Is Big Labor Bullying Fast Food Workers?

Is Big Labor Bullying Fast Food Workers?

Tony catches on line was concerned
account air hose to Tony cats the night the radio contributor town all dot com Tony cats ketz dot com is his
website Hey tony: welcome back the program it’s
a pleasure to be with you it’s good to be back it’s been a while so today is fast food Thursday we’ve got
all these fast food workers all across the country saying you know roughly half us to try
to raise a family out here and you can’t do that on nine bucks an
hour and we would like to make you know at
least 10 or 11 maybe 15 would be nice but would settle for
ten or eleven I E and you’re saying these people are
thugs I don’t know I in no way am I saying
that the employees are thugs I’ve never actually said that I have your headline was no aspirin
Thursday because big labor bullies need a beatdown that’s big labor that’s the key problem
in the hole is subject the subject is not the workers are a lot
of people working in fasted for a lot of reasons some of them are getting the skills that
they need to get better jobs I’ll be better paying jobs some other yet we really need to know I
fry french fries to get better no no no it’s about showing up on time
about how you deal with the public there are a lot of things that are learned in these industries let’s not fight
28-year-old’s Tom let’s not the average odula fast food worker at america times
28 com Thomas I’m not on wat you wanna blow it
lets me talk about then the third group of employees which are those who are victims are the
Obama kami that’s just fact that I’m glad you’re bringing in on thank 32
years reaganomics is ripped the guts out in this country I will yet on it that’s
not a 32-year have as reaganomics your your pivoting and I
need you to focus on the subject big labor is putting together these
these strikes based on the method the living wage in
order to get union dues this about big labor getting money SEIU
a nasty and others getting mani this isn’t about
caring about the worker I can’t believe okay let’s let’s assume Johnny Lamar at
bat but that are nearing what’s on your right thats necessary
right let’s just stipulate for the purposes of
this conversation for least the next three or four minutes that tony is right that SEIU an ass man
the or whatever unions are involved in I have no idea what which ones they are
where they are whatever arm that there what they want to get
members no idea members because members pays de paid dues who are the stockholders knows unions
and I i realize you know when Mitt Romney takes over company he is to put a billion dollars in his
back pocket but I thought labor unions were nonprofit democratic small D democratic institutions they
were democracies they will run by their members that the away the money is spent every
last penny the way that the money in Swiss is spent
in a union has to be agreed upon by more than fifty one percent other members and that if anybody disagrees with this
any expenditure used for political purposes the union has to refund that money to
them this is federal law I don’t understand why it’s a bad thing that a democratic institutions in the
workplace particularly under these circumstances I would say to you in in maybe in two
parts may be in porn addict a very interesting come back that you come up
right there specially the agreement the part even though it’s going to be a for sure
window I that you talk about where this money goes to
pay raises money to go specifically two candidates who then %uh benefit a
big labor position but if there are any way to clear any laborers if there are
any workers in the United who do not want money
their union dues to go to a key to a political candidate
and they’re actually go to candidates you know they go to advocacy curious to
see how many about their actually instead how it happens all attached the he had a nice time to get some it’s a
major it’s a major problem for unions it’s a major problem for you its well
I’m I’m damn poets happy for a major problem for union that doesn’t actually
treat people properly I’m no issue actually with unionizing I
do have an issue with the idea of of trying to shame people into
unionizing and using the myth that the living wage to do it I mean this whole
idea that fifteen dollars an hour I was stunned to hear you say 10 or eleven dollars an hour because you’re
next you not holding on to use it to the party line in this case
but why 15 why not 21 at fifty why not a hundred what is Zack 2850 a higher doesn’t make
any sense he had enough if if he know they just
give me a couple another church I’ll UEFA those others don’t make sense in 15
doesn’t make sense only the market makes sense thank you for proving appoints the
market makes sense if there was some if there was a
market but what we have is a rigged economy its
it is an absolutely Rio de economy no I’m not to disagree that we’ve got
problems with the economy I’m not going to see if we were to change our trade
policies if we were to repudiate the policies a bill clinton which would make you happy and the
policies ronald reagan which would make me happy with you go to free trade we would not have lost fifty thousand
factories since 2000 and probably a hundred thousand
factories or more since Reagan’s presidency if we were to repudiate that if we were
to be if we were to go back to some sort of rational in a
trade policies if we were to go back to sane you know after you walking to make a million a
year to near $3 million a year but after three million a year you’re gonna have to pay seventy-four
percent income tax I was we roll back the reagan tax cuts so that ensign says CEO’s says just
making thirty times what their workers make it now now 39 installer to all
those the CEO’s are you know I think I put that money back in the company is hilarious new that Harry or don’t
know this is this is the guts of an economy Tony you
know this no it’s not it’s not acceptable to say that there’s a cap
it’s not acceptable to say that there’s a limit niiice design that
is owners say there’s a limit there are
people who are willing to pay 75 percent income tax know what happens to me four percent
income tax to do to their silent partner the US government not how do you think they make that
three million dollars I’m sorry I don’t understand your
question somebody is making more than three million dollars a year right I are they not making that because
all of the rest of us have provided them with consumers who actually know how to
read the package in their product with an educated labor force with that
with the court system that they can use to enforce their contracts with their
suppliers and their buyers in their customers with with the telecommunications
infrastructure with they can use to make sure that they get their products at the way that they need to with the
kit with the physical infrastructure they can get their products to market we are paying for all bad the more money
they remaking the more they are using that
infrastructure in fact more than seventy percent of our court system is used exclusively by business but
business on page 11 percent on the total federal tax load in the
United States we you and me wurkin stiffs a pan for that for the
court system error Romney’s using two enforces his is corporate scans your I’m simply
saying the people after they started making about three million dollars a
year in history shows that’s because this is
what are your argument in 1935 until 1986 when it when you make it over three
million dollars year they’re using more the Commons they should pay more your argument presupposes that the
people don’t get any benefit which I reject wholeheartedly and
secondly what many benefit from what it okay to any benefit from somebody
broke in seven million dollars years that it really does your you don’t think that the people get
benefit from others do it alone I do not being able to help I’ve had from there
on having another billion dollars to put a Swiss bank account now i’d I’m sorry
I’m sorry you keep going to be Romney but there lotta left this out there is
much more money the mitt Romney I don’t know people there is no time to
answer another billion dollars JK on your letter to British was banned under
West conde on your list me i’m just curious
along the way Nishad right on your list is I had on my
I have sat in a room or George Soros and I can tell you a he doesn’t think the people benefit
from him having another billion dollars to put a Swiss bank although he’s
perfectly willing to make it at but the fact of the matter is he will
tell you to your face he would like to pay that 74 percent
income tax he should I think he should write the check and so should I contact I require a jacked up your you can force
people to do it but I gotta go back to those three
million figure I think it’s fascinating you’re trying to get some kind of
historical record to it million into million enough well at
various times as you know if you look at the at the value on a power it’s it’s
wandered around between roughly well he added the is the CEO to average
worker pay in the nineteen sixties 1970s prior to
the reagan administration the average worker is making around
thirty thousand dollars yearly ever seen he was making i three hundred thousand I
was $32.1 much less than a run members tire
segment I’m not quite sure what term okay alright route will have to do
it again 3 definitely but I guess detailing like
eight easy dot com is the website postage I can’t tonight programme
contributor Town Hall dot com Tony thanks for dropping by but we would
impose but I can will be back

