I Made A Giant 50-Pound Pizza For Two Little Kids • Tasty

I Made A Giant 50-Pound Pizza For Two Little Kids • Tasty

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  1. Thank you all for tuning in the for finale! We had such an amazing time making giant foods this season, and we're so grateful to our wonderful team behind the cameras that made it happen. Huge shoutout to Tiko from Big Mama's and Papa's Pizzeria in Glendale to making this happen, as well as Hannah Williams for being such a great and hilarious mother.

    Who should we invite in next?

  2. What an incredible pointless waste of time, money, and food. So naturally have thousands of likes from little kids so you get rewarded for it! Great! Super!

  3. well now I'm curious about a giant bagel or a giant sub sandwich of some sort… (I've been too busy to find out if you've made them before though!)

  4. Have you heard of childhood obesity, I am surprised youtube doesn't ban videos like these or at least have age requirements to watch such videos, I wish you would show kids a better example than this. But I guess it doesn't matter these days, to get more views and make more ads revenue.

  5. Hi Alvin, I've been watching 'Making it Big' for a long time and well I finally built up the courage to make a request. I've noticed you've made a LOT of savories and a few junk food but so far only 3 types of dessert. I was wondering Since this month Thanksgiving takes place. Could you make a giant pumpkin pie?

  6. This little Asians dudes commentary is annoying.. he literally speaks likes he’s talking to a bunch of 3 year olds. He’s lammmmme 👎🏼

  7. Hitting a child is bad, but forcing a child using their own undeveloped emotions into devouring 60,000 calories so their organs malfunction which would lead to death? People are weird, they judge one but not the other.

  8. If you make a season 3 you should get Eugene and Keith from the try guys to come on since you had Zach and ned in season 1

  9. So mad that they didn’t cut a piece directly from the middle of the pizza .That would be the best piece. You’d get all 4 of the toppings in one slice.

  10. When is was 5 years old I was so addicted to pizza that I ate 1/4 alone of that whole pizza and I'm not that fight like 50 lbs

  11. There not just two kids there a part of the buzzfeed family at this point in the show mom-in progress they are practically celebrities so change the title to there name not just two kids

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