Indian Food Taste Test – Best Kathiyawadi Food in Vadodara, Gujarat By Street Food & Travel TV India

Indian Food Taste Test – Best Kathiyawadi Food in Vadodara, Gujarat By Street Food & Travel TV India

Wow I just love it. Right now I am feeling very special because
see my dinner it’s a huge huge and looking absolutely delicious to me right now all these
dishes are Kathiyawadi and it is in Vadodara so I hope something interesting in taste so
let me try and give you the taste. So first of all I am going to try with their
special curry which is called as Upvan special it is a basically stuffed curry with all the
vegetables like see I have stuffed potatoes this whole chillies here we have tomato brinjal. So first of all I am going to give it a plane
taste to their stuffing, stuffing is really very important in this curry because if stuffing
is not good then it is not work to even try so let me try their stuffing first. As expected in the kathiyawadi food it is
little sweet and as you stated chewing it become spicy and as far as the taste is concerned
it looks really very good to me and I belong to kathiyawad so I know the taste very well
and this stuffed curry is really very good. Here we have two kinds of breads one is Jowar
ka rotla and another is bajre ka rotla they both are traditional and comfort food for
our kathiyawadi people and here we also have sev tomato curry and Baingan ka Bharta, masala
papad, salad and lots of accompanied dishes with it, I am going to try their bajre ka
rotla with Baingan Bharta. One thing is really very interesting about
this place is they make all this food on Chula so it improves the authenticity of food as
we cook in the kathiyawad. Wow Baingan Bharta is really very good it
is smoky and giving god taste of smokiness and onion in it so here we have third curry
which is known as sev tomato curry, there are lots of different versions of this curry
some people make it with gathiya some make it with sev so it depends from place to place. Sev tomato curry is little dry and it is not
as good as I expected it looks dry to me and now I am going to try the matka khichadi see
it is served in the pot and it is their speciality and most of the people come here to eat matka
khichadi and kadhi khichadi see it is absolutely fresh and it has lots of vegetables and I
love one thing about khichadi is it is really very healthy and stable food for us so and
personally I have khichadi everyday in dinner, now let me try their masala khichadi because
of the charcoal on top of it has become smoky so this is kind of interesting thing. Wow super hot its interesting too much spicy
but overall good in taste and I love the idea of smokiness in it because they have put charcoal
on top of it so it has become smoky. Now I am going to try Juwar ka rotla or peddy
bread it is one of the most traditional brad in gujarat and specially in kathiwad we people
love to make juwar ka rotla and bajre ka rotla most often and personally we make bajre ka
rotla everyday at our home. I love this upwan special curry very much
I can give ten out of ten it is absolutely perfect in taste and now let me try buttermilk,
buttermilk is very essential part of any kathiwadi meal. It is not thick as I expected but in vadodara
city it is enough to have this kind of buttermilk because it is tasting really very good. As far as the taste is concerned I can give
ten out of ten to this restaurant because food was really very good and ambiance is
really very unique this kind of restaurant now a days in mega cities like vadodara’s
are very rare but here I find something very special and very unique and food is absolutely
stunning. Please like share and subscribe to my channel
it would really help me to make such kind of more and more videos for you guys.

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