IS POLISH FOOD GOOD?! Krakow Food Tour – EatPolska Poland | Travel Vlog 2018

IS POLISH FOOD GOOD?! Krakow Food Tour – EatPolska Poland | Travel Vlog 2018

[Music] [Music] [Music] it’s weird to be starting a video already in a food coma that might sound very weird but to put it in perspective four and a half hours ago we started on a food tour we have just finished but we wanted to mix things up and put a little bit of a result an end result at the start so that we can explain what we eat basically so we went out with the company called eat polska and they run food tours and vodka tours and all sorts in different cities around Poland and it was so much fun it was absolutely incredible we covered so many different food groups we lost track like 20 different things maybe we’ve tried yeah gosh where else it was like staying still was did you say dessert coffee vodka there’s not enough that we can put into the context of this but then there’s loads of history and walking and all sorts of stuff along the way as well so to put it in perspective we’re gonna go back four and a half hours ago to where this whole thing started and we met with our guide he’ll evening hi [Music] at this square this Plaza it’s called Flats Nevada new square and until the Second World War it was basically a Jewish Market Square this is a super popular hangout spot for the locals and what you’re having in front of you it’s I would say the signature of Redwood Street so we start off the tour walking in an area called kazimierz which was shown on the videos before it’s a Jewish quarter it’s definitely like the coolest place that we have found and crack on the first thing that we’re getting to try it is zapiekanka and I’m probably saying they’re really poorly but it’s the thing that we’ve been told about so much it’s sort of like air you could taste like a pizza bread so it’s one of the very first fast foods that sort of developed out of Poland and the name sort of translate roughly to like roasted or baked baked bread apparently we’re so we have heard about this before we came and we haven’t had a chance to try it yet so I’m really stoked that this is our very first up it’s like cheese with chives some sauce and some mushroom in it on lights and open like an open baked bacon bread I got to say it tastes a lot like looks tomorrow we better my girl but it’s like a suite at the same time somehow and then the mushrooms you can’t even really taste that they fit quite nicely in there sort of something like a little bit chewy it’s just like fresh and delicious they’re massive as well then we haven’t walked very far from the first stop that was right there and we’ve come about 15 paces to a little polish restaurant here we’re going to have some a couple of soups apparently oh wow what a cool little place hello look at this ah [Music] call it my divorce and this soup is made with fermented flour go ahead and take a little sip so I’m just about to try a soup sounds – Phaedra miss attainted flower it sounds very interesting and there’s bacon and bacon and potato and stock and also hard work again sour cream anything yeah a lot of things going I think you know the entire ingredients list is our but it’s not this is instantly the thing that I love about a food tour if I had come to Poland and seen on a menu soup that was fermented with yeast and and an egg and sausage and stuff then and then it was sour with sour cream and I would have been like negative not not coming near me but this is actually really really good and if you come to Poland you have to try [Music] one more treat that we actually get to try that we have seen a lot around town and we weren’t really sure about it’s a local local traditional bread so it’s sort of similar to a bagel oh yeah a beggarly bread pretzel it’s really doughy it’s also warm and it’s got poppy seeds on top and it’s really good they’re really cheap as well you do sitting around town and we actually asked in a previous vlog when we because we’ve just arrived in the park tickets around the whole town and we sort of asked are these a traditional thing or is it a bit like a touristy spot but apparently there’s a really cool story behind what makes them so special and traditional but Elina is making us patiently wait as we keep walking now they wait for the story we’re eating [Music] so a little bit of a walk around the outside of the old town here we’ve just arrived at our next spot which is a much more sort of New Age restaurant apparently so in here we’ll be trying some fish and a couple more hearty meals but this is new sorry old Polish ingredients with the new edge twist over a slice of new potatoes topped with some fresh sour cream creme fraiche actually some green onions and can be ready fishing there’s not very fishing it’s not no it’s yeah this is polish solution we’re trying yeah you can really taste the sour cream or the creme fraiche doucer it was so it sort of tastes a lot like that and in a potato and it is yeah it’s sort of the chaser is like meat little Assessor there’s a poultry or something to them because it’s like a flavor but it’s not like your typical really fishy fish which i think is probably a good thing it’s a nice combination the food is just not stopping with even a lot already but now we’ve got to the the main courses where I honestly thought that we’d already here more than enough that there’s there’s still more to come now we’ve got a valley a traditional Valley based dish which is sort of like the twist on like a risotto and except where it’s it’s barley is the base there’s about 17 other ingredients in there that I could not possibly list off and then we’ve got a couple of other dishes but the one that raises my eyebrows instantly is the meat this is the Polish beef and I don’t know what it is that makes it so tender but I did spot some like aging beef or something out front so it’s obviously something to go swish those in got a creamy mushroom sauce as well it’s got actually got chunks of mushroom in it as well okay so the meat is really tender but there’s also like a good amount of chew to it which I didn’t really expect normally team to meat will just fall apart just have got like that a comfortable amount of about that to to it and then the the mushroom sauce is creamy there’s a couple other ones in there as well but they work the two work together really nice and then this is smooth I don’t I love me I just love this bone for me so I’ve just left the modern place with my favorite beef of all time now we’re going much more traditional cheese option [Music] oh this feels very different very different I like it I feel we’re just going up into like into the mountains or something yeah yeah so the owners are from from the mountain regions apparently and you’re definitely tails in the day core this is great Wow look at this talk about that is an impressive platter okay so this is an enormous platter and we’ve already started picking it but I couldn’t possibly go into the backstory behind all of it that we’re gonna quit quickfire through what it all is we have kielbasa classic smoked kielbasa pate yeah we have ham pork ham and pork belly yeah now as for Jesus this is a civic smoked sheep’s milk cheese from tatra mountains college in ski cow’s milk cheese from northern eastern Poland home yuca cheese balls made with quark with some mint mixed in and flag on a another mountain style cow’s milk cheese amazing [Music] [Music] and then finish it off you’re gonna have to install things you’re gonna have to explain actually pretty smart really I still feel like fumes of developing here but make sure it was really good with some land and some bacon through it it’s really smoky you say bacon it’s like polka yeah that’s what we love about these specials oh right [Music] there’s a stew layers of puff pastry with sweet rich butter cake whipped cream so the last stop we didn’t even really at the chance to feel much in fact we’ve missing a lot of stops a lot of different food that were just too difficult to film or there’s just so much footage and we just count it too bad we just can’t see absolutely everything but it was a popular old-school local Polish dessert that has become famous in a lot of ways in the past like ten plus years ago because of some really cool and quirky stories about the Pope which I feel like it’s be a little trip leave you’ll need to do the tour to find out the fun details yet but we have completed our full loop and we’re back now and we hurry said that we’ve all we’ve had such an incredible day if you are coming to Poland definitely check out your poster because there’s so many different tours on offer we just picked the one that sounded like you know we were most interested in but vodka tour yes I was I was kind of not into it at the beginning at Walt yeah not as into it and now I’m kind of thinking hmmm maybe you’ll see a video on that soon we’re not sure we haven’t weird we’re not sure but thank you so much for watching guys and we’ll catch in the comments [Music]

