Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – Sal the Meat Smuggler | truTV

Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – Sal the Meat Smuggler | truTV

Okay, Sal. You’re up. -Hi. How are you?
-Good, how are you? Sal, rub yourself. Salads? I eat salads, too. -Tuna salad?
-Yeah. [ Laughter ] Keep doing it.
Just keep doing it. Murr: It’s so weird. [ Laughter ] Do you work
in the neighborhood? Woman: Yeah. [ Laughter ] Coming right out. Buddy, the next person that comes in here and they place
their order, I want you to stare intently at them. -Hey. How you doing, buddy?
-Big eyes. Can I get a, uh…
[ Laughs ] Q: Them eyes going, dude. [ Laughter ] Oh, here’s a new girl right here. Just start putting meats in your clothing. [ Laughter ] What’s going on?
[ Laughs ] [ Laughs ] Murr:
Buddy, keep doing it! What’s that? Take it out of your pants, put it on a roll. Who ordered the super sub
heated up? [ Laughter ] All right, Sal,
take a bite of that. [ Laughter ] Sal,
take a bite of it! Bite it! Take a bite! Eat it! Oh, my God.
There’s no way he’s doing this. [ Laughter ] [ Ding! ]

55 Replies to “Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – Sal the Meat Smuggler | truTV

  1. Happy birthday Salvatore Vulcano!
    You are my favorite Joker ever ❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗
    You guys are amazing

  2. Lool half of me is shocked Sal would do this cos he's such a germaphobe, but that being said he's such a germaphobe he knows his pants are that clean xD

  3. The guys are about to embarrass themselves big time on their new gameshow. Whoever thought a gameshow trumps pranks needs to have their head examined. Still, thanks to them for keeping us laughing over the last 8 years.

  4. Fun fact: it is illegal in many states of india to slaughter, sell and consume cow's meat..
    Reason because hindus believe 🐄 cow is their mother and worship it and to get votes of those people government banned it.

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