Indian Food in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Indian Food in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

And this is pretty cool. At the back of the restaurant they have these
sinks you can come and wash your hands. Since you’ll most likely be eating with your
hands. Exactly. Oh, look at that he’s using soap and everything. This is marvelous. Hahaha. Husband training is going wonderfully guys. So it is lunchtime here in Kuala Lumpur and
we’re eating at one of our favorite restaurants. It is located in Chinatown and it is called
Yusoof Dan Zakhir. Hard one to pronounce. And they specialize in Indian food. And there is so much variety here. Like Sam is going to give you a little tour
of the restaurant but there are just so many different stations. And look what just came. The juice is here. That is amazing. Thank you. Mango. So we got mango juice. But yeah, like I was saying there are so many
different stations. There is like a tandoori station, a naan station. There is an area where like the food is already
prepared and you just kind of like point and choose what you want to have. And there is a juicing station and yeah there
is just a lot going on here. The food is great. I’m super excited to eat here. Something else that is really cool is the
location is ideal. It is just right across to the right from
the entrance of the Central Market. Yeah, so. Great location. Yeah, and this place is packed. Like all day long. And that is how you know it is a good restaurant. So Sam, as usual is feeling parched and couldn’t
quite make up his mind with the drinks. So I basically always get a Teh Tarik wherever
I go now. And if we’re eating like local food it is
available I get it. It is just so good. It is so cheap. And I’m going to try it here. Oh man. It is just like the flavor of it combined
with the milk and the sugar. And the fact that it is so cheap. That is why I keep ordering it all of the
time. Alright, and aside from that you’ve got some
mango juice. That is really refreshing. Yeah. Lots of ice cubes in there. Alright guys, so the food has arrived all
at once. Our table is like packed with plates and bowls
and dishes. So I’m going to start with the cheese naan. We ordered two different types of naan today. Cheese and garlic. Oh man, and these are like fresh out of the
oven. This is like burning my fingers. Yeah. It is really cool to see the tandoori oven. Yeah. So anyways, I can feel already it is very
fluffy and light. Um, and you can see the melted cheese in there
as well. It is just like your plain sliced cheese. They just put it in the middle and it gets
all ooey and gooey. And I’m going to dip it in my dal here. Oh la lah. That is so good. Is it? Oh man. Because we normally get the roti here. We haven’t had the naan. This is amazing. It just reminds me of homemade bread. Yeah, like fresh out of the oven. It is so warm. And still soft and fluffy. And then when you add it with the dal and
the curry it is just such a nice addition to it. Yeah. Alright now we’re going to try the garlic
one. So I got the garlic naan and you can get all
kinds of different naan here. There is like cheese naan, garlic naan. Butter naan. But I prefer the garlic naan and butter and
cheese naan to just plain naan. And look a that you can see the chunks of
garlic. Yeah, you sure can. Large pieces. For example look at that. Oh man. And roasted garlic is just the best. Yeah, so love just breaking off a piece taking
it for a swim. Wow. Hahaha. Nothing quite beats the freshness of freshly
baked naan. I know it is like coming out of your mouth. But you know what I think would be amazing? Combining garlic with cheese. And butter. No, garlic, cheese and butter and maybe even
something else. That would be like the ultimate naan ever. Yeah that would be like a triple naan. A triple naan. Going in for another bite. It is so good. This is so good. Oh la lah. Oh man. Maybe we can break off one piece of each and
turn it into a little dal sandwich. There you go. Naan dal sandwich. Next up we’re going to try the chicken tandoori. And it is really cool seeing how they prepare
this. Because they basically put the chicken on
these giant skewers and then the skewer goes in to the tandoori oven and they’re just cooking
in there. Guess what guys? I’m going to show you where that is right
now. It is right over there. But back to the plate. So here we’ve got tandoori. Just look at that. It is all red on the exterior. Coated in spices. Oh, and they serve it with cucumbers, red
onions and we’ve got a little bit of lemon or lime it seems. Yellow lime. Why don’t you spray that all over. Oh yeah! Oh look at that. It is dripping all over. And I just love putting lemon and lime on
food. It is such a nice addition huh? Yeah. It makes it nice and tart. Love it! The more the better. So I’ll take a piece here. Mmmm. Hahaha. In your happy zone? This is heaven. This is so nice. It is like spicy and hot but then ah it is
just so juicy at the same time. I don’t know. I just really like it. Does it have kind of a smoky flavor? A bit. It has like a barbecue-y flavor. But I don’t mean like barbecue sauce. It is kind of like more the oven grilling
it. The way it is cooked. Yeah, just the way it is cooked. So yeah, this is really nice. And they chop it in to pieces for you. So you can use your hands or you can use your
fork and spoon. Either way will do. But yeah, this is really really good. I’m going to get one more piece here. And I’m going to grab some onion and some
cucumber. And squeeze more lemon on it. So it is the perfect bite. That is good. Okay, so Sam is going in for the chicken. Yeah, my turn to try it. I often think when I think of tandoori chicken
