Instant Pot Rice

Instant Pot Rice

Hi folks it’s Mike with with another electric pressure cooker recipe for you, Instant Pot rice. Now when we started doing research for this video,
we noticed that ton of different opinions out there. How much water should
you use, how long should you set the pressure cooker timer for. Well we decided that
since this channel is designed for folks with busy lives, and for folks who don’t
want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, that we would come up with the
definitive method for making rice in an instant pot. And the good news is, we
found a way to make this rice in about 12 minutes of actual clock time. And
we’re going to share that with you right after this. We will put the complete cooking
instructions on your screen in case you want to pause the video
while you’re preparing the recipe. We said at the beginning of the video that
it takes 12 minutes of clock time to cook rice the way that we’re going to
recommend. Now if you own an instant pot, and you select the rice button, that’s 12
minutes of countdown time. That doesn’t take into account the amount of time it
takes to get to the point where it starts to count down, and also if you use
the rice button then you have to do a natural pressure release which takes up
additional time. Now we are going to use chicken broth instead of water to
prepare our rice to enhance the flavor. Also we are going to add some cheddar
cheese to enhance the flavor. You might think about adding some broccoli or
other vegetable. If you want your rice to be nice and
fluffy, you want to rinse it until the water runs clear. One of the ways that we
dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes our rice to finish is that we
bring our chicken stock to a boil in the microwave. Real quick for those folks who
have not seen our video on how to cook delicious hamburgers from frozen in a
pressure cooker, will include a link to that video at the end of this video and
in the video description. Just about the time our rice starts to run clear, the
microwave will have brought our chicken stock to a boil and we can start to
prepare our instant pot rice. Okay let’s add the rice and the chicken stock. You probably don’t want to add any salt because the chicken stock is loaded with
sodium. Then we can secure the lid make sure the vent is closed, and set the
control for 7 minutes on high pressure. When the time is up on the control, you
can do a manual pressure release. Total little clock time, 12 minutes. As you can
see our rice is nice and fluffy. And because we preheated the chicken stock,
We dramatically reduced the amount of time it takes to cook it. Now we can add
a little cheddar cheese to the top. Okay now it’s time for my favorite part,
the taste test. And as you can see the rice is nice and fluffy. Let me have a
quick taste, mmm (yummy sound) That is really really fluffy! Well there
you go folks, easy cheesy rice in almost no time. But
seriously folks, this is probably one you want to share with your homies. And if
you’re not a subscriber, we invite you to subscribe so that when we post another
video you will be notified. Thanks for watching ♥

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  1. When increasing the rice and water/stick amounts (in other words, doubling the amount of rice to prepare), do I also increase the amount of time to pressure cook?

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