Impractical Jokers – Can Sal Take Your Order? (Punishment) | truTV

Impractical Jokers – Can Sal Take Your Order? (Punishment) | truTV

Oh, yeah! If there’s one place we love
shooting, it’s White Castle. So we’re here
for Sal’s punishment. Buddy, today, you are working
at the drive-through window. I know what you’re gonna say.
Don’t worry about it. You don’t have to
say anything. We’ll handle talking
to the customers for you because we control
the box. And then you deal with what
happens when they pull around. So they’re gonna think I said it? -Yes.
-Correct. Yeah. So you don’t really
even need this. I’m sorry. I’ll be right with you. [ Laughter ] Murr: This is fun. We are the voice coming
through the intercom. Sal’s got to bear the brunt of what we say. -Alright, here we go.
-We have someone? Hi. Welcome to White Castle. What can I get you,
[bleep] face? [ Laughter ] No one’s there. [ Laughter ] Murr: Car, car, car, car, Joe: Somebody’s coming up, Sal,
for real. Okay, okay. Murr: Welcome to White Castle. Pull up a little further, please. -Pull up to the window?
-Yes, yes. Pull right up — No, no. Too far.
I’m sorry. Back up. Just so you’re even
with the speaker. Back up. No. That’s
too far, miss. Too far. Just forward a little bit more so I can hear you. Speak — Uh, speak to your left. -Hi.
-Back up another foot. Are you serious
or you playing with me? I’m sorry. It’s just the speakers — -How ’bout there?
-Split the difference. Can you up another
like 2, 3 inches? Unh, unh, unh.
Good. Okay, yes. How can I help you? Welcome
to White Castle. I’m Sal. You’re annoying, Sal. [ Laughter ] Let me have two cheeseburgers
and two hamburgers. And two hamburgers. Okay, now, ma’am, just
drive around in a second, and we’ll have your order, and I sure hope there’s not a wedding ring
on that finger when I see you. [ Laughter ] Joe: Remember, the person that
we make you in the speaker is the person you are
when they pull up. Q: Yeah. You can’t go negating
everything we’ve done, bud. -You got to live in that.
-Oh, no. Oh, wait. Back up a little bit. Can you back up a little?
‘Cause I can see you. 2 inches? -Thank you.
-Thank you. “Let me see
that wedding ring.” Again, just to make sure,
you got that bling on that left? Alright. Maybe next time. I’m here. You know where to find me. [ Laughter ] [ Laughter ] Get me a medium
cherry Coke. A lot of ice, okay? And what’s
the magic word? What? Please? Very good. Very good. Okay, so,
what can I get you? Um, I just ordered. I know, but we learned something today, and let’s try it again. [ Laughter ] -Okay, I’m-a come inside.
-Okay, we’ll see you inside. My name’s Sal. [ Laughter ] -Murr: Oh, my God.
-Hi. Coming in? -Who’s Al?
-Sal. -Sal?
-Yes. I’m very in a hurry.
I put the order in. Once I put in my order, I say,
“Thank you very much.” Oh, great. And you say,
“You’re welcome.” -Yeah.
-Okay? Alright. [ Laughter ] -Ohh!
-Whoa! -You got learned a lesson.
-Guys, this is terrible. Q: Hello!
And welcome to… Wh-i-i-i-i-ite Castle! I’m Sal! Yowza! You are a dick. Can I have two cheeseburger, no pickle? Two cheeseburgers!
Whoo! And an Orange Fanta,
no ice. She wants that
Orange Fanta! She wants no ice! Thank you. I’m Sal.
Drive to window two. Sal, whisper
when she comes up. ♪♪ Hi. How are you? [ Laughter ] See, you givin’ me
a headache. [ Laughter ] Whoo! [ Scatting ] Bow! Thank you. Good job. Thank you for coming.
Rock on. Q: Alright.
Down to the last one. Joe: Thanks for coming to White
Castle. How can I help you? -Hi. Can I please have a —
-What?! -Look at Sal’s face.
-Can I please have a number one? -Yeah.
-No pickles, no cheese. No cheese, yep. -And a —
-Oh, more? What else? Small with a Coke. [ Sighs ] And one double cheese,
no pickles. Hold on. Oh, my God! -Is that all you wanted?
-Yeah, that’s it. Alright, drive up, then! I’m Sal.
Window number two. Oh, [bleep]. No. Q: Oh, Sal. Oh, Sal. -Oh!
-Oh, Sal! Oh, no. -Sal, you gotta
slow down, buddy. What’s that? Is that it? I’m just saying. -Oh, my God. Sal, it’s you!
-Yeah. -Ohh! You got lucky!
-You lucky bastard! -Ohh! You got lucky!
-You lucky bastard! -I watch your show all the time.
-Thank you. I’m like, “What the [bleep]
is this guy’s attitude?” [ Laughter ] -Good to see you.
-You too, man. -Oh, awesome, man. Awesome.
-Alright, you’re done, buddy.

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  1. “Gimme a large cherry coke. Extra extra ice.”

    after she gets called out

    “Once I put my order in I said thank you very much”

  2. How are black people not offended by theses guts? They use racist language and inflections that would make a black women's hair straightener

  3. Nice one! I am really surprised they didn't mess orders up more like if the customer asks for a cheeseburger they ask "Did you want that with or without cheese?" and keep asking and getting the orders all messed up.

  4. I lost my loved one in 2016 and I can't believe it's been 3 years and you guys are still going. I used to visit her and i'd always change the channel to this show and we'd watch it together and laugh so much. I always go out of my way to find it but I don't really wish to watch all the clips on YouTube because it might ruin the experience of seeing it on a television. Anyhow, this was a good one and it brought a big smile to the face. Thanks. Sal was our favorite as well as Q.

  5. By the way my family and I watch every episode of impractical Jokers… Even when my son was being born. It was a impractical Jokers marathon. It was awesome… She was like really. Really SAL… You have to be kidding me.. jus saying I'm a big fan..

  6. Sal , you need to shave buddy , that "beard" looks like patches of cat hair ….you are a funny guy , but can't grow a real beard

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