Indian Food Taste Test

Indian Food Taste Test

welcome back to bus fami jet crew food tasters did you just call us buzz Maggie’s a bit today we’re doing Indian food Indian food from yeah I suppose we got biryani biryani biryani I don’t know what the photos it smells really exotic people yellow it’s yellow and if I know anything yellow things that taste delicious well stop thank you sleep you’re something fucking hot rock bird goodbye I don’t burn in mine there’s a hold of the dish they leave the body do they leave the bone in Florida I taste really nice but this bone in mine is there supposed to be bone in it just leaf in my mood why do I eat the leaf was good – to burn in a leaf what we’ve got now is good up Jammu to Mum come on bitch momager month smell it Wow it’s not so good right at the same time it does look like a testicle let’s jab in and your mum oh my god I don’t know how to feel about it do this appalled it’s sweet yet it’s dry yet its moist it’s everything it’s everything it’s so weird in a giant bowl of delicious testicle nurse this is the best testicle of my life as a sweat testicle dry ball it’s really wet it’s dry yeah moisture at the same time that’s what’s confusing the fuck out in my mouth does know what to do it’s like oh shit you need some water oh cool bro the only thing it puts me off is that it looks like a testicle but I like to mom remove Jomon very good good Bob next from dungeon of India with God my Dickey you say dungeon yeah apparently it’s a biscuits and syrup or something in condensed milk which is like a sweet milk that’s what it looks like do you guys have something like next-level candy you guys are abstract yeah you guys don’t like you’re just like what can we do that other people wouldn’t like so we can have it for ourselves it’s like a mind again you make shit look really bad but that is good it made a sound like what I did it like oh oh it’s really fucking something like it’s basically just a water bowl you know whatever cookie and and you dip it in coffee or milk and I cook it breaks and then you have that cookie on the bottom of the milk and get that cookie I didn’t eat it this is what I thought oh I got this I want you guys to hear the sound that makes now listen listen carefully did you hear I’ll do it again makes a really weird sound it comes with built-in sound if I ever will did you get a dollar out of the matter how much sorry this is just free with balls in tell you guys got some hardcore packaging no child safety oh yeah there we go oh it’s like Indian twisties there is spice to it oh it’s not just loose oh oh that was expecting that spicy dude okay motherfuckers you wanna play that game Oh smoke we David honestly it’s good a nice flavor but the spice is just like next movie cool that he’s done is for dumb dread Andy I’m and drink Allen and stuff wrong are you shit we drink it all right it’s better be delicious oh ah I like it comes I like it what’s wrong with you yeah come on you go get the chili albers your I don’t care about the chili anymore I can stay there I respect you honestly not just because of the food that you eat because you choose to eat this kind of food and you choose to make it and that’s impress let’s I’m Australian we have toast and pies you guys are off a whole fucking ballgame yeah chili cheerios fucking bones in your fucking mitt that’s badass now you’re fucking you drinking detergent last thing we got sesame balls apparently we need 15 eating bowls for you Indian but well they like ball very portable I’m hoping the fucking gorgeous chocolate inside this oh I can highlight oh my god what’s inside more sesame seed there’s just a giant ball of sesame seed I honestly did not a fucking expect water I expect more and more suspicious oh well shit there’s just Sesame’s because a massive plot twist you expect something to be inside ah these motherfuckers like let’s just put more sesame inside ha ha Master Blender fuck this over here I’m like ma was hoping for chocolate I was why are you still drinking that I like it you’re fucked up I’m a mouth bird I bitten by her detergent and balls and so many balls I’m gonna stick the body chicken hey Anand red gulab jamun is okay come on gulab jamun was okay it was alright laughing cause we’re good and the chips whatever they fucking work together twisty though and spicy a little bit less spicy because we’re a bit white we can’t have a life white dude we like look at us okay we’re really we’re fucking it’s not like red ugly white we’re like a4 paper wipe let us know what you want to see us try next what Cozine or what country and we’ll try to do it of course we are limited because we’re Australia and we can’t get much we’re done good but we will try open or if you’d like to send us food we have a beer box write down in the description where you can send us food till next time homies okay shower gulab jamun Chima

100 Replies to “Indian Food Taste Test

  1. @JET Crew you have more dislike than likes😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 this happens when you disrespect Indians.