I think of that place that we used to like in Penang as well. Do you remember that spot? Oh yeah. Kapitan. Restaurant Kapitan. That is another really good one. That is the one. I had just forgotten the name. You know we’re the kind of people who travel
places for restaurants. I’ve done visa runs in Penang just for the
food. It is that good. And for the visa. Yeah, if you need to like extend your Thai
Visa go to Penang and eat well for a few days and get your Thai Visa. Great great idea. So yeah, what do you think of the chicken? The tandoori. It is awesome. Like you said, I love the crispiness on the
outside and just the amount of flavors and spices that are on there. And the colors. Yeah, look at the colors. It is just a really nice cut of. A really nice cut of meat. It is juicy and just really tender and really
tasty. Yeah, it is just fantastic. Fantastic. So the other thing we ordered was a curry. And this is a fish masala. This is a fish masala. So you can see it comes in a generous gravy
and I’ve just been hacking away at it here. Um, you can probably. I’ll just go like this so that you can see
the meat a little bit better. Check that out. Careful with the bones. Careful with the bones. I feel like there may be bones in there. Yeah, I’m going to cut it really small just
in case. There we go. Just going in for that bite. I’ll get lots of the gravy. And they actually specialize in fish curries
at this restaurant. They have a really famous fish head curry. Oh but it was a bit pricey. That sauce is just to die for. It is just so good. So rich. So spicy too. It is one of those type of spice that it doesn’t
hit you until you really swallow it a few times. But really good. And the fish is really just melts. It falls apart in your mouth. So that was delicious. I didn’t get any bones in that bite so that
was nice. Alright, we’ve got some nice things to finish
off with here. So I would just like to point out that from
one second to the next the garlic naan. I had half of a garlic naan disappeared from
my plate. I’m pretty sure I didn’t eat it. You know what? I think our plates got mixed up and I just
got hungry. Sam is like no I was eating out of my plate. It is like how is mine empty. How? We’re kind of bad for doing that to each other
aren’t we? Anyways, I’m going to the cheese naan now
I guess. The garlic one was really good. And I’m just going to dip the naan in the
masala. In the fish masala. I want to get some sauce first. Let’s see. I think you’re going to like that sauce. Wow. It is kind of sweet as well. Yeah, it is. It is like sweet and spicy. Yeah. Wow. Lots of flavor huh? That is really good. Okay. Let’s try it with the fish. So now let’s grab some fish. Oh man. That is potent. Ah, it is hitting me in the back of the throat. It has like delayed onset in terms of the
spice. Okay, so I got a little bit of a spoon and
the fish it still has the skin and it also has a little bit of bone. So it is kind of hard to like break it apart
and find the bones because there is so much sauce and it is really thick. So you want to be careful when you take your
bite. Mmmm. That is really tender. Yeah, I know. Wow. It just disintegrates in your mouth doesn’t
it? You barely have to even chew it. I think I have some bones in there though. Yeah? Excuse me. Restaurant is shutting down for prayers. So we’ve got to go. We paid the bill. How much was it? So it was 35 Ringgit which is at current exchange
is seven dollars and seventy cents. Yeah. So that was for four food items, three drinks. So seven things in total. Yeah. So yeah. A cheap and delicious meal. Really good food. We are stuffed. Yeah but I still think we’ve got room for
a little dessert so we’re going to take you outside and I’m going to try to find a durian
popsicle. And I think you’re going to get a juice right? Yes. So yeah. Alright. Come join us. Let’s go. So Sam found a shop specializing in all things
durian. Yeah, I’ve kind of been on a quest since we’ve
been in KL to try as many different durian things as possible because I love it. Yeah. You’re not a fan but I am. I can’t stand the smell of it. I really am. So this is a durian popsicle. Yeah, and this shop sells all kinds of different
durian things. It is literally just outside of the Central
Market too. So I mean we walked from here like 20 meters
over here. Yeah. Anyways if we had smell-o-vision this would
smell like rotten fruit and garlic. That is what I think it smells like. Oh man, you can tell. But Sam just thinks it is magical. Mmmm. Magical popsicle. Yeah, this is being made. This is definitely made with real durian. Yeah. It is really really good. Sweet. And it has the overpowering durian taste and
smell too. That most people hate. Yeah, and which I love. Ahh. And price point. Yeah, I almost forgot to mention the price. So it was two Ringgit and ten cents which
is about 40 US dollars. Sorry 40 US cents I should say. Four dollars. Who is paying four dollars for that. Yeah, that would be crazy. So yeah for 40 cents. A good deal. Okay, and I’m going to get myself some juice. Juicing juicing. He be juicing. Actually Sam is not juicing right now. He’s counting his coins. I’m counting my coins. I’m actually saving up for one more popsicle. It was so good I’m going to get another one
for the way home. Tada. So I cannot do durian because it tastes awful
but this has jackfruit and jackfruit looks similar to durian. And it also has a whole bunch of other fruits. It has passion fruit and mango. And a whole bunch of other things. And it is delicious. So if someone is coming to Juiceee with three
E’s at the end what kind should they order do you think? Which one is this? A Jolly Jack for the Holidays. And this is where you shot shot shot shot. Everybody! Chug chug chug. No not chug. This song is shots. You’re just out of the loop. It is an old song Sam. Look at that. I downed it. I downed it. One shot.

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