perfection nice and soft really complements the chicken about yeah [Music] [Laughter] so for dessert we ordered what this restaurant is actually most popular for and that is called cafe and that is this here it is a pastry sort of thing that has been fried and it is made with semolina flour and then tons of cheese there is just a ton of white cheese underneath there and then all that green on top here is pistachios so you can see it’s got this kind of crispy exterior tons of pistachios and then it’s cooked right inside of this on charcoal so let me just give a 6 your eye I have never tried this before and it looks just too good i skogen that is not what I was expecting at all that is seriously good that might be like my favorite new favorite dessert it is like creamy and cheesy but is very sweet and crispy on the outside and then all those little pistachio crumbs give it a nice kind of nuttiness and I could run that just blew my mind my first time trying on that thing and that was so good I gotta go over another right here so this dessert is certainly interesting it’s almost like syrupy it’s as you chew it and it cannot be good for you not at all okay guys we were finished up with dinner and that was a perfect way to end our first day here in Istanbul we’re going to be here for the next few days and expect a couple more videos from Turkey we are loving this place already it is packed with delicious foods so if you guys liked today’s video give a thumbs up subscribe if you haven’t already and we’ll see you again very soon bye bye

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