  2. Po ocenach widać ,że duża część ludzi z Indii myśli w sposób zero-jedynkowy…
    Duet JET Crew robi dobrą robotę i są obiektywni w tym co robią.
    Mają kłamać ,że wszystko im smakuje bo was jest 1,3 miliarda, nie bądźcie śmieszni…
    Dobrze ,że dajecie kciuki w dół, teraz widać ,że nie przyjmujecie krytyki i przez to nie warto o was nagrywać filmów, bo jeśli ktoś was skrytykuje to zaczyna się gówno-burza, a w tym filmie jedynie napój przez Frost-iego jest mocniej skrytykowany…
    Więc ludzie z Indii, takie zachowanie jest słabe i trzeba czasem przyjąć krytykę na klatę lub się po prostu śmiać, bo to taki kanał.

  3. For every hater – You says that's racism etc. and I know it's a little rude but it's reaction. It's they're opinion. Craze is from Poland and Frosty is from Australia and they don't eat that kind of food. It's normal they don't like it. But hey, it's not racism! Wtf is wrong with you guys? If you eat bigos or vegemite you're reaction will be the same. So please don't hate them!

    Ps. I'm sorry for every mistake but i'm form Poland and ny English isn't very good 😅

  4. you guys are the worst! you assholes! you don't even know how to pronounce the dishes ! please stop over reacting . if you don't like it just don't eat it and keep your mouth shut🙏 . and how can we indian people see this ! they are insulting our Indian dishes! and for you guys.. this over reacting behavior will not at all make you famous in you tube😊 for your info

  5. Kurkure(masala munch) is not that spicy……spice is life for
    Indian's………I am an INDIAN. Fuck off youboth……if you don't like our food then just don't eat it please don't insult our food

  6. You idiots don't even need to eat indian food. Just eat your fucking shit which you have been grown up eating woth.

  7. LOLLLL! There's weird shit in biriyani all the time to get the flavors, that's when you just push that to the side and eat the good parts!

  8. hahhahahahhah detergent may be u need to wash ur dirty mind with it so India gave u dis….😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Fuck off….ur channel sucks…Nxt video compare ur subs count with Tseries we will laugh n say fuck n nmbr of times!!!!

  10. Actually, it is stupid to offend food of a country that has so many poor and hungry people. You are enjoying your disgusting and worthless nutella, when these kids are happy to have biryani with as many bones as it's possible (yeah, chicken has bones, what a surprise, and every good meal has bay leaf instead of some shit powder):

    Go ahead, I'm from Poland too, so make fun of our kitchen, I don't mind. But I quite understand why Indian people are so angry.

    I understand that you're comedians, I like you, but be more sensitive next time and don't act like big spoiled brats.

  11. Hey guys, with all respect if don't know how to ear our food, please don't just insult it.
    And that badam drink you guys called detergent is actually good for health, so from next time hope to see you not insulting and other culture's food.

  12. You have got toast and pies😂😂😂 bro even Gordan Ramsay like Indian food! I think u people got the food from cheap place 😂😂

  13. u are a bunch of pufferballs ,if u do that in front of an Indian they will think u are mad.we Indians eat thrugh one whole pack without water

  14. sesame balls is made out of honey and sesame seeds ,it literally says SESAME balls what do u expect

  15. Ppl who eat bread and buns have a dead tongue. Come to Indian hospitals, your daily Bread and buns are available for free to u.

  16. You guys over reaction the indan food is wold famous favorite food u r give wrong reaction because u need some views and like same on you

  17. Those who cannot fall in love with gulab jamun doesn't have good taste buds or doesn't appreciate good food xD

  18. somebody please put some #kaala khatta and #Pani puri
    Extremely teekhi in their Mouth😂😂😂😂😂😂

  19. I don't like this video. U guys are just overacting. First u should learn to respect other countries nd their culture. Don't make fun of that😡
    And one more thing come to kerala Or in india and try indian food then u wont give this fucking shit expressions🤬🤬😡

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