13 Replies to “Is Big Labor Bullying Fast Food Workers?

  1. who pays this moron?  he has no brains, he thinks from a script.  seriously who is the big money supporter of this ass?

  2. @7:29– We benefit from these corporate trucks tearing up our roads and polluting the atmosphere?  We benefit from these corporations clogging up the internet with false information and spam?  We benefit from the unsolicited junk mail and phone calls from these idiots using both our post office and phone system?  Get with reality numb nuts! They're misusing and abusing the commons therefore they should be paying MORE then their fair share.

  3. Wow Tony Katz is a hack.

    The whole passive aggressive "I don't even understand your argument" bit only makes him look out of his depth.

  4. Where do you find these hacks Thom? He didn't understand what you said? Back to kindergarten for this douche…and emphasize the concept of sharing and empathy this time.

  5. All they have to do is raise the price by a few cents on the menu, there you have your minimum wage increase. It's a multi billion dollar company for christ sake

  6. I hate this "if he wants to pay more taxes he should volunteer" argument. It's a red herring that ignores the system dynamics. If one person volunteers to pay 74% into taxes and their competition doesn't, then they are at a financial disadvantage with regards to defensive spending (advertising, lawyers, research) in their market. Only if everyone across the board is forced into this can they do so without worrying about falling behind. That's why sports such as football have rules and enforcers against excessive violence instead of just letting people "choose" not to maim each other or intentionally incapacitate — otherwise the team that is willing to ignore the play to break legs will beat the "moral" team. I don't think these free market libertarians understand the point of forced taxation, or even rules for that matter (and if we "had no government", Big Business would impose rules on us without democratic consent to make things even more imbalanced than they are now).

    Now there may be other arguments against high taxes (practical or moral), but this line of reasoning is stillborn. I encourage people to stop pretending they don't understand how refereeing works and what the point is in making everyone commit to a certain line of action in which a few people volunteering could be taken advantage of by the rest, and those who see through this fallacious reasoning should call out those who use it..

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