Indian Food Fair!!! | ها مب مكياج ها تراب

Indian Food Fair!!! | ها مب مكياج ها تراب

Namaste!!! So today we are at Zabeel park, to attend the Masala Food Fair. Before we get started with the Vlog I just want to say that Abayas with pockets are a blessing! Seriously -So.. Today we are at the -Masala Food Fair, -Zabeel park. Move aside so that they can see the sign. REALLY?! Okay.. So.. From the name Masala by now you should have.. ..guessed that its an something related to Indian culture. Of course we’re here to fulfil Noora’s desire. Yaay! Because she is the one who’s into the Indian culture. The only food we’re familiar with are the biryani and butter chicken. So, the “DESI” with us here is going to guide us through Wait.. Wait.. I hear SRK singing… -Noora… -Yes… -What’s this? This is, as per the accent ‘Vada Pav’! -What is this? -To be honest I don’t exactly know what it is?! but i quite see it a lot! *this is how I stand* Any which way I am will be trying this dish for the first time! what does this mean? what does this mean? FIRE! As in it’s good but HOT! Spicy! So.., what’s your take on the weather? Well, its way to sandy.. ..this is not make up but sand! Which flavor? What flavor? Why pistachio? because that’s the original! No, the original is Malai. Exactly! 😂😭 😅😎 C’mon, where is your… You want pistachio right? yeah! How is it? Woahoho! Its too sugary but its good.. Okay.. sugary! Your imaginary dogs… what did you name your dogs? Mine is named Fluffy! Look at what Ali did! Well deserved! How do you feel about this? How do i feel?! “I will murder Ali” 5..6..7..8.. Right.. Left.. Right.. Right! *They gotta finish the Lassi (butter milk) under 30 seconds* *Done in 10 seconds* *Done in 3 seconds* These 30 seconds seemed like they never wanted to end. Don’t you agree? it was a good experience for me! So.. As you all know In Arabic! As you all know.. we are done with today’s segment. We feel tired.. We feel tired.. I feel really exhausted! What can i say It was only her who ate in contrary to us! Ofcourse! SPICY food! *seems like the was actually spicy* *Ali and Maryam mocking Noora* See, they always mock me! So.. now we will be heading to PF Chang’s and if we get a chance we will try to click some pictures… You do know PF Chang’s right?! For those of you who are living under a rock.. its a Chinese restaurant! How do we say bye in Indian? Challo, BYE!

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  1. واووووو نوووورة طلعتي تحبين الهنود وانا بعد .. يعني هندية نفسي 😭😭😂 خاطري اسافر الهند والله .. اعشققققهم .. وافتخر بعد .. يريتني هندية ..

    لوفيو نورة ❤😎⛤

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