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  2. guys, I'm glad that you've enjoyed polish cuisine 🙂 there is obviously a loooot more to explore! make sure to taste it all 🙂
    greets from Poland

  3. Guys, you are lovely but you missed the point a bit. Polish peaople do not eat like that every day. A Milk bar would have been an option. Sounds strange – milk bar – what can you expect there apart from milk dishes? You would be flabbergasted. That is a representation of Polish food. And this is what you eat in Poland. Give it a go, guys 🙂

  4. Hmmm… I have to come to Poland once… And immediately, but I'm stupid… You Leak Here I live * face palm * 😂

  5. You said that "żurek" or "żur" is "quite sour" … sooo the name comes from the word "sour" actually from the german word "sauer" 😉 the soup originates from german working class (it's cheap to make and you feel strong and can phisically work after eating it) … all in all żur is forgotten everywhere else and became a polish soup 😉 yummy

  6. GREAT video – Krakow is crazy BEAUTIFUL!! AND… My captioning for your "guide" said, " I CALL this dish my divorce. " TOO funny!! Does the meal liberate you AND Then Give you money?!😀
    I'll have some of THAT!! 🙂

  7. I would also do Warsaw food tour – in some places like new orleans gentlemen's club you could have it all – burgers, steaks, drinks (fine whisky!) I mean everything

  8. My great grandmother/grandfather on my mom side were fresh off the boat from Poland. Never heard of any of these foods. kielbasa, perogies, mushroom soup are all the real foods. Goat cheese with crackers as an appetizer. A shot of potato vodka for good luck.

  9. Gdzie sa klasyki?
    – Schabowy z ziemniakami
    – Kapusta Kiszona , ogórki kiszone, buraki
    – Kopytka , kluski śląskie z gulaszem
    – Placek po węgiersku
    – Zulc/zimne nogi
    – Kapusta z grochem
    – zupa grzybowa
    – Rosół
    – Kluski na parze z jogurtem
    – kanapka z miodem
    – PIEROGI????

    Chyba musicie tam pojechać jeszcze raz :).

    Podoba mi się kanał i sposób prowadzenia go. Za to ogromny +. Świetne ujęcia, montaż i charyzma osób mówiących do kamery.


  10. Auschwitz was built for Poles. The Jews were in Treblinka (Auschwitz II). During the war, 3.5 million Poles and 3.5 million Jews were killed. Jews thieves have appropriated Auschwitz and the Holocaust. They even appropriated the Warsaw Uprising. During the war, the Jews collaborated en masse with the Germans. The Jewish police sent their Jews to concentration camps. Israel was created by Nazis and Jewish collaborators. Jews are falsifying history to extort huge amounts of money from Poland. Before the war, Jews also robbed Poland. Jews massively murdered Poles. In Katyn, the Jews of Poland shot Poles in the back of the head. They murdered several thousand Poles. After the war, they ruled Poland, tortured Polish soldiers and partisans. They tortured a lot more cruelly than the Germans. After the war, the Jews massively killed Polish soldiers. They killed in the woods over dug pits even for 300 Poles. Jews are genocides, Nazis and thieves who want to steal Poland.

  11. Hard to believe that you didn't try pierogi that is the most famous polish dish all over the world. It's really great. There's also a Hungarian-polish fusion restaurant that is one of the oldest restaurant in Krakow and is still making the same plate since years "placek po węgiersku" and it is the top!!! Definitely you should come back 🙂

  12. We're visiting Poland for 6 weeks from next week and this was so helpful and well done. You guys are great – thanks. I'm soooo flippin excited!

  13. you know what's not fair? It's the fact that you both chow down so much food and still looking ridiculously fit and not putting on the kilos! I mean seriously guys. Inspiring video as always….i just gained 1kg watching this LOL!!

  14. Hey! Want a Polish lesson from a mastery english polish student? 😀 ASK ME! 😀 Polska jest SUPER ładna xd!

  15. Nice vid guys! It's great to see you enjoyed Polish food. Just wanted to mention two things – the reason zapiekanka tastes a lot like pizza – it was meant to be a pizza! When the choice of food on offer was still sparse and nobody knew how to make proper pizza dough, we used bread as a base instead. Second thing, obwarzanki – bagel-like things ; well, apparently obwarzanki are the predecessors of bagels. As you know Krakow used to have a vibrant Jewish community, and those that emigrated to the US took the recipe with them and transformed them into, what is now familiar to you as bagels 😉

  16. What was the name of the restaurant where you you had the cheeses? Any suggestions anyone where to try polish cheeses in Krakow?

  17. Travelling across the world, eating in all kinds of restaurants, trying exotic foods, it all made me love and appreciate my Polish cuisine even more. If someone tells me that you can eat dumpling everywhere in Europe its false. Every chef, every culture has different twist on it.

  18. Czemu jak obcokrajowcy u nas piją wódkę to robią minę jakby pierwszy raz w życiu próbowali alkoholu? Nie wierzę, że w takiej Anglii czy Stanach nie piją wódki.

  19. Poland is a beautiful country with a lot of nature. blunt food your desserts a delight my boyfriend is polish it's a quiet country.

  20. The most interesting thing is that, U've showed Krakow in better way than it's actually is 😀 U didn't say anything about pierogi (dumplings) or schabowy and im pretty sure U would love it. Great video

  21. it is only a small percentage of good food in Poland ! You didn't eat bigos with forest mushrooms at all, you didn't eat herring with boletus mushrooms, chicken stuffed in polish style, not a cod backed in onions with carrots (so called "greek style fish"), no roe deer with cowberry, cucumber soup … I can count one more hour ! Polish cuisine is really the best in the world !

  22. nice to see that american people feels good in my country – Poland:) come to Warsaw ! 🙂 i am from Warsaw and we can meet here:)

  23. Oh, I which I had found you guys when I was in Warsaw. I lived there for three months, and ate a lot of the foods you showed in this video. now I am thinking of going to Krakow next time. I would have stayed longer if I could. Damned visa limits!

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